How to choose the right membership club – Hotels Etc.

How to choose the right membership club – Hotels Etc..

Hotels Etc needs new distributors globally

Start a business relationship that could be the right start for your bright future.

If you have entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to work for yourself, then Hotels Etc. may be the business for you. We are a family-friendly company with an unmatched 20 year track record of success with thousands of distributors that have achieved financial independence and stability.

Hotels Etc. can be more lucrative than a franchise because you don’t have to pay franchise fees with us.

There has never been a better time or opportunity to sell the number one discount membership card on the market. Helping people enjoy life, feel good, and save money is why Hotels Etc. is the only system of its kind. You can become part of Hotels Etc. while securing your future though our immediate and residual income generator.

The travel industry is rapidly changing and we have the products, services and discounts to address the needs of all consumers affected by the hike in travel rates and the end to price competing in the market place. This change in particular has literally skyrocket Hotels Etc. to a new dimension.

Just imagine helping consumers and businesses by saving them hundreds or thousands of dollars on their travel and entertainment expense while you build multiple streams of income. You don’t need a degree, license or even a large investment to become successful. All you need is a good work ethic and the ability to learn and take direction and a desire to help people save money.

Hotels Etc. will be featured on American Airlines during the month of June and July. This exposure will help us reach hundreds of thousands of people from around the globe on 5,800 flights. We will be issuing a press release in the coming days.


We are doing our final search for distributors in order to fill limited space. Because this is our final search for motivate individuals like yourself we are going to give you an opportunity to get started with a very LOW monthly payment and at the same time still have full use of our system

Only the first 100 distributors to sign up with our new monthly payment platform will receive this special offer. Once we reach our goal of 100 new distributors we will not accept any new distributors in our monthly payment program.  Space is limited, place your order today!