Disney World discounts and five more reasons to visit in 2017

Did you know that a travel membership club is a fast and easy way to find Disney World discounts to make your trip affordable? It’s true, and this is only the first of many reasons to visit Disney World in 2017. In fact, you can look up every website for hotels and resorts in the area or spend hours filtering through one of the many travel booking engines, but none of them will offer a facility to find Disney World discounts in the same way as a travel membership club.
That being said, here are five more reasons to visit Disney World in 2017:

Disney world discounts

1.Staggering variety of eateries

Planet Hollywood, Paddlefish, Wine Bar George and The Edison are all set to open their doors to Disney World this year. Although the variety of restaurants, café’s or places to eat is already staggering and a genuine reason to visit Disney World in 2017.

2.The World of Avatar (Pandora)

Also opening its doors this coming summer; the Animal Kingdom is set to be the home of this incredible attraction which will offer families a unique experience on the Avatar flight. Although the price-tag for a hotel is often higher during summer, these packages are often affordable with Disney World discounts. Once again, don’t forget to sign up with a travel club to receive these discounts.

3.Disneys Typhoon Water Park

This family themed water park is opening in spring and promises the very immersive story-line based on Captain Mary Oceaneer, a legendary treasure hunter. Not only does the story promise to entertain the kids but also the park itself, for Typhoon Water Peak will have an incredibly fun white water rafting experience.

4.Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Another resort set to take Disney World by storm this year is Disney’s Wilderness Lodge which features a large sun deck and an inviting pool (Boulder Ridge Pool) which makes the appearance of an actual quarry. Featuring a world class restaurant, Geyser Point Bar, the pool itself is said to be the highlight of the resort, and you can find hotel and Disney World discounts for this new lodge on Hotels Etc.

5.Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Due to popular and demand, the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival is returning in 2017. Featuring a wide selection of international dishes with an equally impressive lineup of craft stalls, the festival should be one of the true highlights of this year in Disney World. Although keep in mind, Epcot is not year round and is taking place for a record breaking 75 days during September, October and midway through November.

Yes, the lodges, attractions, restaurants and Disney World discounts are the ingredients needed for an unforgettable vacation and you can sign up for Disney World discounts here and start receiving the best deals and packages for your dream vacation in 2017.

How to find Wydham discounts (any travel discounts)

Contrary to popular belief, finding good hotel discounts online is not as easy as it was five or ten years ago. For example, it was a simple process searching for Wyndham hotel discounts on the various booking engines up until recent times, or any major hotel chain for that matter. However, with the introduction of a new law called rate parity, such discounts are no longer available, and hence, you are best to book on the hotel website rather than through a booking engine.

Rate Parity and Wyndham discounts

We refer specifically to Wyndham discounts for no particular reason, for the following scenario applies to all hotels and the situation when searching for a hotel discount in general.

Rate Parity is a little-known law which has had enormous repercussions in the travel industry online. Simply put, the law of rate parity stipulates the same price must be advertised across every channel of distribution. While this may seem honest and straightforward, it hurts the market for consumers when it comes to finding the lowest price available. To be more specific, this law now restricts the big booking engines such as Expedia or Orbitz from offering customers reduced prices or hotel discounts.

For the purpose of transparency, feel free to check it out for yourself by opening up a new tab and searching a range of booking engines for the same hotel room. Alternatively, we can save you the energy and effort by informing you the same price on every website. Yes, unfortunately for these major travel brands, they can no longer provide the great value they once did in the past, and they leave customers with little reason not to use the hotel websites when it is advertised for the same price elsewhere.


Alternative ways to find hotel discounts

As always, there is a solution to the lack of discounts online, and it could not be more straightforward – join a travel membership club. Hugely popular back in the 1990’s, travel membership clubs may not seem commonplace, but this is mostly due to the booking engines which have dominated the tourism industry for the past decade. In fact, it is only in recent times that these travel membership clubs have started a resurgence and re-taken their place as the best way to find Wyndham discounts or any other travel discounts.

Home to more than 4 million members and a rating which exceeds even the most trusted banks in North America, Hotels Etc is the perfect example of a travel club where you can find these hotel discounts. And then there is the facility itself, for Hotels Etc also offers a state of the art search engine through which you can quickly and easily find all the best hotel discounts.

If you want an easy and efficient way to find the best Wyndham discounts or even just travel discounts in general, get signed up for Hotels Etc today and start saving money right now.

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Wait, what’s the catch?

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But why would such a large travel brand do this you may be wondering? Well, the success of Hotels Etc was built on relationships and they have always worked hard to find new partners through which they can offer their members even more great deals. Convenience is also something Hotels Etc like to bring to the lives of their members, but this also goes for the businesses with whom they work.

This is free advertising of course but what’s the catch? Hotels Etc are requesting a small discount on your product for their members in return for instant access to the largest travel membership club in the world with absolutely no risk involved.

Vacation deals

Coupons and free advertising

At the time of joining, you will have the option of uploading coupons to the site although these must be original and unlike any other published elsewhere. There is also the opportunity to publish special links or codes for discounts with the only stipulation that this discount must be greater than is offered anywhere else online.

You will have the option to upload custom coupons that our members can print and bring into your establishment, but please note that it can’t be the same coupon that is available in your local paper or publicly online.

Create internal links or codes to promote your discount. It is important that your discount be greater than what is offered to the public. Failure to do so will result in your company’s removal from our discount network.

All submissions are carefully considered based on the discount offered.

If you should have any queries regarding any of the above please feel free to contact Hotels Etc on 1-877-967-7283. Alternatively, you could always just go ahead and get signed up here. www.hotelsetc.com/go

How to actually find real hotel discounts

Finding hotel discounts is easy right? Well, it can be but largely thanks to a new law called Rate Parity, the process of doing so has changed entirely.

In the past, finding online travel discounts was a simple matter of logging on to Expedia, Orbitz or one of the many other traditional booking engines and performing a quick search. Fast and effective, these booking engines had all the best prices and a most convenient way of filtering them to find the best one. In fact, there was actually no reason to book direct with a hotel or look anywhere else as why bother when you know they have the best price guarantee?


So what has changed for finding hotel discounts?

If you perform a search on any of the traditional travel booking engines today, you will quickly see how the price of a hotel room, for example, is the same across all platforms. That is, every traditional booking engine will now display the same price and without any actual discount.

As mentioned above, the reason for this lack of value is the introduction of a new law called Rate parity which stipulates that all travel booking websites must retain the same price across all channels of distribution. As Orbitz, Hotels.com, Expedia and most other booking engines are “underneath the same umbrella corporation”, it means they can no longer advertise different rates across their many platforms and hence, no more travel or hotel discounts.

Moral of the story: Traditional booking engines are still fast and convenient but they are no longer the best value and do not offer discounts like they have done in the past.

finding discounts

Finding Hotel discounts is still easy

Although there is still an extremely easy way to find hotel discounts and more online. Exempt from the laws of Rate Parity and offering a very convenient booking engine of their own, travel membership clubs such as Hotels Etc are now the “Go to” for hotel discounts, vacation packages and much, much more.

Home to over 4 million members and with a five star reputation spanning 25 years, Hotels Etc is a travel membership club who negotiate huge discounts direct with suppliers with the intention of relaying this incredible value to their members. Ranging from 50 – 70%, these are significant discounts and with a user friendly booking engine, they are easily accessible with the click of a button.

In truth, you may not have heard about Hotels Etc until now but this is also easily explained. Hugely popular in the early 1990’s, Travel membership clubs were the best way to find hotel discounts prior to the arrival of the internet but this popularity declined with the emergence of a golden era for travel booking engines. Faced with increased competition from travel brands with highly valuable services, Hotels Etc retained a large customer base but unfortunately, failed to grow significantly there-after.

However, as with any market, the history of the travel industry has a habit of repeating itself and with the introduction of this new law called rate parity, Hotels Etc and other travel membership clubs are now enjoying a resurgence of sorts. That being said, we need not tell you anymore about the incredible offers available in this closed user group as you can just come on over and see for yourself.

Click here for a free trial with Hotels Etc and start finding hotel discounts online today.

How to find an affordable Caribbean vacation in 2017

Wondering how to find an affordable Caribbean vacation in 2017?  There are many ways to keep your general costs down during the year to be able to afford a trip but more importantly, there is a very specific way to find an affordable vacation that not everybody is in the know about.

Let us explain.

Changes in online travel

The online world has changed the way we travel but more importantly it has allowed people to do so more often with everywhere being so much more more accessible and affordable. That said, the latter of these benefits has all but disappeared in recent years with the arrival of a new law called rate parity.

You see, until recently most travel booking engines or brands were enabled to offer excellent discounts on vacations, hotels etc and for good reason, customers were lining up to avail of these fantastic prices. Sounds great right? Yes it was but actually, all of these great prices and value have completely disappeared from the market without the consumer even noticing.

Affordable vacation

But how or why has nobody noticed?

Well, naturally if a travel website is perceived as not offering any real value, there is no reason for them being there in the first place. After all, why use a third party when you can go direct to the service provider for the same price? For this reason, a new law called rate parity is little talked about in an industry which is now severely restricted from offering customers genuine value.

What is rate parity?

In a nutshell, rate parity stipulates that travel companies is required to offer the same price to customers across every channel of distribution. Straight to the point, this essentially means these booking engines are no longer permitted to offer customers the great discounts we have seen in the past.

Does this mean the end of hotel discounts or special offers?

Well, no. There was one exemption from this rate parity law and it came in the form of travel membership clubs. As a membership club, you are entitled to negotiate large discounts with suppliers and pass this value on to paying members.

Hence, Travel membership clubs such as Hotels Etc are now returning to the fore of an industry they dominated before the online world and booking engines took over.

Hotels Etc

Hotels Etc

As mentioned above, Hotels Etc have worked within the travel industry for more than 20 years. At one time this membership club was one of the only ways to find a vacation or hotel discount in a world without internet.

With more than 4 million members and a five star rating, it continued to take care of members but was obviously affected with the arrival of booking engines and online travel brands. As discussed already, with the declining value of booking engines, this membership club is now re-emerging to establish itself as one of the few providers of genuine travel discounts.

It makes sense that customers like to stick with the major travel brands which they trust but with 4 million members and some truly genuine value, Hotels Etc has an easy to use booking system in which you can search and compare all of the best online discounts for hotels and vacations.

Tips on Planning your holiday travel around parity rates – Hotels Etc.

Below are some amazing tips on how to plan your holiday and get the deepest travel discounts possible. Learn how to beat the rate parity law and save money.

Source: Tips on Planning your holiday travel around parity rates – Hotels Etc.

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