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FREE advertising for your business with Hotels Etc

Are you in need of a simple and effective way to reach a wider audience without spending a dime?

Hotels Etc is now offering travel related services and operators FREE advertising on the largest travel membership club in North America. Home to more than four million members and even more travel discounts, Hotels Etc is the fastest way to find the best vacations, hotels and more.


Wait, what’s the catch?

It may seem a little too good to be true but while this really is “too good”, the offer stands and at the click of a button, you can now avail of this most incredible promotion. In fact, this free advertising on Hotels Etc is set to reach millions of customers around the world and should your product or service be up to the mark, there is every chance you will find new customers with minimal effort.

But why would such a large travel brand do this you may be wondering? Well, the success of Hotels Etc was built on relationships and they have always worked hard to find new partners through which they can offer their members even more great deals. Convenience is also something Hotels Etc like to bring to the lives of their members, but this also goes for the businesses with whom they work.

This is free advertising of course but what’s the catch? Hotels Etc are requesting a small discount on your product for their members in return for instant access to the largest travel membership club in the world with absolutely no risk involved.

Vacation deals

Coupons and free advertising

At the time of joining, you will have the option of uploading coupons to the site although these must be original and unlike any other published elsewhere. There is also the opportunity to publish special links or codes for discounts with the only stipulation that this discount must be greater than is offered anywhere else online.

You will have the option to upload custom coupons that our members can print and bring into your establishment, but please note that it can’t be the same coupon that is available in your local paper or publicly online.

Create internal links or codes to promote your discount. It is important that your discount be greater than what is offered to the public. Failure to do so will result in your company’s removal from our discount network.

All submissions are carefully considered based on the discount offered.

If you should have any queries regarding any of the above please feel free to contact Hotels Etc on 1-877-967-7283. Alternatively, you could always just go ahead and get signed up here.

How to choose the right membership club – Hotels Etc.

How to choose the right membership club – Hotels Etc..

Publish Free Advertising in Hotels Etc

Publish Free Advertisement in Hotel Etc

If you want to reach different customers quickly and efficiently, Hotel Etc is the perfect place for you. Not only it is one of the best websites for advertisement but also it’s totally free to publish your advertisement. Our website’s traffic rate is very high and we have millions of members and Facebook fans who can reach your advertisement. We will help you to grow your business and promote it very quickly. You can reach new customers all over the world which you haven’t planned to target. Your product and offerings will be viewed by millions of potential customers.

There are some other additional benefits as well. You will be glad to know that, publishing advertisement in Hotel Etc is risk free. New customers will become loyal to your product and they will be your life long customer. Once you have posted an advertisement in Hotel Etc, it will reach over four million customers around the world. So you will have a great chance to attract customers from different countries.

Hotel Etc always post high quality advertisements to the national and international discount networks; make sure they are the best offers around the world. So members have the belief that we provide the quality offerings for them all the time. If we post your advertisement, it will be valued to the customer as the best. So its effectiveness will defiantly lead you to higher customer share and profit.

We always review advertisements carefully and consider based on the discount offered to the customers.

Don’t miss this amazing chance to publish your advertisement. Contact with us and we will be happy to review your advertisement and publish it if possible.

In order to fill up a form, visit our website where you can see there are three types of submission method.

  1. Internet submission
  2. Fax submission
  3. E-mail submission

Choose any method that is suitable for you and send the advertisement to us. We will review it very carefully and contact with you. If it matches our guideline and regulation, we will be happy to post the advertisement for you.

So don’t waste any time and post your advertisement in Hotel Etc; enjoy all the benefits and rapidly increase your profit.