Finding Cheap Hotel Rooms – Best Tricks in the Bag for Hotel Booking

Booking hotels in the United States can be costly if you don’t choose your stay wisely. Getting cheap hotel rooms have become more difficult now since last few years. That doesn’t indicate or say that getting the best deals will be difficult. There are many hotel saving tricks that can be used to tame the wildest of hotel bills. Private hotel discounts are one favorable option for getting the low-cost hotel stays at an effective price. There you can match the hotel room prices and select the most desirable one.

How to book cheap hotels?

Private hotel discounts alone is not only the procedure to get hotel room discounts. There are other tricks in the bag to get the discounted rooms. Here are the tricks for getting the best deal on the hotel rooms –

Bargain for a deal

What is a better deal? Call up the hotel that you choose and ask for a room booking. Sometimes they offer the best rates for the hotel rooms, especially during a mid-week on some non-peak time of the year.

Use the loyalty reward programs

Collect points with the big chains using branded credit cards, shopping portals, and other travel hacking methods.

Use the discount rates provided by Hotels Etc.

Get special rates that are cheaper when you become a member of Hotels Etc. They provide amazing travel benefits and it worth a membership. It is quite similar to private hotel discounts. Get the hotel tickets at the best rates.

Get discounted gift cards

Use hotel gift cards for booking major hotel chains. There are different websites where you can get the discounted gift cards for hotel bookings.

Travelers can save substantially in their hotel stays on a vacation or during a professional travel. Finding a last minute booking at the hotel reception can be difficult. But if you have a membership of a certain private hotel booking club it becomes easier to get the last minute hotel check-ins. A private hotel booking can be cheaper even if you travel with your entire family.

Make the booking online using your credit score. Even private hotel booking companies ensure the availability of hotel booking alongside travel tickets. Be a member now and start enjoying the fruits of the journey.

How are employee benefits becoming the new rage?

Someone who believes that there are no free lunches probably never has worked for Google or isn’t very aware of the lifestyle of a Google employee. They don’t just provide their employees with free lunches; they arrange a complete gourmet meal for them. There is a selection of healthy and palatable meals each and every day, and also take care of your midway munchies.

There are a lot of employee benefit programs that they run like another one would be taking care of the health of the employees. You will find a lot of medical facilities and on-site doctor available for consultation. And not just this, a lot of other facilities like dry cleaning, massage therapy, gym, fitness classes, car wash, financial assistance etc. is also provided.

And there are not many organizations that you would come across, who provide such great employee benefit programs to their workers. So if you are looking to take up a job or job change, make sure that you have gone through all the benefits that the company is going to provide you with later. If you already are working somewhere and you are unaware of the benefits, make sure you check them. Or if it has been a while that you last checked them, do it sooner. It is the most background defining, withholding and hiring tool.

Here are a few benefits that are most popularly followed nowadays by the companies;

1)    One of the most commonly spread benefits is the family friendliness. A maximum number of HR professionals will tell you that companies are offering flexible spending accounts for the care of anyone dependent. Then there are other benefits for a family that includes insurances for the ones that are dependent, flexible timing to come to work that can be decided by the employee where they are at the fancy to select the work hours within limits. Telecommuting is offered to the employees by the respondents and also sometimes made available for full time as well.

2)    A lot of companies make sure that they assist their employees the best in the development of carrier. They also arrange seminars, conferences, and courses for enlightenment. There are also are a few who will also pay for your professional license application or if there is a renewal fee.

3)    Your financial planning and retirement will be taken care of well. There are a plethora of retirement plans that are included in these employee benefits to make sure that the employees of the company have a better tomorrow and also this is another very smart way to hold the employee back for long.

4)    Assistance in education is given in need. A lot of companies offer both undergraduate educational assistance and graduate educational assistance both, depending on the need of the employee.

5)    There are monetary bonuses also for these benefits sometimes. They can be in form of anything, incentives, bonuses, gift cards etc.

6)    One of the most common benefits provided to the employees is the medicinal coverage. It has been close to a decade that this benefit has taken rage among the companies. Whatever prescribed drugs that you’ll need would be taken care of by the company.

7)    The healthcare insurance that covers your health needs is another thing that the HR guys will boast a lot about. This is a pretty popular and common benefit given to the employee.

8)    Onsite vaccination is provided to the employees for the benefit of preventive health and benefit for several conditions like cholesterol, high blood pressure etc.

So these are a few benefits that are commonly offered by the companies to make sure they create a healthy and constructive environment for the employee and give them more and more reasons to stick to the company, so make sure you check if you are availing all these benefits or not.

Different Fundraising Ideas for You to Try

Unique fundraising ideas are really hard to figure out because of the large number of groups doing different fundraiser programs nowadays. With a large number of people exerting efforts to raise funds, it’s really hard to come up with something fresh and unique. When you do a fundraiser, you need to make sure that what you’re going to do hasn’t been around for a long time yet so that you can generate a good response from people in your community.

First on my list of different unique fundraising ideas  in this article is a karaoke night fundraiser. This is a really fun event that will enable you to entertain people through some really good laughs. The first thing that you need to do to set this fundraiser event, is looking for a good karaoke machine that has a plethora of different songs so that your participants can choose the songs that they prefer to sing their hearts out to. Next, you need to look for a spacious venue where a good number of people can gather around. After this, get some good and lively hosts who can easily get a crowd into a frenzy. To make this more interesting, you can ask your guests to give out donations if certain high members of the staff in your school or organization will perform a number. You can use these types of performances as intermission numbers between your karaoke contest. Be sure to get a good set of participants who are willing to sing in front of a large crowd. Then, set out rewards and prizes so that you can effectively encourage people to join in. You can get your prizes through donations from different local establishments in your community in exchange for free publicity during your event.

The next fundraiser program that you can try out is a family portrait fundraiser. This is really good to try out. This works really simple. You gain funds through donations from people who would like to get their photos taken. To make this fundraiser possible, you need to have a professional photographer; a good location that has different backgrounds; some props; and lighting.

Last in line is a movie night fundraiser. This type of event is really good to try out because you can easily pair this up with other fundraiser ideas. Like the latter type of campaign, you need to choose a good venue for this one. Next, you need to choose a good set of movies that people will surely enjoy. Aside from gaining revenue through selling movie tickets, you can also earn profits by selling snacks during this event. You can set up a snacks booth where your customers can get drinks, popcorn, and other tasty treats which they can enjoy while they’re watching the movies that you have prepared for them.

Know that any type of fundraiser requires good promotion or advertisement so you need to pay some good attention to the ways that will help you spread the word about your event or campaign.

Holiday Vacation Packages For You and Your Family

Most people have cherished memories of family vacations they’ve taken as a child or with their own children, or romantic getaways and exotic explorations of new landscapes, etc. Far fewer feel the same way about their work week, and with good reason. It just isn’t the same. Vacation is what takes you out of that everyday sphere of life, it is how you grow and expand your mind, learn new things, experience new people, and places, etc. It is how you find yourself– as the old adage goes, “wherever you go, there you are.” It is, in short, a valuable part of personal development.

Whether solo or group travel, it is also a great way to relax and rejuvenate. It is how you shake off the rut you are finding yourself in, and start sleeping better at night. Did you know that people who go on vacation for two weeks end up getting an hour more quality sleep per night, even after they return home? Just imagine how much better you’d sleep if you were able to take advantage of discount vacation packages for your trips. Nowadays, it is a largely known fact that purchasing holiday vacation packages provide top value for money and peace of mind.

Travel companies are able to get discount rates on every aspect of the trip, like flight bookings, hotel reservations, and car rentals and so on. It is due to the fact they directly deal with the service providers and purchase their services in bulk. A pocket-friendly is what everyone looks forward to. Thus, travel packages definitely save you a lot of money, but there are also other benefits too.

Usually, a lot of time is required in preparing for a holiday, but with online holiday vacation packages, your valuable time is saved. Just a few clicks right from the comfort of your home or office and your holiday is planned. Also, no need for you to experience the stress associated with dealing with travel agents to put together a perfect itinerary for you. Everything will be planned as per your wish so that you can enjoy the much-needed break.

You even don’t have to worry about important things like food and beverages and your itinerary as everything is included in holiday vacation packages all at one low price. Also, online booking of cheap vacations gives you ample time to do other things. Also in case of any issues regarding hotels being overbooked, or flights being canceled, you don’t have to worry much. The travel company will take care of everything for you.

For traveling to a totally new country, it is always a better option to book some cheap vacations. A travel company will upgrade you on what to expect from your international holiday and what are the things that you need to take care of. With international holiday vacation packages, you will be full of confidence and you can enjoy your holiday to the maximum.

The travel company you are dealing with has the responsibility to make sure that your holiday is as good as possible. If any sort of issues arises, they are always there to help you. No matter what, they make sure that things are as planned.

To conclude, while planning your next vacation, check out holiday vacation packages and travel deals for the destination of your choice and just relax. Everything associated with planning your holiday will be taken care of by the travel company.

Vacation deals

FREE advertising for your business with Hotels Etc

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Wait, what’s the catch?

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But why would such a large travel brand do this you may be wondering? Well, the success of Hotels Etc was built on relationships and they have always worked hard to find new partners through which they can offer their members even more great deals. Convenience is also something Hotels Etc like to bring to the lives of their members, but this also goes for the businesses with whom they work.

This is free advertising of course but what’s the catch? Hotels Etc are requesting a small discount on your product for their members in return for instant access to the largest travel membership club in the world with absolutely no risk involved.

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Coupons and free advertising

At the time of joining, you will have the option of uploading coupons to the site although these must be original and unlike any other published elsewhere. There is also the opportunity to publish special links or codes for discounts with the only stipulation that this discount must be greater than is offered anywhere else online.

You will have the option to upload custom coupons that our members can print and bring into your establishment, but please note that it can’t be the same coupon that is available in your local paper or publicly online.

Create internal links or codes to promote your discount. It is important that your discount be greater than what is offered to the public. Failure to do so will result in your company’s removal from our discount network.

All submissions are carefully considered based on the discount offered.

If you should have any queries regarding any of the above please feel free to contact Hotels Etc on 1-877-967-7283. Alternatively, you could always just go ahead and get signed up here.