Knott’s Berry Farms Discounts up to 40% off

Exclusive Discount Offer from Knott’s Berry Farm: 40% Off

Knott’s Berry Farm is a popular theme park in Buena Park, California. It is the first theme park in California and considered one of the best theme parks as well. It is a 160 acre park which is full of exciting rides, exclusive places and family events. It is owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. They are giving discount offers to their visitors. If you are a member of Hotels Etc then you will get 40% off from the Knott’s Berry Farm.

Once it was actually a berry farm in 1920 but now it has world class rides, family shows and many other exciting features. You can have a lot of fun in the park with your family members and friends.

In the park you will be able to visit Ghost Town, Fiesta Village, Camp Snoopy and more. You will experience the world’s best wooden roller coaster named GhostRider. Also there is Supreme Scream, 30-stories up, 3 seconds down and the high-octane thrill of accelerating. It is rated as the world’s best launch coaster which sends the riders 0-80 in 2.3 seconds. If you want to let your kids enjoy then take them to the Camp Snoopy. The rides in the camp are suitable for your children.

Knott’s Berry Farm has total 40 rides; 10 of them are roller coasters and 2 water rides. Also there are different family rides and historical rides. They are open year-around so if you want to spend your holidays with your family and friends then it would be a perfect place to go. The public transportation is accessible to the park so you will be able to go there without any trouble. Because of the discount offer, you will be able to save some money as well. Don’t hesitate to take this wonderful opportunity.

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We hooked our cat up to a computer, must watch video

We decided to hook our cat up to the computer and read its mind. We can now ask our cat anything we want and he will give us an answer. This is a must watch and hope we don’t offend you.

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GAP Adventures offering limited time discount offer: up to 25% off

Are you planning a trip with your family and expect to spend a great vacation? GAP Adventures will provide you an adventurous trip in different places and you can tag along your family members as well. Not only they are one of the popular travel agent companies but also they are unique from any other organizations in this field. They are offering a discount offer for their clients for a limited time. If you are a member of Hotels Etc then you will have the chance to get discounts up to 25% from their travel packages.

GAP Adventures was founded in 1990 by Bruce Poon Tip who has only two credit cards and a wide vision. He planned to make a travel package which will thrill the travelers and give the sustainable travel experience which like nothing in the world has ever seen. Apparently the company grew and now it offers one of the most exciting travel packages. Travelers will have motor coach tours, cruises and have an exciting travel experience. The whole package is completely different from any other travel packages so don’t miss this opportunity to travel with your family.

The customer satisfaction and services of GAP Adventures is always at the top. So you don’t have to worry about it; just take this discount offer and go for an adventure with your family which you will remember forever. To redeem this exclusive limited time discount offer, visit our website and get more information.

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Splash Zone Water Park Offers Huge Discount: 50% off for Hotels Etc Members

Splash Zone is a water park in Boardwalk, Wildwood, New Jersey, New York and one of the top rated theme parks around. It is a great place for you and your family to spend summer holidays. They offer a variety of experience and water adventures for people of all ages. Not only you will have an unforgettable experience but also you will be safe and secured. The Splash Zone is offering a huge discount offer for their visitors; 50% off for the members of Hotels Etc.

Splash Zone offers 20 world class water-filled attractions and you can enjoy family raft rides, body flumes, water blasts and more. Here are some of the features of Splash Zone Water Park.

  • 300,000 gallons of water-based fun.
  • 20 attractions including body, tube, flume, raft, interactive, speed and children’s water slides.
  • Giant Dumping Bucket, water play structure, lazy river and children’s playground pool.
  • Surf 40 foot continues wave; they named it as the FLOW RIDER.
  • Enjoy your favorite refreshing beverage in the FLOW BAR. It’s their latest addition of 2014.
  • You can relax yourself by renting private cabanas.
  • Lifeguards are always aware and ready to protect you. They are highly trained and have the certificate from the National Aquatic Safety Company.
  • The Zone Grill has the tasty food and ice-cold Coke which is always available.
  • On-site lockers and changing rooms are available.
  • Free life jackets and sunscreen for every visitor.
  • Children less than 48’’ tall have the special place named Zoe Zone where a shallow pool of water, fountains and small playing equipments are installed.

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Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort Hotel Giving Discount: up To 40% off for Hotels Etc Members

If you are traveling for business or pleasure, you may choose a hotel that comforts you and spend the night with great pleasure. The Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort Hotel is a five star hotel that is an official Walt Disney World hotel and popular among the people. The hotel has offered a huge discount offer and you have to be a Hotel Etc member if you want 40% discount from the hotel.

The hotel is placed in the central of the city so it will be easy to travel at any part of the location. It is towering 18 story tri-arch and surrounded by 12 acres of lush, tropical landscape and other natural wildlife. The view from the hotel room is excellent and you will have a great experience staying there. They offer all the necessary services for their customers. There are 325 luxurious rooms and suites; all of them are well-furnished. Each room has balconies or atriums which allow you to enjoy the great view of Downtown Disney Resort Area.

The hotel has over 2300 square foot open space for meeting and beautiful outdoor gardens in the front. If you are planning to have small or mid-size corporate and social events then they will be happy to arrange it. They also organize cocktail parties, wedding receptions and more.

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Quality Inn and Suites Albany Airport Offers Huge Discount: 50% Off

One of the most convenient hotels in New York titled as The Quality Inn and Suites is offering a huge discount offer that you should not miss. Only the Hotels Etc members will have the chance to get 50%. How incredible is that?

Now you might want to know why you are going to take this discount offer, how amazing is the hotel? The Quality Inn and Suites is going to be the easiest place to go from downtown Albany, probably will take 15 minutes tops. Also it is very easy to access from interstate 90 and interstate 87. You will be happy to know that the hotel is convenient to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Times Union Center, Saratoga Gaming and Raceway and the Palace Theatre. If you are a fan of live shows and orchestra performances then you are very lucky because the Albany Symphony Orchestra often performs at the Palace Theater which you can enjoy.

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Members of Hotel Etc have the opportunity to get exclusive discounts from TNTVacations.Com. This company offers vacation packages and you can have a great holiday trip with your family in multiple places around the world. Not only you will have a great holiday travel, but also have the chance to save a lot of money from the discount offer. General people don’t get this discount offer, so you have to be a member of Hotel Etc to have this exclusive discount offer. Members will get 5% discount offer from various vacation packages.

TNT Vacations offers twenty two warm-weather destinations around the world so you will be comfortable while traveling to a new place. Their schedule of air trips is very flexible and offer charter airfare value packages. The total vacation package is excellent for a family tour so make sure you have your whole family with you. The trip will be much more fun in this way. On the trip, you may meet celebrities who will surprise you and you will be able to spend time with them. Golf and spa getaways are available during the trip. If you are planning to marry your fiancé then they can arrange it in the destination as well.

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