Publish Free Advertising in Hotels Etc

Publish Free Advertisement in Hotel Etc

If you want to reach different customers quickly and efficiently, Hotel Etc is the perfect place for you. Not only it is one of the best websites for advertisement but also it’s totally free to publish your advertisement. Our website’s traffic rate is very high and we have millions of members and Facebook fans who can reach your advertisement. We will help you to grow your business and promote it very quickly. You can reach new customers all over the world which you haven’t planned to target. Your product and offerings will be viewed by millions of potential customers.

There are some other additional benefits as well. You will be glad to know that, publishing advertisement in Hotel Etc is risk free. New customers will become loyal to your product and they will be your life long customer. Once you have posted an advertisement in Hotel Etc, it will reach over four million customers around the world. So you will have a great chance to attract customers from different countries.

Hotel Etc always post high quality advertisements to the national and international discount networks; make sure they are the best offers around the world. So members have the belief that we provide the quality offerings for them all the time. If we post your advertisement, it will be valued to the customer as the best. So its effectiveness will defiantly lead you to higher customer share and profit.

We always review advertisements carefully and consider based on the discount offered to the customers.

Don’t miss this amazing chance to publish your advertisement. Contact with us and we will be happy to review your advertisement and publish it if possible.

In order to fill up a form, visit our website where you can see there are three types of submission method.

  1. Internet submission
  2. Fax submission
  3. E-mail submission

Choose any method that is suitable for you and send the advertisement to us. We will review it very carefully and contact with you. If it matches our guideline and regulation, we will be happy to post the advertisement for you.

So don’t waste any time and post your advertisement in Hotel Etc; enjoy all the benefits and rapidly increase your profit.

Plan your holiday travel around discounts

So you’re planning your next summer holiday and you don’t want to have to worry about the cost. You want to give your family the ultimate experience, the best holiday they’ve ever had and one that they’ll remember for years and years. But to do that it can be hard work and expensive too. You’ve got to try and find the greatest experience on the market.

Well at Hotels Etc. we’re pretty sure we’ve got exactly what you’re after. To get what you need all you have to do is sign up to Hotel Etc.’s travel club. Once you’re a member you’ll have access to the lowest rates from across both the globe and the web. With a portfolio of over 300,000 hotels and resorts we’d be amazed if we don’t have what you need. From big to small, luxurious and expensive to simple and sleek, or range of hotels have no boundaries.

But a hotel is just where your holiday begins. You need to rent a car, you want restaurants to feast at, and you want tickets to the latest and greatest events and you want to visit the most exciting theme parks. Well it’s a good job we can offer you all this too. With discounts to suit whatever your needs. Together we can build you your perfect holiday.

We’re not just about your accommodation at Hotels Etc. like many other websites and travel agents are. They often want to make a sale and shift you out a door so they can move on to the next customer. At Hotels Etc. we’re all about the whole experience, from the moment you land and your feet touch the ground to the moment your plane leaves the runaway on the way back home.

We’ve been finding holiday goers that greatest deals and discounts since 1996. And since then we’ve helped countless individuals plan their dream getaway. With so many years of experience we’ve seen it all and we know we’ll have what you’re looking for.

Surely 4 million members can’t be wrong? Because that’s how many memberships we’ve had since the beginning. That’s a lot of happy travelers and undoubtedly millions saved in whatever currency you choose.

You can check out our testimonials for examples of the work we’ve done and the people we’ve worked with. Plenty of stories where people have had tons of fun while making huge savings, which is what we’re all about.

So to find out what we can do for you sign up for a membership at Hotels Etc. today. You’ll only end up regretting it otherwise, when you’re paying so much more. After all, we tend to beat public rates 9/10 times by up to 70%. There are too many benefits for you to miss so please sign up today!

Employee benefits and how they can help your company

Employee Initiatives of Hotel Etc

If you want to increase the employees’ morale and maintenance rate, you should handle the company initiatives nicely. In order to have built a solid loyalty between employee and business owner, loyalty programs are very important. This could help in the employee production and increase sales in a positive way. You will be happy to know that, Hotel Etc gives the best exclusive and most discount around the world to the employees. We love to reward your employees with different discount and saving offers on travel, shopping, dining, entertainment and more; make sure that they are satisfied and happy to work.

Hotel Etc is very effective in modifying your current program to a new one. In this way, your employees may not be happy about the value but they will feel that it exists. The programs are eligible for both small and large business fields. The list of programs is below.

*Good attendance

* Employee Benefits

* Executive Benefits

* Client Benefits

* Employee Birthdays

* Top Performers

* Employee Rewards

* Sign-up Bonus

We serve in different small and large industries as well.



* Cable

* Mortgage

* Real Estate

* Doctors

* Chiropractors

* In Home Sales


* Retail

* Telecommunications

* Wireless

* Utilities

* Healthcare

* Publishing

* Insurance

* Business Owners

* Construction Companies

* Travel

* Financial

* Membership clubs

* Build a Stronger Customer Base

The employee habits and expectations have been changed a lot these days and they are always looking for better salary, benefits and initiatives. They often switch jobs if they don’t get enough advantages from the company. Their work efficiency and performance depend a lot on their satisfaction level. In order to give them this satisfaction, employee initiative program is a vital part. Hotel Etc will be happy to help your business grow by customizing these initiative programs in your organization. We will create a complete and effective program that will suit your employees and organization. Call us at 678-528-7966 and speak to our executive or visit  and fill out a form for more information.

Benefits of being a member of Hotels Etc.

Benefits of being a member of Hotel Etc

Hotel Etc is the place where you can find tons of discount and saving offers from different restaurants, hotels, cruises, car rental, entertainment, shopping and much more. If you love to travel different places in the world, Hotel Etc can help you giving lots of discount and saving offers which can make your travel more relaxing. Not only travelers, as a general citizen, these offers will be handy in your daily lives.

As a member of Hotel Etc, you can get lots of benefits. Here are some key benefits for all the members.

  1. You can access to PRIVATE discounts that beats the public rate 9 out of 10 in a higher rate. Most of the discount offers are up to 70%. The companies generally offer 20%-50% discount, but if you become a member of Hotel Etc you will get a higher discount rate.
  2. As a member, you will get the discount offer from different commercial places such as: Hotels, Cruises Car Rentals, Restaurants, Golf, Theme Parks, Movie Theaters, Restaurants, Recreation, Entertainment, Vacations, Condos, Resorts, Airline Packages, Amusement Parks, Historic Sites, Tours, Tickets, Shows, Shopping are more. You can see these places are commonly visited by tourists and travelers. So if you love to travel then you can have the opportunity to use these exclusive offers and lower down the travel expenses.
  3. Each and every time you make a booking or purchase any of the services, you will earn free points. You can use these points to buy free vacations, discounts in restaurant and hotels, flights and different coupons that will help you with savings. So, our member will be benefited not only from the best discount offer of 70% but also be rewarded with points that enable more discounts and free coupons.

Being a member of Hotel Etc could be an excellent choice for tourist and travelers. So visit and become a valuable member of the website. Get exclusive offers and high discount rates; make your traveling easier.