5 Amazing family vacation resorts in the US

Given the huge variety of destinations on offer, choosing a family vacation in the US is not an easy task. In fact, even when you do find some options, it can be hard deciding which on is most suited to a family’s needs. Luckily we’ve gone to the trouble of picking out 5 of the best family destinations in the US for you:

Woodloch Resort, Hawley, Pennsylvania

The Woodloch Resort is one of those destinations that feels like a fairytale. Located on Lake Teedyuskung, the range of activities are staggering in the summer time when hiking, mountain biking and ziplining. There are many other interesting things to do at Woodloch Resort including mini golf and go-karts and if you happen to find yourself at Woodloch in Winter, there are still activities on offer with ice skating and snow tubing being particularly popular. At $360 for a family of four, a stay in this beautiful pocket of Pennsylvania is worth considering.

Club Med Sandpiper Bay, Port St. Lucie, Florida

When it comes to all inclusive family vacations, Club Med have always been at the forefront of the industry and today, this is still the case in Port St. Lucie. The most notable attraction for parents with young toddlers here, is no doubt the infant care on offer but then the older kids are also well looked after with a huge variety of activities, from volleyball and table tennis, to basketball and swimming. For a family of four you can expect a price of $385 per night although make sure to check for hotel discounts before finalizing anything.

Rancho de los Caballeros, Wickenburg, Arizona

Imagine having more than 20,000 acres of desert surrounding your haven of activity in Arizona. The Rancho de los Caballeros has been around for a very long time and while it may have a loftier price tag for a family of four than the other options on this list (($640 per night), there are very unique experiences on offer here including a fantastic opportunity for horseback riding. As with the other resorts, there is also both a daytime and nighttime kids club which allows parents not only to have a break during the mornings, but also to enjoy a cocktail at dinnertime without having to rush.

Mayan Dude Ranch, Bandera, Texas

While horseback riding is high on the agenda for most families arriving at the Mayan Dude Ranch, there is a lot more to this wonderful resort than the more affordable price tag of $490 per night. In typical cowboy fashion, you will stay overnight in a log cabin before waking on a huge Texan landscape to begin riding the many trails in the area. Fishing is also popular nearby, as too is tubing , while the kids can make full use of the tennis courts and stunning swimming pool. There is also an evening entertainment program with Western bands and line dancing.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort

Hawaii takes some beating on almost every front and the same can be said about the kids clubs. Simply put, the resorts in Hawaii excel when it comes to providing the highest level of kids entertainment and the Hilton Hawaiian Village is up there with the best. From submarine tours to giant super pools, the Waikiki Aquarium to volcano making on the beach, there is no end to activities here for the kids and you are sure to have plenty of free time as a result. With a stunning beach and 5 star facilities on offer, this resort will please the parents as much as the kids.

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things to do in LA

5 Things to do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is where the rich and powerful dance the night away, where celebrities fill the sidewalks and trendy cafe’s line up next to fine dining restaurants (don’t forget your restaurant discounts)  but with a little digging beneath the surface, L.A has an abundance of hidden charm and still has a lot to offer the frugal traveler.

Here are 5 things to do in Los Angeles that you can certainly afford:

Visit the Museums
The Getty Center is a must go in terms of museums in Los Angeles, considered one of the greatest collections of art in the US with masterpieces from  Ruben to Van Gogh and a particularly interesting display of French decorative art and photography.  Another highlight for museums in LA, is the Museum of Jurassic Technology, where the institute seemlessly blends fact and fiction to create a collage of a most mysterious nature. An then there is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, a 20 acre complex of buildings filled with fascinating modern works of art.

Hit the beaches in Los Angeles
Who could resist the beaches in Los Angeles? Santa Monica offers one of the most legendary beaches in the United States, while Malibu promises the wealthiest and Zuma beach is a collection of everything and everyone else.  Venice beach is beautifully designed with skateboarders adorning every pavement and hipsters hanging out next to models a family picnics.

Take a trip to the Hollywood Walk of Fame

You never  know who you might meet on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and if that happens to be none apart from other tourists, you can at least get a photograph with one of their stars on the pavement, for movie stars come here to leave their hand-prints and signatures on sidewalk. It is also possible to take a tour of the nearby TCL Chinese Theater where you can learn the history of theater and take an interesting insight into the most memorable premieres over the years.

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Explore the film industry

Paramount Pictures Studio is one of the great things to do in LA for movie fanatics. Since the early twentieth century, it has displayed the finest talents and mega movie stars in the industry. The studio will give you a glimpse of stardom and an opportunity to look behind the scenes at how the film industry works. Universal Studios Hollywood is another of the most visited and popular places in LA and where children can meet their famous cartoon characters – perfect for a family day out in LA.

Go day-tripping to Greystone mansion and park
An affordable and easy thing to do in LA, Greystone mansion and park is a historic place in Beverly Hills and marks an important period in the American history. Originally built by a rich Los Angeles local, Edward L, Doheny in 1927 as a present to his son represents the memorable times in American cinema. Many movies have been shot and inspired by this gothic ground. Although the interior of the mansion is not open to the public, visitors are free to walk around the property. A visit here will make you want to take your movie theater discounts and take in the latest picture.

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Top 5 affordable vacations in the US

Every year a record number of tourists descend upon tropical destinations in the Caribbean or historical cities in Europe, but for an more affordable location, have you ever considered staying here in the United States?

It’s true many of the above mentioned destinations have a certain allure and each of them is undoubtedly a great pace to visit, but the US is also overflowing with natural attractions, excellent accommodation an wonderful opportunities to take a roadtrip.

Here are 5 of the best places to vacation in the US:

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The oldest part in the United States is certainly one of the most scenic and beautiful, Yellowstone is overflowing with towering peaks, stunning lakes and tranquil streams winding their way to the horizon.

For anyone interested in outdoor activities, Yellowstone is one of the best places to visit with a myriad of hiking trails which run past leafy forests, through enchanting meadows and other enticing geographical features. The Yellowstone Lake and Mammoth Hot Springs are particularly popular for the 3 million visitors who arrive in the park each year, while the best place to stay is Cody, Wyoming where you will find affordable accommodation or at least hotel discounts to make it so.

Yosemite National Park, California

Another famous National Park, Yosemite offers an incredible encounter with towering rock faces, cascading waterfalls and the majestic Sequoia trees which are known for their enormous stature. It is possible to take climbing lessons, guided tours or just stroll along one of the many trails but regardless, each experience is worth the visit.

The Yosemite Valley itself is the most popular part to visit within the park and there are also options to camp there too, but undoubtedly the best way to enjoy what it has to offer, is by exploring the nature trails on foot during the day before retreating to one of the nearby hotels in Mammoth Lake.

afforable vacations in the US

Washington DC

Although a fast paced city and economic hub, Washington is also fast becoming a popular tourist attraction with a large number of things to do including a visit to the front of the iconic White House.

In fact many important landmarks take their place in Washington which also provides a great opportunity to learn more about the origins of the US within the National History Museum. Another highlight are the cafe’s, the restaurants along with the Eastern Market, another favorite for foodies. Yes, the city has grown up and while the hotels in Washington are not the most affordable, you can use hotel discounts to make help ease your travel budget.

New Orleans

Famous for the music scene, New Orleans is a natural favorite for any interested in rhythm and blues, rock and roll, or just music in particular. With a vibrant nightlife, many music venues and an endless variety of bars, you can be sure of some late nights and plenty of song.

However, there is much more to New Orleans than just music as the friendly folk will remind you, and this is no more evidenced than in the amazing food it has to offer. Barbecue ribs, mash potato or a plate of jambalaya, there is fine dining but then there is also the more traditional option too.

Perfect for a weekend and ideal for an extended stay, New Orleans has enough history and culture between to keep even the most active traveler occupied.

national park

Las Vegas

How can you have a list of affordable vacations without a mention of Vegas? Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to gamble when you visit Vegas and likewise, you do not need a huge amount of money.

Las Vegas is now suitable for a family trip just as much as a girls weekend and when you see the affordable vacations for Vegas, you will understand just why it offers so much value. With the largest selection of hotels of all standards, shapes and sizes, Las Vegas is an ideal option for those who cannot afford the expense of going abroad and are searching for somewhere that wont break the bank.

As with anywhere, it is possible to find an affordable vacation and this is most especially if you use hotel discounts to bring down what is usually the most expensive part of a trip.

5 Incredible luxury hotels in Bali

Bali is the ultimate tropical island, a beach paradise surrounded by jungle and overflowing with amazing accommodation, most especially luxury hotels with dramatic infinity pools and the highest standard of living.

Here are 5 of the most incredible luxury hotels in Bali:

The Hanging Gardens

Located in the heart of the rainforest in Ubud, the Hanging Gardens is a 5 star luxury hotel in Bali which has the added bonus of being close enough to Ubud town center to pay a visit, yet far enough away that you need not worry about the crowds. The resort has its very own spa, restaurant and bar and the accommodation itself is separated into a variety of different villas, each with their own view of either the rainforest, the temple or river.

Staff in the Hanging Gardens are particularly friendly and take care with the service provided, right down to the fine details of a rather simple cocktail. Boasting a stunning infinity pool and very private residence, the villas make it easy to avoid meeting other guests if you wish and naturally, you have room service to help make this possible. With excellent food and sensational interior for the rooms, The Hanging Gardens is an incredible luxury hotel in Bali.


Matahari Beach Resort and Spa

Situated on the west coast of Bali, the Matahari Beach Resort is right on top of a beautiful sand lava beach and consists of 32 bungalows, each of which is just a stones throw from the water itself. Again, service is of the highest standard with this five star resort and it all begins at the airport, where you will either be picked up by a limo, or with all joking aside, a helicopter. Yes, if you wish to really splash out, you can easily rent a helicopter to take you in style to the hotel.

Each bungalow is beautifully decorated in stone or wooden detail, while outside you will find it also has its very own verranda. With a lavish bathroom and ultra comfortable bed, the rooms are literally fit for a king. Although the black sand can take some getting used to on the beach, it really is serenely beautiful and the swimming pool is simply divine. And then there is the food, the “Dewi Ramon” is a fantastic restaurant, while there is an extra special traditional kitchen on the beach itself.


The Viceroy Bali

Considered one of the best small luxury hotels on the planet, the Viceroy is actually a series of large villas overlooking the spectacular Lembah valley. Owned and operated by an Australian couple, this magical place is precariously perched over the Petanu River valley and each bungalow boasts an impressive view of the other 24 villas with a backdrop of the most luscious kind.

Also located near Ubud (10 minutes drive), the Viceroy is ideally isolated and has one of the most stunning claims in that each bungalow has its very own garden and uniquely beautiful infinity swimming pool. Interior is naturally to the highest standard with all the latest technology and modern accessories provided, while CasCades Restaurant has fantastic food and there is an ultra luxurious spa where you can unwind even further. As far as private villas go, the Viceroy in Bali is one of the most impressive in the world.

Bulgari Resort

Uluwatu on the Southern Coast of Bali is best known for adventure seekers who take to the waves with their surfboards and the imposing temple which hangs precariously over a cliff, in a similar way to the Bulgari Resort.

Thought to be the most expensive hotel in Bali, the Bulgari Resort is so isolated that you need a driver to go anywhere, literally. Japanese, Korean, and Chinese are said to be the most common arrival in the hotel, although may tourists choose to visit this impressive hotel on day trips, such is the amazing standard of the premises.

Nestled in the jungle, each villa has its very own plunge pool and unobstructed ocean view, while the rooms themselves are overflowing with character, from the darkened wood wardrobes and marble top everything else. Bulgari resort also has a gym, yoga classes and spa so there really is no need to leave the resort unless you want to.

Komaneka at Bisma

Komaneka at Bisma

Through the luscious surroundings of rice fields and away from Ubud you will find the Komaneka resort at Bisma.

After arriving in a modern open air reception, the inside of Komaneka can seem very antique and old school, but this does not in any way take from the beautiful furnishings of both the restaurant and the rooms themselves. Everything in the rooms has a function of course, but it must be said that the interior is maybe not the most lavish on this list and Komaneka put most of their focus on the small details such as the branded soap, personalized make-up bags and a private balcony.

However, for a step up – one can rent the private villas where an incredible infinity pool awaits along with an outdoor kitchenette and a sublime stand alone hot tub.

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