5 Incredible luxury hotels in Bali

Bali is the ultimate tropical island, a beach paradise surrounded by jungle and overflowing with amazing accommodation, most especially luxury hotels with dramatic infinity pools and the highest standard of living.

Here are 5 of the most incredible luxury hotels in Bali:

The Hanging Gardens

Located in the heart of the rainforest in Ubud, the Hanging Gardens is a 5 star luxury hotel in Bali which has the added bonus of being close enough to Ubud town center to pay a visit, yet far enough away that you need not worry about the crowds. The resort has its very own spa, restaurant and bar and the accommodation itself is separated into a variety of different villas, each with their own view of either the rainforest, the temple or river.

Staff in the Hanging Gardens are particularly friendly and take care with the service provided, right down to the fine details of a rather simple cocktail. Boasting a stunning infinity pool and very private residence, the villas make it easy to avoid meeting other guests if you wish and naturally, you have room service to help make this possible. With excellent food and sensational interior for the rooms, The Hanging Gardens is an incredible luxury hotel in Bali.


Matahari Beach Resort and Spa

Situated on the west coast of Bali, the Matahari Beach Resort is right on top of a beautiful sand lava beach and consists of 32 bungalows, each of which is just a stones throw from the water itself. Again, service is of the highest standard with this five star resort and it all begins at the airport, where you will either be picked up by a limo, or with all joking aside, a helicopter. Yes, if you wish to really splash out, you can easily rent a helicopter to take you in style to the hotel.

Each bungalow is beautifully decorated in stone or wooden detail, while outside you will find it also has its very own verranda. With a lavish bathroom and ultra comfortable bed, the rooms are literally fit for a king. Although the black sand can take some getting used to on the beach, it really is serenely beautiful and the swimming pool is simply divine. And then there is the food, the “Dewi Ramon” is a fantastic restaurant, while there is an extra special traditional kitchen on the beach itself.


The Viceroy Bali

Considered one of the best small luxury hotels on the planet, the Viceroy is actually a series of large villas overlooking the spectacular Lembah valley. Owned and operated by an Australian couple, this magical place is precariously perched over the Petanu River valley and each bungalow boasts an impressive view of the other 24 villas with a backdrop of the most luscious kind.

Also located near Ubud (10 minutes drive), the Viceroy is ideally isolated and has one of the most stunning claims in that each bungalow has its very own garden and uniquely beautiful infinity swimming pool. Interior is naturally to the highest standard with all the latest technology and modern accessories provided, while CasCades Restaurant has fantastic food and there is an ultra luxurious spa where you can unwind even further. As far as private villas go, the Viceroy in Bali is one of the most impressive in the world.

Bulgari Resort

Uluwatu on the Southern Coast of Bali is best known for adventure seekers who take to the waves with their surfboards and the imposing temple which hangs precariously over a cliff, in a similar way to the Bulgari Resort.

Thought to be the most expensive hotel in Bali, the Bulgari Resort is so isolated that you need a driver to go anywhere, literally. Japanese, Korean, and Chinese are said to be the most common arrival in the hotel, although may tourists choose to visit this impressive hotel on day trips, such is the amazing standard of the premises.

Nestled in the jungle, each villa has its very own plunge pool and unobstructed ocean view, while the rooms themselves are overflowing with character, from the darkened wood wardrobes and marble top everything else. Bulgari resort also has a gym, yoga classes and spa so there really is no need to leave the resort unless you want to.

Komaneka at Bisma

Komaneka at Bisma

Through the luscious surroundings of rice fields and away from Ubud you will find the Komaneka resort at Bisma.

After arriving in a modern open air reception, the inside of Komaneka can seem very antique and old school, but this does not in any way take from the beautiful furnishings of both the restaurant and the rooms themselves. Everything in the rooms has a function of course, but it must be said that the interior is maybe not the most lavish on this list and Komaneka put most of their focus on the small details such as the branded soap, personalized make-up bags and a private balcony.

However, for a step up – one can rent the private villas where an incredible infinity pool awaits along with an outdoor kitchenette and a sublime stand alone hot tub.

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