Steps to Get the Best Travel Membership Club.

Step by step instructions to pick a travel club membership isn’t troublesome on the off chance that you realize what to search for. These days, there are more individuals who are hoping to spare cash. These clubs are an extraordinary method to not just save cash on your excursion or business travel, however, they are membership clubs is an incredible method to spare time because you can search discounts with a click of a button and  be done.  Stop searching the internet for discounts and join the club.

These clubs likewise offer you extra travel services, for example, carrier booking which is a gigantic help. Tips When Searching For Travel Club Memberships:

  • Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a membership club. There are companies that charge thousands or tens of thousands and have limited discounts available. Imagine paying only $19.95 per month or only $199 per year and receiving up to 70% off on travel, entertainment, recreation and even local discounts that you can use daily?
  • Be cautious! Membership clubs open and close down daily. When selecting the right membership club be sure they have been around for at least 10 years.
  • Find a travel club that offers travel reward points for every dollar that you spend so you can enjoy free vacations and trips.

Consider to what extent they have been doing business         

On the off chance that you take a gander at the costs of travel and contrast them with membership, you will see that the best travel bargains out there are those inside a membership. These memberships offer you or you and your family the opportunity to remain at 4 and 5-star inns, condominiums, hotels, and etc. that will save your family hundreds if not thousands each time you travel.

Memberships are frequently a decent decision for individuals going with families since you can save a tremendous amount of money and have extra money doing things you enjoy. You can book 4 or 5 star resorts, inns and different lodging for the price of a 1 or 2 start hotel!

These clubs offering you discounted travel is turning into the genuine method to travel now since public sites do not offer discounts anymore due to the rate parity law. There are some membership clubs that are related to timeshare, so be careful and do your research.

  • What you should search for if you are interested in joining a club.
  • Make sure they offer discounts that are not available to the public.
  • Search for a club that offers more than travel. There are membership clubs that offer local discounts which will save you money throughout the entire year.

Ensure that you are not being charged any extra monies outside of the real cost of the membership and the delivery of membership card. Some memberships are loaded with hidden fees, so be careful when selecting the right membership.

Can travel clubs help you in saving money on your vacations?

Each year thousands of individuals become a part of travel clubs in hopes of saving cash on vacations and travel. They believe that by paying a fee to a personal club, they’re going to be aware of some insider info and have access to discounted travel choices which will help them in successively saving cash.

Travel Clubs are not new; however, their quality is rising. Because the travel trade hikes up its costs once every year, shoppers are pretty desperate to find out new choices to afford the vacations they require to entail. In today’s economy, solely the elite will afford to pay every week at a highly luxurious resort. The remainder folks take what they get and create the simplest pleasure of it.

How Discount Travel Works:

Basically, it goes like this. Massive travel trade corporations own several properties that they hire out at retail costs to the buyer (you and me). An oversized portion of their properties stays vacant each week of the year. So, once they get several shoppers to pay high cash worth for all the potential rooms that can possibly be bagged, they then dump the rest of their empty rooms to discount brokers.

If you have got ever shopped online, you have in all fairness have already noticed their costs will change in comparison to what you’d pay if you reserved through the particular property itself. These discount brokers pay an exact worth for the properties to increase the valuation before they market them to the general public. The buyer should pay the discount to the broker over what they obtained from the properties to offset advertising, personnel management, and internet rankings. So, whereas you’ll devour some sensible deals through these discount travel brokers, choices are usually limited and you continue to don’t get the catch you’ll be yearning for.

How could be a Travel Club Different?

Unfortunately, some travel clubs act just like the discount broker. They’re going to acquire massive immeasurable properties, mark them up to supply them to their members. But, there are only a few travel clubs that treat discount travel as a whole new means. These elite few can charge you a 1-time fee for a life membership. As a member, you’re then welcome into the inner workings of the corporate and exposed to travel deals that you simply cannot get on the open market. A decent travel club can by no means price their properties before they provide them to their members.

Some clubs don’t advertise themselves in the slightest degree. The club members advertise for them, that saves the corporate cash that they in-turn invest into the members. One specific club permits its vacation club members to become club associates at no further charge. As such, this specific travel club has a very little operational expense that permits them to supply club memberships at a coffee worth with no continual fees or dues of any kind.

The easy way to find Choice Hotel discounts

Choice Hotels are one of the best value accommodation providers in North America, but even without their big rewards program, there is still an easy way to find Choice Hotel discounts. Yes, you can find several advantages in joining the above-mentioned program, but if you want the lowest price hotel rooms and travel discounts, these are to be found in a travel club membership.

Travel Clubs and Rate Parity

Fast and convenient, Travel clubs have been operating at the very top of the travel industry for more than twenty years but it is only in very recent times they have enjoyed a resurgence. Exempt from a new law called “Rate parity”, these travel clubs have managed to avoid a restriction which has all but taken away the ability of a traditional travel booking engine to offer the best prices.

Simply put, rate parity is a regulation which stipulates all booking engines must display the same price across all channels of distribution. For this reason, you will find the same price on Expedia as Orbitz or any other booking engine. In compliance with this new law, the travel brands are no longer able to offer their customers hotel discounts and more.

As explained above, this law does not apply to travel membership programs as these travel clubs are known as ”Closed loop programs” who are allowed to negotiate substantial discounts with travel related operators and relay these great deals on to their millions of members.

Choice Hotels Discounts

You will find all you need to know about the standard of a Choice Hotel with a simple search through the five-star reviews they receive, but despite this benefit, it is still nice to avail of these hotels at an even more affordable price. For this reason, the best way to find hotel discounts and book Choice Hotels online is through a travel membership club such as Hotels Etc who guarantee the lowest prices, every time.

The benefits of a Travel Club Membership

Although travel clubs may appear as being old fashioned or outdated, the current state of the online travel industry has ensured the truth is quite the opposite. For travel brands and travel booking engines are now restricted from providing the best hotel discounts or prices and the only way to find these discounts now lies within the realms of a closed loop program, or travel membership club.

Yes, signing up and using the search facility for a travel club is just as comfortable as any other means of searching for deals online but the main difference here is that travel clubs now have the best prices to go with the plethora of hotels, packages, and deals.

Choose Hotels Etc for the best Choice Hotels discounts

Hotels Etc. can be used to find the best hotel discounts across the world of course and not just Choice Hotels but given their reputation for such a high standard; this is often one of the best hotels for a weekend or extended break regardless of your destination. But maybe you are still wondering how to get hold of these discounts rather than just reading about them here?

It’s simple; sign up for a travel membership today, enter your destination and dates, and let Hotels Etc take care of everything else.

Hotel discounts

How to find an affordable Caribbean vacation in 2017

Wondering how to find an affordable Caribbean vacation in 2017?  There are many ways to keep your general costs down during the year to be able to afford a trip but more importantly, there is a very specific way to find an affordable vacation that not everybody is in the know about.

Let us explain.

Changes in online travel

The online world has changed the way we travel but more importantly it has allowed people to do so more often with everywhere being so much more more accessible and affordable. That said, the latter of these benefits has all but disappeared in recent years with the arrival of a new law called rate parity.

You see, until recently most travel booking engines or brands were enabled to offer excellent discounts on vacations, hotels etc and for good reason, customers were lining up to avail of these fantastic prices. Sounds great right? Yes it was but actually, all of these great prices and value have completely disappeared from the market without the consumer even noticing.

Affordable vacation

But how or why has nobody noticed?

Well, naturally if a travel website is perceived as not offering any real value, there is no reason for them being there in the first place. After all, why use a third party when you can go direct to the service provider for the same price? For this reason, a new law called rate parity is little talked about in an industry which is now severely restricted from offering customers genuine value.

What is rate parity?

In a nutshell, rate parity stipulates that travel companies is required to offer the same price to customers across every channel of distribution. Straight to the point, this essentially means these booking engines are no longer permitted to offer customers the great discounts we have seen in the past.

Does this mean the end of hotel discounts or special offers?

Well, no. There was one exemption from this rate parity law and it came in the form of travel membership clubs. As a membership club, you are entitled to negotiate large discounts with suppliers and pass this value on to paying members.

Hence, Travel membership clubs such as Hotels Etc are now returning to the fore of an industry they dominated before the online world and booking engines took over.

Hotels Etc

Hotels Etc

As mentioned above, Hotels Etc have worked within the travel industry for more than 20 years. At one time this membership club was one of the only ways to find a vacation or hotel discount in a world without internet.

With more than 4 million members and a five star rating, it continued to take care of members but was obviously affected with the arrival of booking engines and online travel brands. As discussed already, with the declining value of booking engines, this membership club is now re-emerging to establish itself as one of the few providers of genuine travel discounts.

It makes sense that customers like to stick with the major travel brands which they trust but with 4 million members and some truly genuine value, Hotels Etc has an easy to use booking system in which you can search and compare all of the best online discounts for hotels and vacations.

Can you afford the cost of travel?

When was the last time you packed a small suitcase and left the busy city behind?  There is simply nothing like taking a weekend break or even one night away from the norm, a few days to escape the monotony of a work week and take refuge in a relaxing hotel stay with fine food and maybe even a spa.

hotels etc

Unless you have work at the weekend or an insurmountable amount of debt, the chances are there is actually no good reason not to get away for the weekend. At this point it may seem a little too late to be planning a trip with the weekend closing in but then, how long does it take to make an online booking and put a few clothes in a suitcase? The answer, in case you’re wondering – not long at all.

Taking an annual vacation is obviously a great idea, the perfect way to relieve stress and get back to enjoying the finer things in life. However, is simple process is surely restricted to once a year? No, the simple process of relieving stress and hitting the re-fresh button in life is attainable at just about any moment in every week and it just so happens that travel is the perfect way to make it happen.

Thing is, if it was always as simple as throwing a few clothes in a suitcase and taking off we would do it almost every weekend right? So what’s stopping everyone from taking more weekend breaks?

afford travel

We all know travel can be expensive and even without a debt of some sort looming overhead, it can be difficult to afford the high cost of living these days never mind forking out on a hotel in Chicago for the night. And this is exactly why you need a travel club membership, the easiest and fastest way to find hotel discounts and more to make everything affordable. Rather than just saving on hotels or annual vacations, a travel membership club such as Hotels Etc will also help you find discounts throughout the year for anything from movie theater tickets to restaurant deals. In fact, by the time you have availed of a 60% discount on a hotel stay, it’s likely you will already have saved the remaining cost by utilizing the thousands of other discounts on offer.

There really should be no cost placed on the prospect of taking time out from a hectic schedule and escaping all the noise for a few days but in reality, we do understand there is always going to be a fee attached to the concept of travel. In this sense, Hotels Etc is not here to make travel free or promise you something you cannot afford, but rather it offers a simple membership which will allow you to afford the cost of travel an then to get an awful lot more from it, for a much lesser cost.

You can access all the best hotel discounts and more by signing up today for a travel membership with Hotels Etc.

Why you should visit Austin this summer

The word “variety” gets thrown around quite a bit, but when it comes to deciding where to go on vacation in the US, Austin is a travel destination which is genuinely overflowing with variety. Home to many different cultures, along with amazing food, the best hotel deals and a festival atmosphere, Austin is the perfect place for a summer vacation in the US. Here is exactly why you should visit Austin this Summer:

1. Food, simple.

As with much of Texas and the Southern States, Austin is renowned for incredible barbecue food so you can expect succulent ribs, steaks and sausages when you get there. A number of delightful restaurants take their place in town including Rollin’ Smoke BBQ and Valentina’s Tex Mex but any doorway offering food is usually a good choice. Although most famous for the music scene, Austins food arguably takes a close second. If you venture out during happy hour or use some restaurant discounts, you can always find great meal deals in Austin.

2. Zilker Park

Surprisingly, there are many things to do in Austin has a secret attraction in the nearby Zilker Park. Infused with glorious nature and ample hiking trails, this park is a welcomed respite from the busy city and filled with open spaces to enjoy with the family, friends or even alone. However, it also has many other attractions such as the Botanical Gardens and the ever popular Science Museum. When you grow tired of the noise across the River, this is the perfect spot to relax.

3. The State Capitol

The State Capitol is central to the culture in Austin and was repaired during the 80’s to the fine condition you can no find it in today. Pink in color, it truly is a bizarre sight and a great photograph opportunity. Tours of the State Capitol are run on a daily basis giving an insight into the Governor’s chambers or alternatively you can take a self guided tour which also outlines the history of each room and the surrounding gardens.

4. The lively nightlife

It’s called the Live music capital of the world and after sampling a night out in Austin, it would be hard to disagree. From Jazz to Hip Hop, Rock to the Blues, Austin has every angle covered when it comes to music after dark and the live bands are some of the best in the US. The Mowhawak is a particularly popular venue and the Continental, while many traditional dance halls also take their place, where you can learn the Texas Two Step and mingle with the real locals.

5. Austin is synonymous with festivals

Austin comes alive in the summer and throughout May to July you will find a number of festivals ranging from film and food to of course, music. There are also cultural festivals which showcase the local Latin population and then the Arts Festival on Old Pecan street is a huge favorite. As mentioned however, music festivals are common place and regardless of what genre you prefer, Austin is sure to have some waiting for you.

You can find hotels discounts or restaurant discounts for your trip to Austin with a travel club membership on Hotels Etc.

5 Amazing family vacation resorts in the US

Given the huge variety of destinations on offer, choosing a family vacation in the US is not an easy task. In fact, even when you do find some options, it can be hard deciding which on is most suited to a family’s needs. Luckily we’ve gone to the trouble of picking out 5 of the best family destinations in the US for you:

Woodloch Resort, Hawley, Pennsylvania

The Woodloch Resort is one of those destinations that feels like a fairytale. Located on Lake Teedyuskung, the range of activities are staggering in the summer time when hiking, mountain biking and ziplining. There are many other interesting things to do at Woodloch Resort including mini golf and go-karts and if you happen to find yourself at Woodloch in Winter, there are still activities on offer with ice skating and snow tubing being particularly popular. At $360 for a family of four, a stay in this beautiful pocket of Pennsylvania is worth considering.

Club Med Sandpiper Bay, Port St. Lucie, Florida

When it comes to all inclusive family vacations, Club Med have always been at the forefront of the industry and today, this is still the case in Port St. Lucie. The most notable attraction for parents with young toddlers here, is no doubt the infant care on offer but then the older kids are also well looked after with a huge variety of activities, from volleyball and table tennis, to basketball and swimming. For a family of four you can expect a price of $385 per night although make sure to check for hotel discounts before finalizing anything.

Rancho de los Caballeros, Wickenburg, Arizona

Imagine having more than 20,000 acres of desert surrounding your haven of activity in Arizona. The Rancho de los Caballeros has been around for a very long time and while it may have a loftier price tag for a family of four than the other options on this list (($640 per night), there are very unique experiences on offer here including a fantastic opportunity for horseback riding. As with the other resorts, there is also both a daytime and nighttime kids club which allows parents not only to have a break during the mornings, but also to enjoy a cocktail at dinnertime without having to rush.

Mayan Dude Ranch, Bandera, Texas

While horseback riding is high on the agenda for most families arriving at the Mayan Dude Ranch, there is a lot more to this wonderful resort than the more affordable price tag of $490 per night. In typical cowboy fashion, you will stay overnight in a log cabin before waking on a huge Texan landscape to begin riding the many trails in the area. Fishing is also popular nearby, as too is tubing , while the kids can make full use of the tennis courts and stunning swimming pool. There is also an evening entertainment program with Western bands and line dancing.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort

Hawaii takes some beating on almost every front and the same can be said about the kids clubs. Simply put, the resorts in Hawaii excel when it comes to providing the highest level of kids entertainment and the Hilton Hawaiian Village is up there with the best. From submarine tours to giant super pools, the Waikiki Aquarium to volcano making on the beach, there is no end to activities here for the kids and you are sure to have plenty of free time as a result. With a stunning beach and 5 star facilities on offer, this resort will please the parents as much as the kids.

Find all the best hotel discounts and family vacation discounts on the leading travel club membership website Hotels Etc.

Best hotel discounts for Spring break

Wondering how to find the best hotel discounts for spring break? Thinking about going on vacation soon but can’t seem to find the best vacation deals?

As the rush gets underway to find great travel offers for Spring Break, it seems like as good a time as any to inform any bargain hunters about some big news coming out of the travel industry.

The reason you may be struggling to find a great deal or something more affordable has little to do with availability and more to do with a new law called “Rate parity”.

Not too long ago, the easiest way to find the best hotel offers or spring break vacation packages was a very simple process which involved a quick search on a booking engine but those days have passed and the biggest travel brands are no longer able to offer the best rates.

The new law mentioned above is a straight forward restriction which outlines that a product or service must maintain the same price across a company’s distribution channels. Therefore, most of the major travel brands such as Expedia, Orbitz or, who are all part of the same company, are no longer able to advertise a variety of prices across their distribution network.

The law has naturally hurt the businesses in question as these websites have always prided themselves on having the lowest prices nevermind the fact that shopping online with regard to travel has always been about finding the best hotel discounts or cheap package deals.

This is why you may or may not have noticed how certain websites are now using “extra towels” or some other service of little value as a selling point as opposed to focusing on the cost. The obvious solution here might be to boycott such booking engines and booking direct but really, you still save no money by paying the full price to the supplier.

What if we told you there is a really easy way to find the best hotel discounts, the lowest price vacation packages and the best all round travel deals for Spring break?

People are not so familiar today with travel club membership as they were back in the 1970’s but make no mistake about it, the new rate parity law has seen them come back with great force in the last few months. The reason for this being that travel clubs are actually exempt from the rate parity law which leaving them in the very attractive position of being able to offer customers the best hotel discounts and other great travel offers.

Hotels Etc are the leaders when it comes to travel club membership and they have over 4 million registered users along with a solid 20 year reputation behind them. When it comes to being up front and honest, you can’t really ask for more than a free trial which is available after a very quick sign up process.

So before the rush gets underway and everybody begins to wonder where the special offers are for vacations in Spring Break, make sure you get signed up for Hotels Etc before passing the news and great savings on to someone else.

5 Best Cities for spring break Staycation 2016

San Francisco

Named after the Italian migrants who fished there in the mid 1800’s, Fisherman’s Wharf encapsulates everything that makes San Francisco so enticing and one of the best cities in the US to spend either a weekend or even a week long Spring Break vacation in 2016.

It was renovated and reconstructed of course to make it a little more “desirable” in appearance but with market stalls and amusements such as the Wax museum or “Ripley’s Believe it or not” lining the pier, there is enough going on at Fisherman’s Wharf alone to keep you entertained for an entire day.

The weather is considered balmy for much of the year so it may not be the ideal choice for sun worshippers but the huge number of things to do in San Francisco more than makes up for the lack of extreme heat.

When you have finished exploring the many attractions along the famous pier above, the nearby Chinatown offers up a wonderful opportunity to indulge yourself in the finest Asian cuisine, bustling street markets and one of the most genuinely fascinating cornerstones of the city. There are many “Chinatown’s” in many cities around the world but San Fran’s is definitely the most well known example and truly is a microcosm of the many years of Chinese influx into the United States.

A vibrant nightlife is always on offer in various districts around the city and there are an endless number of great food options to choose between but once more, the activities and attractions are truly what make this one of the best Spring Break destinations in 2016. In this respect, the day tour to Alcatraz is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, famous and uniquely rewarding experiences you are likely to find anywhere. Steeped in history and situated on a rock off the coast, the notorious prison offers a very unique insight into one of the most legendary places in the US.

The Best place to stay in San Francisco:

Both the Hyatt and Holiday in on Fisherman’s Wharf provide great accommodations with easy access to anything activity based but if you would prefer to be somewhere more centrally located then the Marriott on Union Square is at the heart of the shopping district and SOMA is a superb location for anyone looking to make the most of the many eatery options near the Mission district.


Don’t let the city nickname put you off, the weather in Chicago for Spring Break is just fine and the “Windy City” derives from the reputation of past politicians in the area as opposed to any gusts which might appear from time to time.

The population of Chicago is growing at 2.8 Million which is testament to everything this great American city has to offer. It lies at the top end of the ratings in terms of the restaurants on offer, not to mention attractions to see and things to do.

Joe’s Seafood and Gibsons Steakhouse are among many of the restaurants which offer localized experienced of the highest caliber but really, there are options of all kinds at every turn on a short walk around the City. The famous Chicago pizza is not to be missed, Trattoria No. 10 covers the Italian influence and anyone with a sweet-tooth should go right out of their way to spend an afternoon at the centrally located Cheesecake factory.

Of course before arriving at any of these food options, there is no shortage of activities to entertain and help you work up a hunger. The Sears tower, at one point the worlds tallest building, is a short skip from the centre of town which has an interactive experience at the top and world class views but if you wanted to make an afternoon of the occasion, a meal at the top of the Hancock tower might be a more enticing option.

All of the usual sightseeing tours will take you around the city although, Chicago has the added benefit of having a major river running through it which allows for river cruises and a different perspective to view the buildings towering overhead.

Then you have the dark side of Chicago’s past which was overrun by gangsters and local mafia. This city was a focal point for the notorious years of prohibition involving many infamous gangsters such as Al Capone and sure enough, there is a world class tour which will explain everything you need to know about this turbulent time.

All being said, there is a small “beach” on the edge of Lake Michigan but Chicago is another city to be visited specifically for an urban adventures as opposed to relaxing by the pool and it offers enough variety to cater for most interests whether it be foodies, history fans or sightseeing enthusiasts.

Where to stay in Chicago?

As a rule, anywhere centrally located in Chicago is best. It may not be the cheapest option but nothing can beat the value of being able to walk out the front door and have everything you need at your disposal. The Wyndham Grand Chicago has some great offers if you combine it with Travel club membership’s hotel discounts while the Hard Rock is another high quality choice in a central location.

New York

New York was always going to be in our 5 places for Spring Break vacation but obviously this is for all the right reasons. It is expensive yes, it is crowded and often noisy but the “City that never sleeps” is as full of entertainment and dining options, as it is with people.

Firstly, nowhere in the US can claim to have the variety and scale of activities or things to do as in New York. Times Square is an obvious sight with Central park just up the road but it really is the little details which make a visit here so memorable. How about visiting the spot where famous Beatle John Lennon was assassinated? Climbing to the top of the iconic Empire State building? Mixing it with the suits of America’s financial capital Wallstreet or taking a walking tour of the more humble beginnings in Brooklyn?

Little Italy, the Bronx and Tribecca; there are simply too many parts of the city which offer something different while the Statue of Liberty and Ellis island offer the perfect escape from the hustle of Manhattan with an unbeatable view of the city skyline to match.

There is really no need to list the best restaurants in New York as this is not something you will have any trouble in locating and in a similar way, a short walk to the outer reaches of Times Square will inevitably lead to a long line of great bars. However, something not to be missed when you visit New York is a short trip to Ground zero and the memorial of 9/11; the museum is easy to miss unless you search it out an it provides a great sense of the community and togetherness that exists at the heart of this great city.

Finally, no trip to New York is complete without taking in a show on Broadway. There are always a long line of great shows being advertised with many famous names being part of their cast. Whether you have been to a show like this before or not, Broadway is the most famous place in the world for Theatrical performances and after a visit to one of the shows, you will know exactly the reason why.

As with any of the destinations on this list, the best way to afford your vacation or get the most out of your spending money is to join a Travel club such as Hotels etc who provide not only hotel discounts but also restaurant discounts along with many other attractions or entertainment options.

Where to stay in New York?

Arguably one of the most expensive places in the world for accommodation, the trick to finding the best place to stay in New York is by choosing somewhere relatively central with a decent rating for reviews. Check out the Hampton Inn on Times Square for a more affordable hotel in New York or the slightly more expensive Waldorf Astoria.

As mentioned above, sign up for the best hotel discounts on Hotels etc which will help keep your costs down for any of the above.

Orlando (Family option)

Florida is the perfect option for the best family vacation in Spring Break. Any parent will attest to the fact that a family vacation is all about keeping the kids entertained and Orlando in particularly has been doing this effortlessly for decades.

If you want to include a little bit of warmer climate into your next family vacation for Spring Break then you could do a lot worse than making the journey down South to Florida. The climate is hot this time of year but with swimming pools and waterparks at such easy access, you are guaranteed a relaxing atmosphere to kick back at the end of a days busy activities.

It’s no secret that much of a trip to the Sunshine State revolves around a visit to Disneyworld and a Park Hopper ticket can be purchased in advance to help you plan your multiday trip which the kids will never forget. As soon as Mickey Mouse has made his introduction and all the sunscreen has been applied, there are many parks to be explored including the Magic Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom and two separate Water parks.

Walt Disney aside, there are so many other things to do with kids in Orlando such as a trip to Legoland, an encounter with the alligators in Gatorland or a swim with dolphins in discovery cove. As the list goes on, it gets better with many activities being geared toward adults just as much as they are to children. The AMC Disney movie theater is great for some evening entertainment and then the Orlando science museum is a fascinating educational trip which will leave the whole family wanting more.

Where to stay in Orlando?

There are many options in Orlando which cater toward family vacations by offering apartment style rooms complete with kitchenette. That being said, the best place to stay with the family is close to Disney World itself and so the Radisson hotel or Wyndham Grand Orlando are two fantastic options.

Las Vegas

There is literally no time of year in which Las Vegas is not an option and if you are looking for a reasonably affordable place to spend your Spring Break vacation, the famous strip will inevitably offer spring break vacation offers and hotel discounts to suit all budgets.

Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world for good reason, no matter what time of day or night it is, there is something to do or somewhere to go. Casino’s may dominate the scene but really, the city has so much more to offer than a quick flutter with your hard earned cash and in recent years, the variety of attractions has increased tenfold.

Celebrity chefs work out of most hotels providing a neverending line of places for fine dining but the all American barbeque is still on offer and there are also just as many affordable restaurants to eat. By the time you have finished eating, the roulette wheel is still turning and the bars are still open but a trip down to the “original Las Vegas” is also a must do.

It may often be overlooked by many visitors to the strip with so many big name distractions but for those who take time to venture down there, Fremont Street offers a genuine, up close and personal experience with everything that makes Vegas so interesting. Old school casino’s, street performers, drunks and strangers come together to form a melting pot which seems so far removed from the expensive hotels around the corner. It is well worth visiting and provides an entirely different view of Sin city.

Ultimately, everyone is familiar with how much fun they can expect to have but cost is the real factor that provides so much value on a trip to Vegas. Airfare is usually quite a reasonable expense at cost times during the year but great hotel discounts are available for those signed up for a Travel club membership which make this arguably the most affordable destination on this list of places for your Spring break vacation in 2016.

Where to stay in Las Vegas?

You really can’t go wrong with either the Rio or the newly renovated Flamingo hotel but for those wishing to splash out on a little more comfort, Paris Las Vegas has some great offers providing you utilize some hotel discounts.

Hotel Discounts: For all the best hotel discounts mentioned above and more, sign up for a travel membership with to make huge savings on your Spring break vacation.