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5 Things to do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is where the rich and powerful dance the night away, where celebrities fill the sidewalks and trendy cafe’s line up next to fine dining restaurants (don’t forget your restaurant discounts)  but with a little digging beneath the surface, L.A has an abundance of hidden charm and still has a lot to offer the frugal traveler.

Here are 5 things to do in Los Angeles that you can certainly afford:

Visit the Museums
The Getty Center is a must go in terms of museums in Los Angeles, considered one of the greatest collections of art in the US with masterpieces from  Ruben to Van Gogh and a particularly interesting display of French decorative art and photography.  Another highlight for museums in LA, is the Museum of Jurassic Technology, where the institute seemlessly blends fact and fiction to create a collage of a most mysterious nature. An then there is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, a 20 acre complex of buildings filled with fascinating modern works of art.

Hit the beaches in Los Angeles
Who could resist the beaches in Los Angeles? Santa Monica offers one of the most legendary beaches in the United States, while Malibu promises the wealthiest and Zuma beach is a collection of everything and everyone else.  Venice beach is beautifully designed with skateboarders adorning every pavement and hipsters hanging out next to models a family picnics.

Take a trip to the Hollywood Walk of Fame

You never  know who you might meet on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and if that happens to be none apart from other tourists, you can at least get a photograph with one of their stars on the pavement, for movie stars come here to leave their hand-prints and signatures on sidewalk. It is also possible to take a tour of the nearby TCL Chinese Theater where you can learn the history of theater and take an interesting insight into the most memorable premieres over the years.

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Explore the film industry

Paramount Pictures Studio is one of the great things to do in LA for movie fanatics. Since the early twentieth century, it has displayed the finest talents and mega movie stars in the industry. The studio will give you a glimpse of stardom and an opportunity to look behind the scenes at how the film industry works. Universal Studios Hollywood is another of the most visited and popular places in LA and where children can meet their famous cartoon characters – perfect for a family day out in LA.

Go day-tripping to Greystone mansion and park
An affordable and easy thing to do in LA, Greystone mansion and park is a historic place in Beverly Hills and marks an important period in the American history. Originally built by a rich Los Angeles local, Edward L, Doheny in 1927 as a present to his son represents the memorable times in American cinema. Many movies have been shot and inspired by this gothic ground. Although the interior of the mansion is not open to the public, visitors are free to walk around the property. A visit here will make you want to take your movie theater discounts and take in the latest picture.

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