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Why you should visit Austin this summer

The word “variety” gets thrown around quite a bit, but when it comes to deciding where to go on vacation in the US, Austin is a travel destination which is genuinely overflowing with variety. Home to many different cultures, along with amazing food, the best hotel deals and a festival atmosphere, Austin is the perfect place for a summer vacation in the US. Here is exactly why you should visit Austin this Summer:

1. Food, simple.

As with much of Texas and the Southern States, Austin is renowned for incredible barbecue food so you can expect succulent ribs, steaks and sausages when you get there. A number of delightful restaurants take their place in town including Rollin’ Smoke BBQ and Valentina’s Tex Mex but any doorway offering food is usually a good choice. Although most famous for the music scene, Austins food arguably takes a close second. If you venture out during happy hour or use some restaurant discounts, you can always find great meal deals in Austin.

2. Zilker Park

Surprisingly, there are many things to do in Austin has a secret attraction in the nearby Zilker Park. Infused with glorious nature and ample hiking trails, this park is a welcomed respite from the busy city and filled with open spaces to enjoy with the family, friends or even alone. However, it also has many other attractions such as the Botanical Gardens and the ever popular Science Museum. When you grow tired of the noise across the River, this is the perfect spot to relax.

3. The State Capitol

The State Capitol is central to the culture in Austin and was repaired during the 80’s to the fine condition you can no find it in today. Pink in color, it truly is a bizarre sight and a great photograph opportunity. Tours of the State Capitol are run on a daily basis giving an insight into the Governor’s chambers or alternatively you can take a self guided tour which also outlines the history of each room and the surrounding gardens.

4. The lively nightlife

It’s called the Live music capital of the world and after sampling a night out in Austin, it would be hard to disagree. From Jazz to Hip Hop, Rock to the Blues, Austin has every angle covered when it comes to music after dark and the live bands are some of the best in the US. The Mowhawak is a particularly popular venue and the Continental, while many traditional dance halls also take their place, where you can learn the Texas Two Step and mingle with the real locals.

5. Austin is synonymous with festivals

Austin comes alive in the summer and throughout May to July you will find a number of festivals ranging from film and food to of course, music. There are also cultural festivals which showcase the local Latin population and then the Arts Festival on Old Pecan street is a huge favorite. As mentioned however, music festivals are common place and regardless of what genre you prefer, Austin is sure to have some waiting for you.

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things to do in LA

5 Things to do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is where the rich and powerful dance the night away, where celebrities fill the sidewalks and trendy cafe’s line up next to fine dining restaurants (don’t forget your restaurant discounts)  but with a little digging beneath the surface, L.A has an abundance of hidden charm and still has a lot to offer the frugal traveler.

Here are 5 things to do in Los Angeles that you can certainly afford:

Visit the Museums
The Getty Center is a must go in terms of museums in Los Angeles, considered one of the greatest collections of art in the US with masterpieces from  Ruben to Van Gogh and a particularly interesting display of French decorative art and photography.  Another highlight for museums in LA, is the Museum of Jurassic Technology, where the institute seemlessly blends fact and fiction to create a collage of a most mysterious nature. An then there is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, a 20 acre complex of buildings filled with fascinating modern works of art.

Hit the beaches in Los Angeles
Who could resist the beaches in Los Angeles? Santa Monica offers one of the most legendary beaches in the United States, while Malibu promises the wealthiest and Zuma beach is a collection of everything and everyone else.  Venice beach is beautifully designed with skateboarders adorning every pavement and hipsters hanging out next to models a family picnics.

Take a trip to the Hollywood Walk of Fame

You never  know who you might meet on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and if that happens to be none apart from other tourists, you can at least get a photograph with one of their stars on the pavement, for movie stars come here to leave their hand-prints and signatures on sidewalk. It is also possible to take a tour of the nearby TCL Chinese Theater where you can learn the history of theater and take an interesting insight into the most memorable premieres over the years.

Hotels ETC

Explore the film industry

Paramount Pictures Studio is one of the great things to do in LA for movie fanatics. Since the early twentieth century, it has displayed the finest talents and mega movie stars in the industry. The studio will give you a glimpse of stardom and an opportunity to look behind the scenes at how the film industry works. Universal Studios Hollywood is another of the most visited and popular places in LA and where children can meet their famous cartoon characters – perfect for a family day out in LA.

Go day-tripping to Greystone mansion and park
An affordable and easy thing to do in LA, Greystone mansion and park is a historic place in Beverly Hills and marks an important period in the American history. Originally built by a rich Los Angeles local, Edward L, Doheny in 1927 as a present to his son represents the memorable times in American cinema. Many movies have been shot and inspired by this gothic ground. Although the interior of the mansion is not open to the public, visitors are free to walk around the property. A visit here will make you want to take your movie theater discounts and take in the latest picture.

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Top 5 best restaurants in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is one of those rare destinations that feels like feels like a vacation in another exotic country rather than here at home in the US. Diverse and modern, Palm Springs has a wide range of resorts and hotels with high quality comfort, excellent swimming pools and many activities, but a specific attraction of a vacation here, are the endless great food options available around town.

Things is, eating out can be one of the largest parts of a budget when it comes to travel and so choosing the best restaurants in Palm Springs can be difficult when the prices are so high:

In this regard, here are 5 of the best eateries and how to find restaurant discounts for Palm Springs:


Rooster And The Pig

What may seem like an unlikely choice is actually one of the most quaint and unique dining experiences in Palm Springs. Located close to Palm Canyon and in the unassuming interior of a shopping mall, Rooster and the Pig is a slightly odd yet delightful combination of American-Vietnamese cuisine and the brainchild of a former renowned Hotel director.

Leafy salads, specialized burgers and spicy dishes make up the menu, while the craft beers are predominantly of Vietnamese origin.

356 S Indian Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Wilma & Frieda’s Cafe
Home fries and food, Wilma & Frieda’s is a little piece of local heaven for the foodie and located in an upscale neighborhood which contrasts from the humble servings on offer.
Although the surroundings are slightly upscale, the hearty food and simple combinations of potatoes, sauces and barbecue ribs are enough to make this eatery a worthwhile trip.
73575 El Paseo, Palm Desert, CA 92260

Ruby’s Diner
Another home food specialist, Ruby’s has a very inviting terrace on the main drag which draws visitors for morning coffee and people watching just as much as it does for the dinner menu.
Chicken wings, French fries and many variety of burgers including the Turkey Caliente Burger; Ruby’s is a fun place to eat where all the staff are dressed in 1950’s attire and everything else you need is right outside on the doorstep.
155 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262


Elmer’s Restaurant

Where waffles, coffee and syrup is concerned, Elmer’s is the best restaurant in Palm Springs to enjoy breakfast in particular.

In fact, the breakfast is so good that many visitors will return time and time again, although this may be attributed to the hugely friendly staff who operate this finely tuned machine. Family run and again, teeming with home cooked food, Elmer’s is a great option for anyone wanting to escape the glamorous sidewalks of downtown.

1030 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Sammy G’s Tuscan Grill

Sammy G’s Tuscan Grill receives a large number of repeat clients which is testament to the great atmosphere in the restaurant and the excellent variety of home cooked food.

Although the meat menu will naturally be a favorite in any grill restaurant, Sammy G’s serves up a seriously good pesto amongst many other styles of pasta. That being said, the burgers are to die for and the prices are reasonably low.

265 South Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs

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Tips for visiting Orlando with kids

Incredible theme parks, world class restaurants, sublime weather and endless attractions. More and more Americans are now choosing to stay domestic on their vacations and with an itinerary packed full of the above, who would argue that Orlando, Florida offers the best variety of attractions for kids and one of the best places for vacation in the US.

Here are some theme park, food and hotel tips for visiting Orlando, Florida on your next vacation:

Tips for visiting Disney World with kids

Undoubtedly one of the most famous attractions in the US, a major favorite for the kids and then surrounded by many other attractions; Disney World is a huge draw and with this popularity, it brings huge crowds.

However, why visit when the lines are so long for attractions, when the park is overcrowded and overwhelming? Visit Disney World in the shoulder months of January or September and you will not have to wait in line for hours on end, not to mention how the cost of attractions, accommodation etc are usually much lower, especially if you are using hotel discounts or theme park discounts.

Another great way to save on headaches and confusion is to pick up a Fast Pass which is essentially a reservation system.

Where to eat with kids in Orlando
It doesn’t have to be a celebration, but every visit to Cafe Tu Tu Tango will feel like one for the kids especially. Set up like a giant artistic playground and infused with fun colorful staff, this cafe pulls out all the stops as well as great food to ensure you are having the best experience.
Another great place to eat in Orlando is Press 101 which offers a very healthy option for the family with a range of soups, simple meals and fine gourmet sandwiches. And then there is Dicks Last Resort which is arguably one of the most fun eating experiences anywhere in the world; rude, obnoxious and hilarious, it is not often your server is so amusing. The food is great, the entertainment is even better and the kids will absolutely love it.
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Where to find the best hotels in Orlando

International Drive is usually the location for the most affordable accommodation in Orlando, but if you are not on a strict budget, the kids will fall in love with the Disney Properties such as any of the All Star Resorts which can be found at a reasonable price when using hotel discounts.

However, Disney’s Animals Kingdom or Disney’s Boardwalk are two of the absolute crowd favorites with an endless line of attractions on the grounds, along with the finest dining options and world class facilities.

Regardless of where you stay, the hotels in Orlando are generally to a high standard, but where children are concerned, it is always best to cut down on the travel time and stay close to the main attractions. In this sense, it is always best to use hotel discounts, restaurant discounts etc to afford the best hotels and best places to eat.

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5 Reasons you need to visit Memphis, Tennessee

Elvis Presley, BB King, and Jerry Lee Lewis; all legendary figures who defined the music industry of their time and iconic symbols in American history. Memphis, Tennessee is synonymous with music and famous for the above musicians who have all recorded in the town, but regardless of whether these are some of your favorite artists, Memphis still offers a perfect destination for a weekend getaway in the US and unique escape from the predictable nature of the big city.

Here are 5 reasons you need to visit Memphis, Tennessee:

Beale Street: You can finally go walking in Memphis

Bruce Springstein once sang the line about this famous street in the song “Walking  in Memphis” and simply put, Beale street offers some of the most vibrant, musical and diverse nightlife in the United States. Many bars will cater to particular musical tastes, with Jazz clubs next door to Rock n’ Roll on outdoor terraces and modern themed bars in between.

Colorful street artists fill the pedestianized street outside, while many nightclubs will stay open into the early hours of the morning. Expect Elvis impersonators, energetic shows, enthusiastic local bar staff and a headache worth having the following morning; Beale Street in Memphis is a night to remember.

Sun Studios: Immerse yourself in the most iconic studio in America

A young Elvis Presley once walked into these studios to make his very first recording, as too did Jerry Lee Lewis and many more famous musicians over the years such as U2, Van Morrison and BB King.

Sun Studios is steeped in history and while the venue is very small, it offers an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of musical history and stand in the very spot where these artists began recording. With worn black and white photographs adorning the walls and many of the original instruments and devices still in place, Sun Studios certainly makes for a unique experience.

Graceland: Visit the home of the King

Visitor often comment that you need not be an Elvis fan or interested in his music to appreciate the grandeur and importance of Graceland. Elvis truly was the King of Rock’n’Roll and one of the first  celebrities who exuded a huge and overwhelming presence.

Flash cars, diamond clad chandeliers, incredibly intriguing furniture and luxury far beyond anything existing in those times; Graceland is an intimate encounter to a place which has long left a mark on peoples live, even the most famous. When you stand in the living room and realize that Elvis once played host to the Beatles on the very sofa before your eyes, you will need no explaining what is so special about a visit to Graceland.

Food: Enjoy the taste of Southern style cooking

Golden pancakes covered in syrup for breakfast; what better way to start a day than with a hearty Southern styled breakfast?

Memphis is renowned for fine food, great coffee shops and world class restaurants. While coffee may be a good way to pass time in the afternoon, the succulent barbecued meats are a major attraction in Memphis; try Huey’s for an enormous burger or dry ribs at the Bar-B-Q Shop.

No matter what taste you may have, Memphis has a wide range of Southern style restaurants and an endless variety of foods on offer at reasonable prices.

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American History: National Civil Rights Museum

Forgetting about the music for a minute, Memphis is also the location for a much more important part of history, the Civil Rights Museum.

Highly educational, the Museum is a walk down memory lane to a time when civil rights were largely denied and then overcome. Martin Luther King is naturally very central to this movement and it is a very eye opening account of America’s social history.

While it is sometimes sad and incredibly emotional, the National Civil Rights Museum is another great reason to visit Memphis.

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5 Affordable places to eat in New York

Most certainly one of the most interesting and enjoyable cities in the world, New York is also one of the most expensive, whether it be the cost of hotels, restaurants, transport and major attractions. Naturally, when it comes to food (and all of the above) the best way to cut down on these cost is by using restaurant discounts for New York but there is also the option of searching out some genuinely cheap places to eat.

Here is a list of 5 affordable places to eat in New York:

Joes Pizza

New York is famous for many things, and none less than Pizza. You can find great pizza for ten times the cost in world class restaurants next to Times Square, but searching out a genuine, local pizza parlor such as Joes Pizza in Greenwich Village. Not only do Joes ensure the finest an freshest produce with Italian tomatoes and the highest quality cheese, but they also keep their prices to a minimum and you can easily leave Joes without spending more than five bucks.

7 Carmine Street, @ Bleecker Street, New York

restaurant discounts

Il Bambino Panini, Astoria

Located in Astoria, this is another Italian themed eatery which is a touch of class for under $10. Separating itself from the crowd by serving their dishes in the form of Tapa’s, Il Bambino Panini is known for providing incredible variety when it comes to types of bread and cheese in particular. An ideal place to start the night, with cheap drinks to go with the tasty affordable eats.

34-08 31st Avenue, Astoria

Los Tacos #1

Expect a busy counter with a line up of regulars waiting for their daily dose of Taco heaven. Los Tacos is not only delicious, but an establishment serving generous portions for very low prices. Again, for less than $5 you can enjoy some fresh tortillas filled with the freshest ingredients, from avocado, succulent meats, colorful vegetables and creamy sauces. Not the most famous Taco restaurant in New York, and the many hundreds of satisfied regulars will be hoping it stays that way.

75 9th Ave, New York, NY

restaurant discounts

Crif Dogs

If you are genuinely looking for something quick, cheap and cheerful, look no further than Crif Dogs where the famous American hot dog has never been dressed so well. These may be priced at half the cost you might expect, but Crif’s do not cut corners and every serving is covered in tasty fillings to accompany the juicy dog itself. Several sides are also available including some stringy and strangely satisfying waffle fries.

113 St. Marks Pl ,New York

Amy’s Bakery

Open every day, filled with the kind of food you would expect to accompany the title of the cafe. Amy’s Bakery offers a wide range of home cooked food, tasty sandwiches and an assortment of fresh cakes. Quiet and unassuming, this bakery is a quaint place to enjoy breakfast, coffee or lunch and always with a low price attached to some food of high value.

672 Ninth Ave, New York

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