How to choose the right membership club – Hotels Etc.

How to choose the right membership club – Hotels Etc..

Hotels Etc needs new distributors globally

Start a business relationship that could be the right start for your bright future.

If you have entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to work for yourself, then Hotels Etc. may be the business for you. We are a family-friendly company with an unmatched 20 year track record of success with thousands of distributors that have achieved financial independence and stability.

Hotels Etc. can be more lucrative than a franchise because you don’t have to pay franchise fees with us.

There has never been a better time or opportunity to sell the number one discount membership card on the market. Helping people enjoy life, feel good, and save money is why Hotels Etc. is the only system of its kind. You can become part of Hotels Etc. while securing your future though our immediate and residual income generator.

The travel industry is rapidly changing and we have the products, services and discounts to address the needs of all consumers affected by the hike in travel rates and the end to price competing in the market place. This change in particular has literally skyrocket Hotels Etc. to a new dimension.

Just imagine helping consumers and businesses by saving them hundreds or thousands of dollars on their travel and entertainment expense while you build multiple streams of income. You don’t need a degree, license or even a large investment to become successful. All you need is a good work ethic and the ability to learn and take direction and a desire to help people save money.

Hotels Etc. will be featured on American Airlines during the month of June and July. This exposure will help us reach hundreds of thousands of people from around the globe on 5,800 flights. We will be issuing a press release in the coming days.


We are doing our final search for distributors in order to fill limited space. Because this is our final search for motivate individuals like yourself we are going to give you an opportunity to get started with a very LOW monthly payment and at the same time still have full use of our system

Only the first 100 distributors to sign up with our new monthly payment platform will receive this special offer. Once we reach our goal of 100 new distributors we will not accept any new distributors in our monthly payment program.  Space is limited, place your order today!

Announcement from CEO Shawn Pigg

Season Greetings Everyone,

As we move into the last few months of 2014 we would like to thank everyone for the feedback that you have provided us with this year. We have worked very hard at Hotels Etc. to ensure we bring our members the lowest rates possible and guess what, we have done it and members are saving more now than in the history of our 18 years in business. We have a lot of new and anticipating additions being developed which will only enhance your user experience and savings as a member. Thank you for your business and support.

For those of you who are not members we would like to encourage you to join Hotels Etc. before you end up spending more for your membership. Currently our annual membership card is $59.95 however within the next 5 days we will be increasing our annual price to $99 per year. Now that I just mentioned this we will get about 10k phone calls over the next week from existing members asking about their membership price. Existing members that are already registered are grandfathered into the program and remain at the price you joined.

Our lifetime membership remains at $995 right now, however anticipate an increase in the next 12 months.

I spent some time yesterday going through our site and comparing rates with the public rates. I have included that video for you to review so you can see how much you will save on your holidays, spring and summer travels. Please take a moment and watch as I compare prices with the biggest companies on earth and how we dominate public rates.

I Had the opportunity to speak to a few members over the last couple of days and enjoyed listening to the amount of money they saved on not only travel but entertainment. Thank you for the calls and it was nice speaking with you. We enjoy hearing from our members!

Keep in mind as we move into the holiday season we want to help you and your family save as much as possible. If you need any support please contact us and someone from my staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Last but not least, if you are not following us on our social networking sites I highly encourage you to do so because we will be giving away a lot of prizes over the next few days, weeks and months that could help you and your family this holiday season.

To follow us on our one of our many social sites visit to select one.

To join Hotels Etc. is very easy. Simply visit and select your country, state and city at which point you will have enter in your info to join.

Happy Holidays and Safe Traveling

Golden Circle Cruises and tours discount


Do you want to travel on a cruise ship with your family on vacation? Golden Circle Cruises and Tours will be the best choice for you. Traveling on a cruise ship isn’t that cheap. You may not afford it if you are planning to travel with your family. You will be happy to know that Golden Circle Cruises and Tours are offering a discount that will allow you to save a good amount of money. If you are a member of Hotel Etc, you will have the opportunity to get up to 50% discount from the Golden Circle Cruises and Tours.

You may want to know about Golden Circle Cruises. They are specialized on both individual and group cruises. Because of their excellent service and experience, they are one of the leading and well-reputed travel agency. They have experienced and educated travel consultants and they will give you free service. This is one of the big reasons why people hire them as their travel agency. The company is family owned and family oriented. They are always ready to fill up paperwork for you. They have lots of repeated customers and they care about them more than anything.

So you can see having a discount from such travel agency will be great if you are planning to cruise different places. Don’t be late and join Hotel Etc to have this amazing offer. Visit our website  and join. You can only have this up to 50% discount if you are a member of Hotel Etc so register with us and get this amazing offer.

Join Hotels Etc travel club

Is travelling around different places and countries one of your hobbies? Do you travel in every vacation which comes to the calendar? In that case, joining the Hotel Etc Travel Club will be the best decision for you.

Traveling cost in these days isn’t small. You have to manage a big budget for it and most part of the expense goes to hotel rent, airfare ticket cost, cruises and restaurant bills. Those who want to have some more fun than usual during the travel often loves to go to the golf court or other entertaining places. So all of these expenses can’t be managed and you might be short on budget. As a result, you may not have a pleasant traveling experience.

Now you may think about what our Travel Club can do for you. You will be happy to know that we provide exclusive saving and discounts offers to our club members. These discount and saving offers are applicable worldwide so no matter where are you from, you can use our offers. We provide discounts on hotel, cruises car rentals, restaurants, golf, theme parks, movie theaters, restaurants, recreation, entertainment, vacations, condos, resorts, airline packages, amusement parks, historic sites, tours, tickets, shows, shopping and more. You can see that our offers not only decrease your travel cost but also in regular life. Suppose you want to have a nice dinner with your family. Use our membership card and go to a nearby restaurant which is eligible for the discount.

For the membership card, you don’t have to pay annually or monthly. Once you have purchased our card and become a member, you will become our lifetime Travel Club member; no further fees will be charged. So pay once and you will return more than you have paid in the future or you can choose the annual membership card that will help you join for less.

Become a member of the Hotel Etc Travel Club would be a great choice and it will help your financial situation in many ways. So come and join us and get benefited from exclusive discount offers. Visit our website for more details and sign up as a club member.