Reasons to visit Mexico

5 More reasons to visit Mexico in 2017

As if anyone needed any more reasons to visit Mexico or take a vacation in general. Renowned for the sun, sand, all-inclusive resorts and world famous attractions; Mexico is one of the most popular vacation destinations for North Americans for so many reasons.

That being said, maybe you still need a few more, and so here are five more reasons to visit Mexico in 2017.

5 More reasons to visit Mexico

Mexico People

Mexicans are very hospitable

The last thing you want when you are in a foreign country is to feel helpless at times of need. But if you are in Mexico, that will not happen. Intrinsically happy people, Mexicans welcome tourists and even willing to lend a hand. Their charming personality also adds the lure to their country. You will always see people smiling, and joking around. Definitely, feels like home.

Mexico vacations are wallet- friendly

More often than not, we tend to think that vacation is a luxury. But in Mexico, every penny will be worthy. Lodging is at the lowest rate, food is cheap (and still delicious), tourist spots are mostly public and free, and more cheap finds. In terms of lodging, most hostels’ packages are for two’s. Food does not need to be eaten in five- star dining, but can be found in the streets cooked by the locals. And if you will not choose the big beaches which are priced for foreign tourists and settle for lesser known one, then you are on a great deal.

Satisfying food is everywhere

Who does not love spices and herbs, and the salsa? Staples like guacamole, tacos, enchiladas, and more are not hard to find. These are all over the streets and can be purchased at a low price. Also, due to a very tasty meal, you will not think of dining in a fancy restaurant, a plus- point for your wallet.

It is easy to travel

Transportation in Mexico is excellent. The bus fare is affordable and yet can bring you to places. There are mobile bathrooms and seats are comfortable. There is also a unique mode of transportation used by locals called “collectivo”, if you wish to be more adventurous. Collectivo is a van or taxi shared by passengers who have common destinations.

stunning Mexico

They have a very fantastic culture

From food, to music, architecture, and history, Mexico has it all in its plate. Known for gastronomic finds that are incredibly appealing, as well as maracas and guitars accompanied by song and dance of the natives, Mexico is a very festive country. If structures awe you, then it is a must for you to visit colonial cities which are homes to ancestral buildings and other historic sites that do not only present facts but the visual artistic side of Mexico as well.

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10 Travel hacks to help you choose the right vacation

Vacations are fun but lets be honest, they are not always enjoyable to plan and often this can be for the fact that there are so many options. That said, maybe you just have no idea where to start? In that case you’ have come to the right places because we know exactly how to help you better decide on where to choose for that all important vacation.

Here are 10 travel hacks for your next vacation:



1.Ask the question why
What is it about a vacation that gets you excited, are you thinking about how nice it will be to sit on an isolated beach? Don’t choose Cancun, it’s too busy. Choosing a destination begins with questions about why you are going, do you want to chill, take outdoor adventures, explore cultures or get a tan?

2.Try lesser known places

Anytime you see somewhere nice, just remember there is always a place just down the road which is lesser know, just as beautiful and possibly even more interesting for the fact that there are less tourists.

3.Don’t be afraid to go alone
Says it all. There are times when your friends cannot go on vacation with you and it’s a terrible thing, but you deserve to be happy, you have the right and deserve a vacation. Yes, we give you permission to go alone.

travel hack
4.Popular vacation destinations are popular for a reason
Forget about number 2 on this list, popular places are popular for a reason. Cancun has stunning beaches, Costa Rica is great for outdoor activities and Aruba has many options for road tripping. Just because they are popular does not mean you wont have an amazing time too.

5. Think closer to home
We offer the best hotel discounts to our members and more than ever, we are seeing North Americans choosing to stay in the US instead of venturing down south. So get signed up and start looking closer to home.

6. Be open minded about the destination
Even if you never even heard of the place, that should not matter. The best vacations are sometimes the ones where you least expect it to happen and anyway, travel is supposed to be about new experiences. Step out of the bubble, experience somewhere new.

7. Think outside the box
Travel destinations are sometimes expensive but don’t be put off. Check out our hotel discounts and vacation offers but also consider alternative transport to where you are going other than flights. Train, bus, car…..

8. Make a decision
Now that you know where you want to go, stop procrastinating and get it booked. The longer you wait, the higher the price will go and before you know it, you can no longer afford the dream vacation.

9. Find a better deal elsewhere

Having checked out our website, we don’t mind you shopping around because we know that you will come back to us for the best deal. Don’t pay more than you should, join us and find the best vacation discounts online.

10. Ask for advice
After all, this is what we are here for; to help you. Ask us on Facebook, by email or phone, we want to help you and we want you to keep coming back to us for the best hotel discounts and more.

Why you should choose a Caribeann Vacation over anywhere else

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.” –  Albert Einstein.

Picture it – Face up, floating in crystal blue waters while colorful schools of fish swim beneath as you drift back toward the white powder sands of the Caribbean. There is nothing quite like a vacation down south and simply no better way to get away from it all than by hitting the beach for a week or two while the chaos of city life continues back home. But why should you choose a Caribbean vacation over anywhere else?

Stay Longer and absorb the surroundings

Hot sunny weather, sandy beaches, delicious cocktails, and enjoyable excursions, it’s no wonder why North Americans return to the Caribbean year after year. While many others will decide upon an affordable cruise ship and stopover in luxurious ports, an all inclusive is often a better option for some given the fact that it allows you to stay longer, to absorb some beautiful surroundings and recharge.

Costa Rica Jungle

Activities, activities and more activities…

And then there are the activities, whether you decide upon Aruba, Mexico or Costa Rica – you can hang out in thick jungles for the day, visit the historic ruins of Chichen Itza or go scuba diving in the clear waters of Mexico. The Caribbean is packed full of optional activities for when you feel restless, not forgetting that if you have children traveling, the resorts are excellent when it comes to kids clubs and activities too. But maybe you don’t have kids? Maybe you don’t have a partner? Maybe you just want to get away to party and let the hair down? Naturally, there are plenty of resorts which are livelier and can cater to all your needs.

Caribbean vacation Caribbean food

Food and accommodation

Now that you have seen the local area and spent enough time tanning by the pool, you can take a step indoors to rest in one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful resorts. These hotels are notorious when it comes to comfort, some more spacious than other and some more luxurious, but all of them are enough to satisfy even the highest standards. If you have had the pleasure of traveling south for a Caribbean vacation in the past, then you will already know just how good the food is too. CouCou and Flying Fish or Rice and Beans with Fish Stew – seafood is naturally a favorite in these parts but regardless, every dish is a delight.

It’s all about Value

But what about the cost? Well, this is exactly where the Caribbean succeeds when it comes to value. Despite the luxurious settings, the all inclusive rewards, the fine cocktails, glorious swimming pools and world class service – this is one of the most affordable vacations in the world, made even more affordable by Hotels Etc. Yes, when you join the travel membership club Hotels Etc, you automatically qualify for huge discounts on Caribbean vacations, hotels and much more. So there you have it, the reason you should choose the Caribbean over anywhere else is summed up in two words – variety and value.

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