Reasons to visit Mexico

5 More reasons to visit Mexico in 2017

As if anyone needed any more reasons to visit Mexico or take a vacation in general. Renowned for the sun, sand, all-inclusive resorts and world famous attractions; Mexico is one of the most popular vacation destinations for North Americans for so many reasons.

That being said, maybe you still need a few more, and so here are five more reasons to visit Mexico in 2017.

5 More reasons to visit Mexico

Mexico People

Mexicans are very hospitable

The last thing you want when you are in a foreign country is to feel helpless at times of need. But if you are in Mexico, that will not happen. Intrinsically happy people, Mexicans welcome tourists and even willing to lend a hand. Their charming personality also adds the lure to their country. You will always see people smiling, and joking around. Definitely, feels like home.

Mexico vacations are wallet- friendly

More often than not, we tend to think that vacation is a luxury. But in Mexico, every penny will be worthy. Lodging is at the lowest rate, food is cheap (and still delicious), tourist spots are mostly public and free, and more cheap finds. In terms of lodging, most hostels’ packages are for two’s. Food does not need to be eaten in five- star dining, but can be found in the streets cooked by the locals. And if you will not choose the big beaches which are priced for foreign tourists and settle for lesser known one, then you are on a great deal.

Satisfying food is everywhere

Who does not love spices and herbs, and the salsa? Staples like guacamole, tacos, enchiladas, and more are not hard to find. These are all over the streets and can be purchased at a low price. Also, due to a very tasty meal, you will not think of dining in a fancy restaurant, a plus- point for your wallet.

It is easy to travel

Transportation in Mexico is excellent. The bus fare is affordable and yet can bring you to places. There are mobile bathrooms and seats are comfortable. There is also a unique mode of transportation used by locals called “collectivo”, if you wish to be more adventurous. Collectivo is a van or taxi shared by passengers who have common destinations.

stunning Mexico

They have a very fantastic culture

From food, to music, architecture, and history, Mexico has it all in its plate. Known for gastronomic finds that are incredibly appealing, as well as maracas and guitars accompanied by song and dance of the natives, Mexico is a very festive country. If structures awe you, then it is a must for you to visit colonial cities which are homes to ancestral buildings and other historic sites that do not only present facts but the visual artistic side of Mexico as well.

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Lesser known attractions in Mexico

5 Lesser known tourist attractions in Mexico

Chichen Iza and the white sands of Cancun are some of the most enticing reasons to visit Mexico. This is absolutely for good reason, they are remarkable experiences but then what about the equally as interesting and lesser known attractions in Mexico?

Here are 5 lesser known tourist attractions in Mexico

Copper Canyon/ Barrancas del Cobre

More than twice as large as the Grand Canyon, BArrancas del Cobre is composed of six notable canyons in the Sierra Madre Occidental. These canyons are formed by six rivers that drain the western part of Sierra Tarahumara. The canyon is habitat to more than twenty species of pine trees and over a hundred of oak trees. Covered in lush of greens and rarely seen cougars, Copper Canyon is indeed an adventurer’s definition of relaxation. This marvelous canyon houses indigenous people for centuries, making their lifestyle and culture preserved. You can explore it by hiking, horseback riding, biking or driving.

Attractions in Mexico


Another colonial city, Morelia is a migration haven for Monarch butterflies. Aside from the colorful winged- insects, the state capital proudly presents its Indian ancestry through the majestic pink quarry stone colonial buildings.  The city is surrounded by different kinds of arts, from pottery, textiles, to furniture, and musical instruments. The city also features numerous historic sites like the Plaza de Armas, La Alhondiga, and other private ancestral mansions. Walking in the streets of Morelia will make you feel going through time travel centuries ago. If you are not fan of architecture, then visit the Orquidario of Morelia, a museum that houses over three thousand species of flowers, and inhale the flowery breeze.

San Miguel de Allende

Mexico is truly a home to numerous colonial cities. Another instragram worthy, San Miguel de Allende is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hidden beauty of the Baroque/Neo- Classical colonial structures were discovered by foreign artists. Because of this, art and cultural institutes emerge. Many artists from various fields dwelled in the city and have left a part of them. An example will be the unfinished mural of Siqueiros. Painting or drawing is always seen around and street artists sell their works. If you are an avid fan of arts, this is a place to visit.

Mexico vacation

Ixtapan de la Sal

Very popular because of its thermal springs, Ixtapan de la Sal is destination for the Mexico locals. Ixtapan de la Sal was the greatest producer of salt during the pre- Historic times, hence the name. Its two rivers and the carbonated water of La Laguna de Verde, a spring that comes from the volcanic landscape is the main attraction and serves as public bath to the indigenous people. A number of hotels are present and most surround the thermal springs. It is also believed that these springs can heal various ailments.

Paras dela Fuente

It is known as the America’s oldest vineyards. The vineyards are the only attraction here but if you feel to be a daredevil, then visit the town’s bat caves located at Hotel Antigua Hacienda de Perote. Meet them before the sunset and hear the deafening flapping wings of thousands of bats. If you are not into the darkness, then visit the sacred volcano and the chapel of El Santo Madero which sits on top of the volcano, while viewing the city from above.

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