Why you should choose a Caribeann Vacation over anywhere else

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.” –  Albert Einstein.

Picture it – Face up, floating in crystal blue waters while colorful schools of fish swim beneath as you drift back toward the white powder sands of the Caribbean. There is nothing quite like a vacation down south and simply no better way to get away from it all than by hitting the beach for a week or two while the chaos of city life continues back home. But why should you choose a Caribbean vacation over anywhere else?

Stay Longer and absorb the surroundings

Hot sunny weather, sandy beaches, delicious cocktails, and enjoyable excursions, it’s no wonder why North Americans return to the Caribbean year after year. While many others will decide upon an affordable cruise ship and stopover in luxurious ports, an all inclusive is often a better option for some given the fact that it allows you to stay longer, to absorb some beautiful surroundings and recharge.

Costa Rica Jungle

Activities, activities and more activities…

And then there are the activities, whether you decide upon Aruba, Mexico or Costa Rica – you can hang out in thick jungles for the day, visit the historic ruins of Chichen Itza or go scuba diving in the clear waters of Mexico. The Caribbean is packed full of optional activities for when you feel restless, not forgetting that if you have children traveling, the resorts are excellent when it comes to kids clubs and activities too. But maybe you don’t have kids? Maybe you don’t have a partner? Maybe you just want to get away to party and let the hair down? Naturally, there are plenty of resorts which are livelier and can cater to all your needs.

Caribbean vacation Caribbean food

Food and accommodation

Now that you have seen the local area and spent enough time tanning by the pool, you can take a step indoors to rest in one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful resorts. These hotels are notorious when it comes to comfort, some more spacious than other and some more luxurious, but all of them are enough to satisfy even the highest standards. If you have had the pleasure of traveling south for a Caribbean vacation in the past, then you will already know just how good the food is too. CouCou and Flying Fish or Rice and Beans with Fish Stew – seafood is naturally a favorite in these parts but regardless, every dish is a delight.

It’s all about Value

But what about the cost? Well, this is exactly where the Caribbean succeeds when it comes to value. Despite the luxurious settings, the all inclusive rewards, the fine cocktails, glorious swimming pools and world class service – this is one of the most affordable vacations in the world, made even more affordable by Hotels Etc. Yes, when you join the travel membership club Hotels Etc, you automatically qualify for huge discounts on Caribbean vacations, hotels and much more. So there you have it, the reason you should choose the Caribbean over anywhere else is summed up in two words – variety and value.

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