10 Things everyone should do on vacation in Cancun

Experience adventure on a Cancun vacation, one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Caribbean. Many people travel south to Mexico with no intention of leaving the sunbed, not realizing just how much they are missing out on.

The following are the 10 things everyone should do on vacation in Cancun.

1. Meet the Party Rockers

How does having your own personal host in Cancun sound? If you are traveling to Mexico with friends, or on a bachelor party or even as a couple – Party Rocker Cancun are a small agency who organize all of your excursions or activities during the day, before escorting everyone with VIP access to all the best restaurants, bars and nightclubs in Cancun.

2. Witness the Mayan clifftop

Tulum is Centuries old and is a spectacular archeological site sitting up high on the cliffs looking out over the ocean. This Mayan city has many ancient runs scattered around and you can either visit it on tour, or by renting a car. There is a stunning beach at the foot of the cliffs which is usually a every quiet and relaxing spot to hang out.

3. MUSA by Jason de Caires (Underwater Museum)

Take a 90 minute snorkeling tour of the Musa Underwater Museum located next to Isla Mujeres which features the artwork and sculptures of Jason deCaires Taylor.

This incredibly unique museum is filled with incredible statues and remnants, such as an old Volkwagon beetle car and a thought provoking statues with a group of men burying their heads in the sand.

4. Visit Isla Mujeres

This beautiful museum, near the underwater museum, is a very short boat ride from Cancun where you can rent a golf cart and travel all around the island for the day. As with anywhere in this part of the world, there are stunning beaches with beautiful scenery around the coastline, and when you are finished riding the golf cart around, there are some really excellent places to eat in the main town.

5. Go adventure in Riviera Maya

Just down the road from Cancun, in the heart of the Riviera Maya, is this wonderful attraction suitable for adults and families alike. Xcaret is a waterpark with a huge range of adventure activities and animals to explore. There are stunning beaches, food courts and some excellent shows in the evening which showcase the very best of Mexican history and culture.

6. Take a day trip to Coba

Coba is another Mayan city and has the largest remains of stone relics in Mayan history. Incredibly the site dates back as far as 50 BC and it for most of the history of this city, due to large scale war over the Centuries.

The temples are magnificent and  you can rent a bike to get around all the different temples and it is also possible to visit Coba in the evening.

7. Swim with sea turtles

Akumal is a small beach front with incredible seafood, cocktails, pristine waters and a very unique attraction. Before you start rushing for the tasty calamari or refreshments in town, you will want to take a visit to see the turtles.

Akumal is the best place to see and snorkel with beautiful sea turtles in what is not only a great photograph opportunity, but also a very personal experience with nature.

8. Go on a party cruise in Cancun

It’s no secret that many people travel to Cancun on vacation to party at some point, not everyone, but most. This enormous boat has two levels and plenty of space, for guests to dance and party their way between some of the major local attractions.

There is a full bar on board of course, with live bands, fresh Mexican foods and even a huge water slide on the back of the ship. However, the cruise is not just about partying: it also visits the ruins at Maya Meco, and there are plenty opportunities during the day for swimming, diving and snorkeling.

9. Hang out at a trendy beach club

The ME in Cancun is arguably the most trendy of all the beach clubs to hang out during the day Many top DJ’s come to plat at the club while there is also an alluring swimming pool, great food and a decent party to be had on Saturday’s in particular.

It is not uncommon to meet celebrities here but regardless, it is always the place to be on an afternoon in Cancun.

10. Enjoy the taste of Cancun’s most famous restaurant

Perched up on the pier overlooking Nichupte Lagoon, Lorenzillo’s is the number one place to eat in Cancun. There is an amazing outdoor dining area to compliment the beautiful interior and while the prices are not on the low side, the view while your tasting fresh lobster, is simply unbeatable.

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