Best Value for Money Cruise Lines

Going by industry information, such is the value on offer in terms of cruise discounts, more travelers are preferring to go on cruise vacations. As per estimates, nearly 24 million people had taken cruise vacations around the world in 2016. These numbers are expected to rise in year 2018. As demands for cruise vacations grow, so do choices for travelers. Among a plethora of cruise-vacation offers, how do you choose which one is suitable for you? Well, here we are to help you sort through various options and select the best cruise line for both your budget and vacation needs.

Best Value for Money Cruise Lines

If you are looking for a cruise line which returns best value for your money in 2017, then consider taking Celebrity Cruises. Although it has smaller fleet compared to its rivals, Celebrity’s many ships provide personalized service as it has an average ship-capacity of less than 2,700 passengers. This helps in catering to passengers personally. That does not mean it has any less amenities than big ships. The cruise line also offers all those amenities you would look for in big ships such as open-air movie screens and also kids’ programming. Big amenities, but at lower rates of $100 per traveller, per night. Second option can be Royal Caribbean International or Norwegian Cruise Line which also provides best amenities and value for your money while choosing a cruise vacation

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Best Cruise Vacations for Families

When it comes to family cruise vacations, Disney Cruise Line wins hands down against its competitors. It has topped the list of family cruise lines for four successive years. The cruise line is famous for its deck parties based on Disney characters and has a specialized kids’ club, which is sure to keep the younger crowd happy. On the other hand, there are also exclusive areas for adults which provide an excellent place to parents for unwinding after a day of fun-filled activities. Another favorite for family cruises is Royal Caribbean International, which is ranked number 2 and Carnival Cruise Lines with a rank of number 3.

Couples? Here are Best Cruise Lines for You

Whether it is Valentine’s Day or your sweetheart’s birthday; if  you are looking to celebrate by sailing away with your partner, then you can get an enchanting experience on Crystal Cruises. This cruise line has been selected as the top ranking for couples this year. Here, the lovebirds can enjoy all-inclusive, special amenities such as terry cloth robes, feather beds and complimentary spirits and romantic wines. If you want to give a romantic gift to that special person with you, then instead of going for some regular gift, choose couple’s spa treatments or/ and specialty private dining. For those wanting to spend romantic vacations on sea, other recommended cruise lines include Azamara Club Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises that provide best romantic cruise for couples.

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Best Cruise Lines for Caribbean Destinations

Nothing compares to emerald waters of Caribbean seas and if you are searching for the best cruises line to Caribbean, then Disney Cruise Line should be your first choice. Two reasons set apart Disney from other cruise liners; first it owns a private island called Castaway Cay (Bahamas) from where its ships set sail. Secondly, it sends ships to not one or two, but more than a dozen Caribbean destinations. These include popular destinations such as Jamaica, Cozumel, Puerto Rico, Mexico and also to lesser-known islands like Curaçao and Grenada. Second rank for Best Caribbean cruise lines goes to Celebrity Cruises and Crystal Cruises is at number 3 if you wish to go on ocean-vacation in 2017 in the Caribbean.

Best Mediterranean Cruise Lines

If you are looking for warmer climate and heavenly food, then Mediterranean shores would appeal to you. For 2017, Celebrity Cruises tops the list of the best Mediterranean cruise lines. The line’s ships are mostly mid-size that travel to popular European ports such as Greece, Santorini and Naples (Italy). These ships will take you to famed Mediterranean destinations where you can explore the waters as well as dine at in-house swank restaurants, which will offer you a wide range of delicacies from French desserts to juicy, tasty steaks. After satisfying your taste buds, you can enjoy the restful hospitality of their comfortable accommodations. The number 2 spot in the list of the best Mediterranean liners in 2017 is occupied by Regent Seven Seas Cruises while Oceania Cruises holds the number 3 rank in this list.

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Vacation Offer

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When you think of finding an amazing vacation package, it can quite often be best to book your hotel and flights separately mostly for the fact that travel clubs such as Hotels Etc. will offer you incredible hotel discounts that make most package offers seem like a waste of time. However, when it is a trusted website like Hotels Etc. that is offering the package themselves, that is an entirely different story.

The jewel in the crown, Mexico is often the number one choice for North Americans when it comes to taking a vacation. Cancun, Riviera Maya and Baja are just some of the stunning resorts, each with their own white sandy beaches and unique attractions. In fact, regardless of the price, tourists have been returning to this beautiful part of the world year after year to uncover another part of the coastline and sample even more delicious food, cocktails and friendly service. That being said, we all love to find a special offer or vacation deal and not only has Hotels Etc. decided to choose Majestic Mexico as one of the destinations for this special offer but we have also made sure to pick out the absolute best places to stay in the Caribbean while you are on location.

Vacation Offer

So what is the catch? Thing is, there is none. We want to offer amazing vacations at discounted prices and show our loyal members the reason they are right to keep booking vacations with us – value. We offer value in every way, from high quality resorts in sought after destinations to the best hotel discounts and best after sales service for anyone who needs it. But that’s not all because as of this week we are offering the most incredible trips to Mexico for just $199. Yes, that’s right, just $199 for a 4 day vacation to Mexico or just $299 for the 7 day option. As we mentioned above, there is no actual “catch” to our offer, we just want you to be happy and have the awesome vacation you deserve.

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5 Quick and easy ways to save on travel in 2016

Taking a vacation doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. In fact, a little research and smart decisions can go a long way to making your dream vacation happen, for a fraction of the usual cost. Here are 5 quick and easy ways to help you save on travel in 2016:

Check out travel credit cards

A certain stigma attaches itself to the idea of having a credit card, and rightly so, for spending money you don’t have, or buying something you cannot afford, is always a bad idea. However, while they can have the same pitfalls, there is also a risk-free strategy with travel credit cards which can help you make huge savings on future travels.

Providing you do a little research and read the fine print on each one, a travel credit card with free air miles can be obtained with no upfront costs. In fact, there are travel cards which offer free air miles with absolutely no obligation for a minimum spend amount. Furthermore, this bonus will remain even if you decide to cancel the card at a later date and there is no limit to the number of travel credit cards you can obtain.

How to find the best travel credit card: A quick google search will bring up a dozen options for you to consider.

Get Hotel discounts and more

Since the introduction of rate parity laws, there is really no way to find genuine hotel discounts, other than joining a travel membership club.

In recent years, a mass number of booking engines and travel companies have saturated the online market, but what many people have not yet realized, is how the above mentioned law now restricts these businesses from providing the best hotel discounts, vacation packages or travel offers. Essentially, this means you will now find the same price for products or services across all channels of distribution and the end result; no real discount or value.

Thankfully, there is still a way to find the best hotel discounts or special offers, and it’s a very simple process which involves signing up for a travel membership club such as Hotels Etc and getting easy access to huge savings.

Hotels Etc is a reputable company with more than 20 years experience, and over 4 million members.

Invest in an unlocked cellphone, or don’t take one at all

With so much Wi-Fi access in travel destinations, there really is no need to be spending dollars on roaming charges; Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype all have a facility to make calls.

However, an even smarter move when it comes to traveling abroad is to take an unlocked cell phone and purchase a local SIM card on arrival. Most airports will sell a temporary SIM card at very low prices, and the rates for which you are charged while using it, is always a fraction of the costs incurred through data roaming.

Eat local, and eat cheap

Cost is not always a true reflection of the value, and this is most certainly the case when it comes to food. When you think about it; why not have food in the hotel room for an evening? or make some lunch using ingredients from the local supermarket?

Eating at a restaurant for every meal can be a sure fire way to use up the entire budget for a vacation, and choosing to prepare your own lunch every afternoon, can leave you a lot more disposable spending money for other activities. Another alternative is to choose local restaurants away from the main tourist hub; meals are often just as good, and half the price.

Get your timing right, and travel for half the price

Shoulder months are always the most affordable time to travel on vacation, the weather is generally still just as good in this period, and everything cost less. People with children may not have the luxury to plan a trip outside of school holidays, and then sometimes it is difficult to agree on the best time, if there is a group decision involved, but ultimately, it will lead to large savings.

In fact, recent travel deals have allowed Hotels Etc members to travel with up to 60 – 80% off a large variety of hotels and vacation packages. These were not last minute deals, but rather an example of the amazing hotel discounts which are provided through travel membership clubs.

Whatever happens, and whatever the weather, think smart, pay less and have just as much fun.

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10 Things everyone should do on vacation in Cancun

Experience adventure on a Cancun vacation, one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Caribbean. Many people travel south to Mexico with no intention of leaving the sunbed, not realizing just how much they are missing out on.

The following are the 10 things everyone should do on vacation in Cancun.

1. Meet the Party Rockers

How does having your own personal host in Cancun sound? If you are traveling to Mexico with friends, or on a bachelor party or even as a couple – Party Rocker Cancun are a small agency who organize all of your excursions or activities during the day, before escorting everyone with VIP access to all the best restaurants, bars and nightclubs in Cancun.

2. Witness the Mayan clifftop

Tulum is Centuries old and is a spectacular archeological site sitting up high on the cliffs looking out over the ocean. This Mayan city has many ancient runs scattered around and you can either visit it on tour, or by renting a car. There is a stunning beach at the foot of the cliffs which is usually a every quiet and relaxing spot to hang out.

3. MUSA by Jason de Caires (Underwater Museum)

Take a 90 minute snorkeling tour of the Musa Underwater Museum located next to Isla Mujeres which features the artwork and sculptures of Jason deCaires Taylor.

This incredibly unique museum is filled with incredible statues and remnants, such as an old Volkwagon beetle car and a thought provoking statues with a group of men burying their heads in the sand.

4. Visit Isla Mujeres

This beautiful museum, near the underwater museum, is a very short boat ride from Cancun where you can rent a golf cart and travel all around the island for the day. As with anywhere in this part of the world, there are stunning beaches with beautiful scenery around the coastline, and when you are finished riding the golf cart around, there are some really excellent places to eat in the main town.

5. Go adventure in Riviera Maya

Just down the road from Cancun, in the heart of the Riviera Maya, is this wonderful attraction suitable for adults and families alike. Xcaret is a waterpark with a huge range of adventure activities and animals to explore. There are stunning beaches, food courts and some excellent shows in the evening which showcase the very best of Mexican history and culture.

6. Take a day trip to Coba

Coba is another Mayan city and has the largest remains of stone relics in Mayan history. Incredibly the site dates back as far as 50 BC and it for most of the history of this city, due to large scale war over the Centuries.

The temples are magnificent and  you can rent a bike to get around all the different temples and it is also possible to visit Coba in the evening.

7. Swim with sea turtles

Akumal is a small beach front with incredible seafood, cocktails, pristine waters and a very unique attraction. Before you start rushing for the tasty calamari or refreshments in town, you will want to take a visit to see the turtles.

Akumal is the best place to see and snorkel with beautiful sea turtles in what is not only a great photograph opportunity, but also a very personal experience with nature.

8. Go on a party cruise in Cancun

It’s no secret that many people travel to Cancun on vacation to party at some point, not everyone, but most. This enormous boat has two levels and plenty of space, for guests to dance and party their way between some of the major local attractions.

There is a full bar on board of course, with live bands, fresh Mexican foods and even a huge water slide on the back of the ship. However, the cruise is not just about partying: it also visits the ruins at Maya Meco, and there are plenty opportunities during the day for swimming, diving and snorkeling.

9. Hang out at a trendy beach club

The ME in Cancun is arguably the most trendy of all the beach clubs to hang out during the day Many top DJ’s come to plat at the club while there is also an alluring swimming pool, great food and a decent party to be had on Saturday’s in particular.

It is not uncommon to meet celebrities here but regardless, it is always the place to be on an afternoon in Cancun.

10. Enjoy the taste of Cancun’s most famous restaurant

Perched up on the pier overlooking Nichupte Lagoon, Lorenzillo’s is the number one place to eat in Cancun. There is an amazing outdoor dining area to compliment the beautiful interior and while the prices are not on the low side, the view while your tasting fresh lobster, is simply unbeatable.

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