11 Reasons to visit San Francisco in 2016

Whether you are taking a weekend break from work, an extended vacation in the summer or just wanting an alternative option for a Spring break vacation, San Francisco is a dream destination and a city which has the perfect mix of ideal weather, engrossing culture, fascinating scenery and interesting attractions.

Here are 11 reasons to visit San Francisco in 2016:


  1. San Francisco has the perfect weather all year round

San Francisco he kind of weather which makes it the perfect city to live for the entire year round. Don’t be fooled by photograph’s of the Golden Gate bridge covered in fog, this city has just the right amount of cool, and the perfect dose of warm weather to make it idyllic for exploring in the outdoors.


  1. The city is built for walking

Everywhere in San Francisco is within walking distance, from Fisherman’s Wharf, to Chinatown and back, the famous hills are hugely enjoyable to walk around with scenic views of the city and if you get tired of walking, an absolute “must”, is to take a ride in a traditional cable car which climb the extremely steep hills near Powell street.


  1. You can taste the Sonoma Valley

The Sonoma Valley may not be the most famous wine region in the US, but it is still one of the most varied and stunning collection of wineries. Both the Buena Vista and Lynmar Estate are particularly nice but with more than 30 different establishments in the area, there is simply no end to great wine tasting options, along with spectacular rolling hills, gardens and spectacular landscapes.


  1. Watch Giants playing on the waterfront


In the East you have the New York and on the West coast you have the San Francisco Giants. Take in a riveting game of baseball next to the waterfront in the awe inspiring At&T Park. The Giants have been around since the year 2000 and have an ever growing reputation with a loud fan base in their 45,000 capacity stadium.


  1. Enjoy unrivalled scenery

The scenery in San Francisco is breathtaking, from the world famous Golden Gate bridge, the green and beautiful Dolores Park, the unrivalled views of ships cruising the ocean horizon, to the iconic sight of the enchanting Alactraz prison.


  1. Experience local culture in the Farmers markets

San Francisco is certainly a city which knows how to please a “foodie”. There are a number of annual food events throughout the year but there are also regular markets around the city with the biggest being Alemany farmers, markets  which is the oldest market in town and a fine display of local produce.


  1. Witness the many districts which make this city a melting pot

San Francisco has long being known as a melting pot of traditions and different cultures. For example, the infamous Chinatown is a fantastic place to sample some Asian cuisine while the Mission district is known for hipsters, cheap drinks and a predominantly Latin population. A visit to Alcatraz is every bit as fascinating as the story behind the name.


  1. Marvel at the Golden Gate Bridge

The bridge is 65 stories high which certainly adds to the impressive nature of the bridge, but the specific design of the Golden Gate Bridge has made it into the world famous landmark it is today. The perfect photograph opportunity, and ideal for a walk on a sunny day, the Golden Gate bridge is not to be missed on a trip to San Francisco.


  1. Be a tourist on Fisherman’s Wharf

Arguably one of the most popular places to visit in San Francisco is Fisherman’s Wharf, the historic waterfront transformed over the years into a major tourist attraction. The pier has an endless amount of activities and points of interest, including shops, amusements, food stalls and unrivalled views of the an Francisco Bay.


  1. Endless shopping options on Union Square

Union Square is the epicenter for retail in San Francisco which is a shopper’s paradise. Huge department stores line up next to boutiques and high end fashion. It’s gets busy on the weekends but if you are traveling midweek or during the day while the locals are at work, shopping in San Francisco can be a very enjoyable experience.


  1. The best Hotels in San Francisco

Luxury hotels, mid range hotels, boutique hotels, cheap hotels, affordable hotels – whatever type of accommodation you are looking for, you can easily find it in San Francisco. Unfortunately the cost of hotels in San Francisco can be quite high, but if you avail of the best hotel discounts for San Francisco with Hotels Etc, a trip to this beautiful city can be easily afforded.

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