The best vacation packages: Two reasons why timing is everything

Budget is always the main concern for most people when it comes to booking a vacation, but that most definitely does not mean you should ever decide against staying in the best hotels in Mexico, the best resorts in Varadero or dining in the top restaurants of Punta Cana. The truth is, timing is everything when it comes to finding the best vacation packages to the Caribbean or anywhere else, and if you also avail of hotel discounts, you can quite easily organize a dream vacation without even having to worry about it breaking the bank.

Aside from using hotel discounts, there are two simple factors which most people ignore, and they  could end up being the simple factors that help you save even more money on the next vacation.


1. Don’t’ worry about when everyone else is taking their vacation

Unfortunately, most of us are easily influenced by what everyone else is doing and there is already enough advertising and marketing online nowadays to know that some of the most popular times to take a vacation, are Spring break, Christmas or at the height of the summer months.

However, is it really necessary to travel at the same time as everyone else? Most resorts or travel destinations are open for at least 6 months of the year and offer a full service regardless as to which month you decide to join them.

So if you really do want to save money and afford the best vacation packages, don’t worry about when everyone else is taking their vacation. If you consider the shoulder months when the weather is just as nice, there are less crowds and more availability, chances are, you will find that dream vacation for the fraction of the cost.


2. Don’t wait for last minute packages

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is generally no such thing as a last minute vacation package. It is not impossible, and on a rare occasion they do come about, but 99% of the time you will end up with no vacation at all if you take the route of waiting until the last moment. The best time to book the best vacation packages is right now, and the facts are that hotels, flights and almost any service is priced according to availability which means if you book early, you will not only get to choose the best option, but you will also receive it at the best price.

Although airlines or charter flights will not always be announced as far in advance as say, flights to Europe, you can at least book your discounted vacation approximately 6 – 8 months before departure and take comfort in knowing that it’s likely you got the best hotel deal.

Ultimately, by avoiding these two pitfalls you are ensuring the best possible time for booking that dream vacation, and then providing you avail of the best hotel discounts with a Travel club such as Hotels Etc, you should have no issues affording the best vacation package, without it breaking the bank.