Best hotel discounts for Spring break

Wondering how to find the best hotel discounts for spring break? Thinking about going on vacation soon but can’t seem to find the best vacation deals?

As the rush gets underway to find great travel offers for Spring Break, it seems like as good a time as any to inform any bargain hunters about some big news coming out of the travel industry.

The reason you may be struggling to find a great deal or something more affordable has little to do with availability and more to do with a new law called “Rate parity”.

Not too long ago, the easiest way to find the best hotel offers or spring break vacation packages was a very simple process which involved a quick search on a booking engine but those days have passed and the biggest travel brands are no longer able to offer the best rates.

The new law mentioned above is a straight forward restriction which outlines that a product or service must maintain the same price across a company’s distribution channels. Therefore, most of the major travel brands such as Expedia, Orbitz or, who are all part of the same company, are no longer able to advertise a variety of prices across their distribution network.

The law has naturally hurt the businesses in question as these websites have always prided themselves on having the lowest prices nevermind the fact that shopping online with regard to travel has always been about finding the best hotel discounts or cheap package deals.

This is why you may or may not have noticed how certain websites are now using “extra towels” or some other service of little value as a selling point as opposed to focusing on the cost. The obvious solution here might be to boycott such booking engines and booking direct but really, you still save no money by paying the full price to the supplier.

What if we told you there is a really easy way to find the best hotel discounts, the lowest price vacation packages and the best all round travel deals for Spring break?

People are not so familiar today with travel club membership as they were back in the 1970’s but make no mistake about it, the new rate parity law has seen them come back with great force in the last few months. The reason for this being that travel clubs are actually exempt from the rate parity law which leaving them in the very attractive position of being able to offer customers the best hotel discounts and other great travel offers.

Hotels Etc are the leaders when it comes to travel club membership and they have over 4 million registered users along with a solid 20 year reputation behind them. When it comes to being up front and honest, you can’t really ask for more than a free trial which is available after a very quick sign up process.

So before the rush gets underway and everybody begins to wonder where the special offers are for vacations in Spring Break, make sure you get signed up for Hotels Etc before passing the news and great savings on to someone else.

Cheap Hotels Near Me

Cheap Hotels Near Me

Having visitors come into town can be either exciting or frightening, depending on who they may be, of course. One of the top questions people ask when planning to have people in town is how do I find cheap hotels near me? When you have to consider budget and personal tastes, the last thing you want to do is struggle to even find out what your options are.

When looking for cheap hotels close to your home, it’s tempting to go straight to a major online site, type in your address, and click on the top option. But there is nothing worse than having unhappy guests in town, so to make the experience pleasurable for everyone, spend a bit of time planning your options.

The first thing you want to think about is where you and your visitors will be spending the most time. Are you having a wedding a few towns away? See if there are low-cost options surrounding that area, rather than trying to place your guests closest to you. They’ll thank you when the extra time they might have spent traveling to and from your venue is better spent enjoying what your area has to offer.

Knowing your area and what’s available will help. Do you drive by a hotel every day? That might be a great option for visitors you want close by, and they may even offer discounts for local residents of the area. You’ll also know what parts of town to avoid, so if looking at a travel site, check a map. Consider if you would feel safe in that area at all times – including at night – to avoid any possible discomfort or problems.

Of course, sometimes the unexpected happens and you need to find a cheap hotel nearby that isn’t for guests but for you. When this happens the last thing you want to do is try fumbling around for the best deal, so try searching directly from your address on travel websites to get you settled as fast as possible.

One thing to consider in this situation is how long you’ll need to stay somewhere, and who or what you’ll need to have with you. If you’re fumigating a house and need a cheap close by hotel, you might need a place that will allow you to bring a cat or dog. If you’re temporarily relocating a whole family, rather than book several rooms see if there are suites or larger rooms available. While they may cost more per night, they’ll save you in the case of a long stay.

Personal belongings may not always fit in a the cheapest rooms offered at hotels, so look into short-term storage options and compare with the nightly rate on a bigger room.

The question of where can I find cheap hotels near me is one that you’ll save time and money answering by knowing your area and anticipating the needs of yourself and/or your guests. They (and your sanity) will thank you in the long run.

Discounted Hotels

How to get the best hotel discounts

How to Get the Best Hotel Discounts

A question that comes up often around holiday or vacation time is, “how are we going to get a good hotel discount?” Nobody wants to pay a ridiculous price to have a place to stay but at the same time no one wants to stay at a lower quality place for affordability reasons. Finding the perfect hotel to stay at for your “weekend getaway” could be a very unnecessary stressful process that could be simply solved by doing the correct research online. Most discount hotel companies are not giving you the best deal that you can come out with. When you go to google and type in “How to get the best hotel discounts” there are numerous links and websites where people advertise phenomenal looking prices for hotels. Although, you will rarely see a place where there are customer satisfaction comments to allow you to see if the company is legitimate so you do not waste your time or money.

The internet is a tricky place because most websites can feed you everything you want to hear about hotel discounts but it is not what it first seemed like after you’ve given up your time and most cases, even your money. Today, I am here to tell you that there is a legitimate company that will give you the vacation you’ve always dreamed of for an affordable price. Here at Hotels Etc., we will beat any other discount travel company that you have ever been to with your choice of 151 different countries to travel to or any of the 50 states in America. The thing about our company that differs from others is that we back up our information that we tell you with testimonies on our site at, The testimonies on our site is to show new customers that we truly want the best for our every customer by previous members sharing their experience that they had by taking advantage of our company and our deals.  We also allow you to demo our system before you join to allow you to see how much money you would be saving as a member of our prestige club.

We believe that each customer should know everything about a company before they commit to a decision to use them. In other words, every customer should know what they are getting in to before they actually get into it. There are many disadvantages with other travel discount companies including leaving out small details or some maybe even big details about their policies. One thing that is very frustrating when searching for hotels is that it takes a hundred clicks to find out the exact price for the property. Hotels Etc. gives you the exact price upfront without going through all the unnecessary clicks.

Hotels Etc. will provide you with more than hotel discounts, we also supply discounts on numerous other things that come with a vacation. Things such as restaurants, theme parks and concerts can come with a vacation package here at Hotels Etc. which previous members have taken advantage of. This is something that you will only find at Hotels Etc. and that makes us stand out over the other companies you will come across. We hope that you have a chance to research Hotels Etc. or call us at 1-877-967-7283 and take advantage of our hotel discount membership.