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If you are someone who travels frequently, whether for work or just casually, you sure are at the right place. Whether you are young or old, travelling alone, with colleagues, family or your significant other, the fact that you all need to make travel arrangements before planning anything is a hassle itself. knows how to make your travel dreams into reality. Before considering anything about traveling, you should focus on finding the best travel club, mainly, hotel membership club in order to find the right type of accommodation that matches your needs, requirements and budgets. is one of the travel membership clubs where you can find amazing deals and can avail up to 80% of the discounts in finding the right type of travel arrangements needed by you. Joining our hotel membership club is no doubt one of the easiest and convenient ways of saving money with travel discounts.

Having a membership at our hotel membership club bring your ease and convenience in planning your vacation. Whenever you are planning a trip to your destination city, you have to look out and discover some of the important and entertaining gems there which itself takes a lot of time and efforts. Having a membership at our hotel membership club eradicates all such issues and makes it a necessity for you to have it because it is a one stop shop for your travel needs.

Having a membership at is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You can either get an annual membership access of a lifetime membership access. We highly recommend to our frequent travellers to go for the lifetimes membership access as it has its own perks when you travel.

Once you join in our hotel membership club, not only you will see some best pocket friendly deals but also you can compare and check our prices with other travel planner websites. Whether you want to spend your nights at luxurious hotels or are looking for some basic accommodation options, once you are a member of our hotel club, you will get all what you are looking for at some big discounts.

We all are different, we all live differently but we all are similar in a way when it comes to saving money and getting a good deal. So join our hotel membership club and find the suitable type of travel needs at mind blowing discounts. To learn more visit

Hotels Etc beats best rates, how much money could you be savings


If you sign up for Hotel Etc you will get the cheapest price of online hotel booking and get the best discount offers. We guarantee that we will give you the opportunity to save money and you can’t save that much if you book from other sources. The chart below shows all the proof that how we beat the other companies.

Name and Place Expedia Rate Rate Hotel Etc Rate Your savings
Doubletree Metropolitan by Hilton, New York $149 $149 $110 $39
Hilton Garden Inn, New York- Central Park South $419 $419 $256 $163
Howard Johnson Miami Beach, Miami Beach $109 $109 $55 $54
Maui Beach Hotel, Maui $110 $110 $79 $31
The Mirage, Las Vegas $294 $294 $183 $111
Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas $129 $129 $65 $64
Wyndham New Yorker, New York $202 $202 $157 $45
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas $308 $247 $221 $57
Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas $119 $87 $71 $32
Hilton Garden Inn New York, New York $289 $289 $177 $112
Hilton Hawaiian Waikiki Resort, Honolulu $279 $314 $246 $51
The LVH, Las Vegas $108 $115 $65 $47
Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas $108 $134 $106 $51
Sheraton Waikiki, Honolulu $285 $325 $197 $108
Bentley, New York $279 N/A $170 $109
Doubletree Atlanta Emory $118 $118 $60 $58
Lecourbe Hotel, Paris $158 $173 $94 $72
Marmara Manhattan, New York $252 $273 $184 $79
Ramada Los Angeles, Los Angeles $109 $119 $92 $22
Venetian Resort Hotel-Casino, Las Vegas $212 $211 $146 $66

As you can see, all these hotels are highly popular and most of them are five star or four star hotels. If you are a member of Hotel Etc, you will have the chance to get these amazing rates and save lots of money. Visit our website comparison and see how we beat other online hotel booking companies. Register with us and get benefited, make your traveling experience better.

Create your own Membership Club

                                                               Hotel Etc Membership Club Program         

Do you have a membership club or planning to create a membership club so that you can keep in touch with your customers more often? Facing problem trying to run a membership club? You don’t have to worry at all because Hotel Etc has a great program that allows us to post amazing discount offers to your membership clubs so that your members will join and renew their membership.

The total process is very simple. We have tons of exclusive and attractive discounts and savings. You can post these discounts to your membership club. Your customers and clients will view those juicy discounts and will visit your place over and over again to use more offers. They will remember that your place has some amazing discount offers and after getting benefited from that, they will talk about it with other people as well. So you can see that there is a great possibility of getting more members by using this method.

If you follow this process, you will have lots of other benefits as well. First of all, you don’t have to use your head and spend millions to make a discount offer for your members. Our discount offers are mostly eligible around the world so no matter where you are, our discount offers will be suitable for your members.

You don’t have to hire full time staffs and other people to control the situation and don’t have to edit, monitor or change your offers. You will be completely tension free. Also you don’t have to create a database of discounts; your offers will be provided by us and your members will be surely benefited.

Don’t waste any time and contact with us. Call us at 678-528-7966 or visit our website and fill out the form. We will contact you very soon and proceed to the next step.