5 Foods to try on a Caribbean vacation to Cancun

Cancun is famous for beach time and all-inclusive resorts, but are you familiar with the food you need to try on your Caribbean vacation to Cancun? Many types of Mexican cuisine might be considered fast-food in North America but make no mistake, these local foods are traditional in Cancun and you should absolutely try them on your next Caribbean vacation.

5 local foods to try on a Caribbean vacation to Cancun:


You may have tried them in a fast food restaurant at some point but honestly, nothing compares to an empanada in Cancun. Succulent and crafted to perfection, these hunky wraps are much bigger than what you will find in North America while offering a large variety of fillings including chorizo and chicharon. If you are unsure of which one to choose, try the Quesadilla Tierra Del Sol.

Vacation in Cancun


North Americans seem to love the taco just as much as their southern neighbors but again, the quality, variety and scale of this popular cuisine in Mexico is staggering.  There are many taco stands you will find on street corners around Cancun offering a beautiful mix of flavors topped off with cheese, avocado salsa and grilled onions. However, one of the lesser known yet most popular places to eat in Cancun is called Porki’s and the carnitas here are particularly good.

Fish Ceviche

Take a trip down town into the markets some day and you will be rewarded with this local delicacy. Fish Cerviche is very much the traditional food of choice here when it comes to seafood and you can buy some freshly grilled fish here for as little as $1 while it is then accompanied by the most delightful sauce, Tapatio hot sauce!

Nacho Chips with Dips

This was always going to go without saying but just in case, make sure you try them out on a Caribbean vacation. Although the chips will be pretty much the same as what you will find almost anywhere in the world, dips are always freshly made in Mexico which make all the difference.  And then there are the toppings; what do you want? Salsa, cheese, guacamole, minced meats or kidney beans…the options are endless.

Pozole soup


If would like to try something a bit more traditional, Pozole is a local dish found all over the country. Made from a combination of lettuce, onion, oregano, chili and corn, Pozole is a soup-like vegetarian dish for the most part but you can also try a version with shredded pork. It may not be as enticing as some of the more fast-food like options on this list; Pozole is absolutely worth a try.

You can try all of these foods on a Caribbean vacation to Cancun but before you do anything, check out Hotels Etc. for vacation discounts to make it all happen in 2017.

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