Why Costa Rica is the alternative Caribbean Vacation for 2017

While Mexico and white sandy beaches may be at the forefront of your mind when booking a Caribbean vacation, spare a thought for an alternative option to Cancun and Riviera Maya. Located close to the beach and every other attraction you could want in elsewhere, Costa Rica has a little more to it than almost everywhere else in this part of the world making it one of the best destinations for a Caribbean vacation in 2017.

Here are five alternative things to do on a Caribbean vacation in Costa Rica:

Playa Nicoya Rainforest Retreat

And you thought the beach was the best place to relax on a Caribbean vacation? Think again. This isolated haven in the middle of the rain forest is an absolute must for those you who enjoy a little bit of pampering.  In fact, it is largely thanks to several select resorts such as Playa Nicoya that Costa Rica is becoming known as the ultimate destination for Spa Retreats in the Caribbean. Where yoga teachers and health professionals are always on hand to help you organize your stay, even a day visit to this special place will leave you far away in a moment of complete relaxation.

Caribbean vacation

White water raft Rios Tropicales

Another of Costa Rica’s most famous attractions come in the shape of rafting in Rio Tropicales which is suited to both beginners and more advanced rafters. That said, this is also a region and experience which allows you to stay overnight in a jungle lodge for a more authentic encounter with the rural interior. This will also be a most appreciated setting having spent a fun day adventuring down the river.

Hiking after dark

As far as unique experiences come, how about taking a hike after dark when the jungle comes alive? Many different species of nocturnal wildlife find themselves in the rural parts of Costa Rica and on a Caribbean vacation you can now catch a glimpse of them when they come out to play. Armadillos, bats and caimans are just a few of these and the guided tour itself will usually last for up to three hours.

Explore the spheres of stone

Costa Rica is also overflowing with historical features and on Yap Island; you can also find the regions smaller version of the moai on Easter Island in Chile. Dating back as far as 200 B.C these stones are a bizarre sight and were believed to have been carved by hand many centuries ago. You can visit the stones in the National Museum in San Jose where a visitor center explains everything about them including how they were first discovered on nearby banana plantations.


Visit Monteverde Biological Reserve

Costing only $15 entrance, this is one of the most affordable and amazing things to do in Costa Rica. Hiking into the upper regions of the mountains here will award the visitor with spectacular views but the luscious scenery en-route is just as impressive. Well marked and easily identified, the trails are suitable for anyone wanting to trek without the assistance of a guide and explore the surrounding wilderness at leisure. Monteverde Reserve is located in the north of the plains, not far from San Jose making it easy to access.

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