Reasons why you need to vacation in Hawaii

While the masses are rushing to grab the latest and best vacations discounts for the Caribbean, there is one big island with an even bigger reputation which offers a wide variety of attractions and reasons you need to make it there on your next vacation.

You can visit an active volcano

Hawaii is home to one of the worlds most active volcanoes and there is a variety of ways in which you can witness the spectacular Kilauea. Despite erupting more than 30 times in the past 100 years, it is possible to encounter this incredible force of nature, a volcano which has been erupting since the mid 1980’s much to the dismay of the local communities who have seen their villages decimated in recent times by the ensuing lava.

Choose to take a helicopter trip up over the waterfalls and green fields before reaching the volcano itself, hike in the nearby National Park and see it on foot or venture onto the seas where you can see the lava making its way downward into the ocean.

Hit the beaches and enjoy the water

Renowned for tropical weather and scenery, the white and strangely black sands around the island make up some of the most stunning beaches on the planet. Not only this, but they provide a gateway to watersports, sailing trips and adventure activities as evidenced in the number of kayaks in Kealakekua Bay. Another highlight is the scuba diving in the region which, depending on the part of the island, provides the visitor with an incredible opportunity to get up close to the fascinating giant manta rays. It must also be pointed out that these can sometimes be seen while snorkeling but regardless, the opportunity to take a dip in these beautiful waters is irresistible.

Experience how unique is the Hawaiian culture

Hawaiin culture is synonymous with the luau traditional food and then the mesmerizing dance, to the point where missing either of them would mean missing out on a central part of the island. Another highlight is the luscious and Puuhonua o Honainau National Historic Park where ancient homes, temples and palaces line up next to each other and offer a unique insight into the old world Hawaii. Kohala up north is also known for some very ancient hiking trails (Valley of the Kings) and then there are the famous rock paintings in Puako Petroglyph Archaeological which outlines life before the arrival of foreign peoples.

Hawaii will help you escape from civilization

Located far off the coast of the US, Hawaii is truly isolated in the Pacific Ocean and you can certainly feel this when traveling around the island. For example, the very North of the island is more than 30km away from the nearest street and is popular for the many hiking trails in the area which offer a true escape from civilization. When you visit Hawaii, it will make you feel like you are a million miles away from the western world not to mention the busy work week and when you set foot in the village of Molokai, the locals and surroundings are sure to emphasize that further.

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