Aruba: One of the best Caribbean vacations 2016

Located just off the northern tip of South America, Aruba is a relatively small island with many beaches, fine cuisine and quality resorts, but it also offers a more adventurous package vacation for anyone opposed to sitting around a glorious pool all week, and feasting on the amazing foods.

An island of great wind

Some might say, Aruba is a slightly “windy” island, but take away this refreshing breeze, and you may be left with a desperate hot and almost unbearable heat. Truth is, the weather in Aruba is almost perfect year round and being situated just shy of the hurricane belt, ensures for a lot of sun and literally no rain, regardless of when you decide to visit.

Naturally, amazing seafood will feature on any trip to Aruba and while the service is sometimes reviewed as being “slow”, one must remember that island life has a tendency to be much more laid back than in the big city, and the food is almost always worth the wait; Aruba was the most recent recipient of the Trip Advisor award for fine dining.

Activity central, while the resorts in Aruba offer a secluded and peaceful setting in which to relax, Arikok  National Park is one of the many areas around the island which offer the opportunity to hike, explore and venture into the outdoors. White sandy beaches are as common as the sun in the sky, while much of this coastline is rugged and untouched, adding an unexpected variety to a road trip or tour outside of the main resorts.


The budget island

Aruba is often considered a budget vacation, or a budget island and it certainly lives up to this title in terms of the cheap vacation packages, but this most certainly does not mean it lacks in any quality. Close to $100 million has been invested in the Aruba hotel industry over the past few years, and this growth is only expected to continue with the increased popularity of the island. All the big names have arrived, the Riu, the Marriott, the Hilton, to the Holiday Inn; there are budget accommodation n Aruba but the prices are generally quite low so staying in the most popular hotels in Aruba is usually possible for most budgets, most especially if when using hotel discounts.

Scuba diving, snorkeling, fine dining and stunning national parks, Aruba is one of the fastest growing islands in the entire Caribbean, and with an abundance of  affordable hotel options, it is also becoming one of the most popular destinations, a fine statistic considering the competition. May, June and July are the most popular months to visit the island, but given the consistent weather, Aruba is worth a vacation at any time of year.

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