5 Best Cities for spring break Staycation 2016

San Francisco

Named after the Italian migrants who fished there in the mid 1800’s, Fisherman’s Wharf encapsulates everything that makes San Francisco so enticing and one of the best cities in the US to spend either a weekend or even a week long Spring Break vacation in 2016.

It was renovated and reconstructed of course to make it a little more “desirable” in appearance but with market stalls and amusements such as the Wax museum or “Ripley’s Believe it or not” lining the pier, there is enough going on at Fisherman’s Wharf alone to keep you entertained for an entire day.

The weather is considered balmy for much of the year so it may not be the ideal choice for sun worshippers but the huge number of things to do in San Francisco more than makes up for the lack of extreme heat.

When you have finished exploring the many attractions along the famous pier above, the nearby Chinatown offers up a wonderful opportunity to indulge yourself in the finest Asian cuisine, bustling street markets and one of the most genuinely fascinating cornerstones of the city. There are many “Chinatown’s” in many cities around the world but San Fran’s is definitely the most well known example and truly is a microcosm of the many years of Chinese influx into the United States.

A vibrant nightlife is always on offer in various districts around the city and there are an endless number of great food options to choose between but once more, the activities and attractions are truly what make this one of the best Spring Break destinations in 2016. In this respect, the day tour to Alcatraz is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, famous and uniquely rewarding experiences you are likely to find anywhere. Steeped in history and situated on a rock off the coast, the notorious prison offers a very unique insight into one of the most legendary places in the US.

The Best place to stay in San Francisco:

Both the Hyatt and Holiday in on Fisherman’s Wharf provide great accommodations with easy access to anything activity based but if you would prefer to be somewhere more centrally located then the Marriott on Union Square is at the heart of the shopping district and SOMA is a superb location for anyone looking to make the most of the many eatery options near the Mission district.


Don’t let the city nickname put you off, the weather in Chicago for Spring Break is just fine and the “Windy City” derives from the reputation of past politicians in the area as opposed to any gusts which might appear from time to time.

The population of Chicago is growing at 2.8 Million which is testament to everything this great American city has to offer. It lies at the top end of the ratings in terms of the restaurants on offer, not to mention attractions to see and things to do.

Joe’s Seafood and Gibsons Steakhouse are among many of the restaurants which offer localized experienced of the highest caliber but really, there are options of all kinds at every turn on a short walk around the City. The famous Chicago pizza is not to be missed, Trattoria No. 10 covers the Italian influence and anyone with a sweet-tooth should go right out of their way to spend an afternoon at the centrally located Cheesecake factory.

Of course before arriving at any of these food options, there is no shortage of activities to entertain and help you work up a hunger. The Sears tower, at one point the worlds tallest building, is a short skip from the centre of town which has an interactive experience at the top and world class views but if you wanted to make an afternoon of the occasion, a meal at the top of the Hancock tower might be a more enticing option.

All of the usual sightseeing tours will take you around the city although, Chicago has the added benefit of having a major river running through it which allows for river cruises and a different perspective to view the buildings towering overhead.

Then you have the dark side of Chicago’s past which was overrun by gangsters and local mafia. This city was a focal point for the notorious years of prohibition involving many infamous gangsters such as Al Capone and sure enough, there is a world class tour which will explain everything you need to know about this turbulent time.

All being said, there is a small “beach” on the edge of Lake Michigan but Chicago is another city to be visited specifically for an urban adventures as opposed to relaxing by the pool and it offers enough variety to cater for most interests whether it be foodies, history fans or sightseeing enthusiasts.

Where to stay in Chicago?

As a rule, anywhere centrally located in Chicago is best. It may not be the cheapest option but nothing can beat the value of being able to walk out the front door and have everything you need at your disposal. The Wyndham Grand Chicago has some great offers if you combine it with Travel club membership’s hotel discounts while the Hard Rock is another high quality choice in a central location.

New York

New York was always going to be in our 5 places for Spring Break vacation but obviously this is for all the right reasons. It is expensive yes, it is crowded and often noisy but the “City that never sleeps” is as full of entertainment and dining options, as it is with people.

Firstly, nowhere in the US can claim to have the variety and scale of activities or things to do as in New York. Times Square is an obvious sight with Central park just up the road but it really is the little details which make a visit here so memorable. How about visiting the spot where famous Beatle John Lennon was assassinated? Climbing to the top of the iconic Empire State building? Mixing it with the suits of America’s financial capital Wallstreet or taking a walking tour of the more humble beginnings in Brooklyn?

Little Italy, the Bronx and Tribecca; there are simply too many parts of the city which offer something different while the Statue of Liberty and Ellis island offer the perfect escape from the hustle of Manhattan with an unbeatable view of the city skyline to match.

There is really no need to list the best restaurants in New York as this is not something you will have any trouble in locating and in a similar way, a short walk to the outer reaches of Times Square will inevitably lead to a long line of great bars. However, something not to be missed when you visit New York is a short trip to Ground zero and the memorial of 9/11; the museum is easy to miss unless you search it out an it provides a great sense of the community and togetherness that exists at the heart of this great city.

Finally, no trip to New York is complete without taking in a show on Broadway. There are always a long line of great shows being advertised with many famous names being part of their cast. Whether you have been to a show like this before or not, Broadway is the most famous place in the world for Theatrical performances and after a visit to one of the shows, you will know exactly the reason why.

As with any of the destinations on this list, the best way to afford your vacation or get the most out of your spending money is to join a Travel club such as Hotels etc who provide not only hotel discounts but also restaurant discounts along with many other attractions or entertainment options.

Where to stay in New York?

Arguably one of the most expensive places in the world for accommodation, the trick to finding the best place to stay in New York is by choosing somewhere relatively central with a decent rating for reviews. Check out the Hampton Inn on Times Square for a more affordable hotel in New York or the slightly more expensive Waldorf Astoria.

As mentioned above, sign up for the best hotel discounts on Hotels etc which will help keep your costs down for any of the above.

Orlando (Family option)

Florida is the perfect option for the best family vacation in Spring Break. Any parent will attest to the fact that a family vacation is all about keeping the kids entertained and Orlando in particularly has been doing this effortlessly for decades.

If you want to include a little bit of warmer climate into your next family vacation for Spring Break then you could do a lot worse than making the journey down South to Florida. The climate is hot this time of year but with swimming pools and waterparks at such easy access, you are guaranteed a relaxing atmosphere to kick back at the end of a days busy activities.

It’s no secret that much of a trip to the Sunshine State revolves around a visit to Disneyworld and a Park Hopper ticket can be purchased in advance to help you plan your multiday trip which the kids will never forget. As soon as Mickey Mouse has made his introduction and all the sunscreen has been applied, there are many parks to be explored including the Magic Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom and two separate Water parks.

Walt Disney aside, there are so many other things to do with kids in Orlando such as a trip to Legoland, an encounter with the alligators in Gatorland or a swim with dolphins in discovery cove. As the list goes on, it gets better with many activities being geared toward adults just as much as they are to children. The AMC Disney movie theater is great for some evening entertainment and then the Orlando science museum is a fascinating educational trip which will leave the whole family wanting more.

Where to stay in Orlando?

There are many options in Orlando which cater toward family vacations by offering apartment style rooms complete with kitchenette. That being said, the best place to stay with the family is close to Disney World itself and so the Radisson hotel or Wyndham Grand Orlando are two fantastic options.

Las Vegas

There is literally no time of year in which Las Vegas is not an option and if you are looking for a reasonably affordable place to spend your Spring Break vacation, the famous strip will inevitably offer spring break vacation offers and hotel discounts to suit all budgets.

Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world for good reason, no matter what time of day or night it is, there is something to do or somewhere to go. Casino’s may dominate the scene but really, the city has so much more to offer than a quick flutter with your hard earned cash and in recent years, the variety of attractions has increased tenfold.

Celebrity chefs work out of most hotels providing a neverending line of places for fine dining but the all American barbeque is still on offer and there are also just as many affordable restaurants to eat. By the time you have finished eating, the roulette wheel is still turning and the bars are still open but a trip down to the “original Las Vegas” is also a must do.

It may often be overlooked by many visitors to the strip with so many big name distractions but for those who take time to venture down there, Fremont Street offers a genuine, up close and personal experience with everything that makes Vegas so interesting. Old school casino’s, street performers, drunks and strangers come together to form a melting pot which seems so far removed from the expensive hotels around the corner. It is well worth visiting and provides an entirely different view of Sin city.

Ultimately, everyone is familiar with how much fun they can expect to have but cost is the real factor that provides so much value on a trip to Vegas. Airfare is usually quite a reasonable expense at cost times during the year but great hotel discounts are available for those signed up for a Travel club membership which make this arguably the most affordable destination on this list of places for your Spring break vacation in 2016.

Where to stay in Las Vegas?

You really can’t go wrong with either the Rio or the newly renovated Flamingo hotel but for those wishing to splash out on a little more comfort, Paris Las Vegas has some great offers providing you utilize some hotel discounts.

Hotel Discounts: For all the best hotel discounts mentioned above and more, sign up for a travel membership with Hotelsetc.com to make huge savings on your Spring break vacation.

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