Order fundraising packages from Hotels Etc

Order Fundraising Packages from Hotel Etc

Hotel Etc will be happy to help with your fundraising program to run it in a professional way. People often try to raise funds from selling general stuffs like candy or magazine which doesn’t raise much money; sometimes people don’t want to deal such things as well. It’s a good idea to promote things which will benefit people’s need and desire. If you want to raise funds for a long time then you should have the Hotel Etc global discount membership card which will help you a lot in your fundraising program. You can set a price for it and gain profit as much as you like. Get a handsome amount of donation from your customers over the year.

For both profit and non-profit organization, our effective fundraising program will help your customer save at least $20 in the first weekend of use. You will be able to raise your fund by offering your customers the annual Hotel Etc travel discount card and they will be happy to use it.

These are the membership programs we offer:

*300,000 hotels and resorts

* 31,000 car rental locations

* 35,000 movie theater screens

* 15,000 restaurants

* 12,000 golf courses

* All major cruise lines

* All major theme parks

* Campgrounds

* Airport parking

* Vacation homes and condominiums

* Shopping and local discounts

* Flight packages

* Sports and other tickets

* Earn points for free vacations, flights, cruises and etc. with our triple-dip program.

No matter how small or big your membership group is our effective membership discount offers will defiantly work and watch how quickly your customers start to sign up. Most of our discount offers are globally accepted so no matter where your customers are from, they can defiantly use it. We are supported by world class companies and we have over one million online and offline members around 141 countries. After getting the donated money your new members will log in and they will get amazing offers such as access to the lowest hotel rates on the net and more.

One of the amazing things is the discount membership card of Hotel Etc can be used everyday throughout the years and members can use it as much as they like; there is no limit on using the card. So customers will stay with you for years from now.

We have several packages for you. Contact with us directly through phone: 678-528-7966 or visit our website http://www.hotelsetc.com/fundraiser and submit information to get started.

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