Consumer awareness and the return of hotel discounts

Although the cost of a flight can be significant, the most expensive part of a vacation budget, a weekend away or long term travel is always accommodation. In fact, while most people will try to stretch their budget by eating in cheap restaurants (instead of using restaurant discounts) or cutting back on activities, when actually, the best way to make the most of a travel budget does not require you to cut back on spending money, but rather to use hotel discounts to greatly reduce the largest expense of your trip.

Consumer awareness, rate parity and the return of hotel discounts

Hotel discounts in particular have not always been the answer, for most booking engines have made cheap hotel rooms readily available for the past decade without needing them.

However, the introduction of a new law called “Rate Parity” has had a major impact on the travel industry in that these booking engines are no longer able to offer a range of prices across different distribution channels.

Most consumers are unaware of the above mentioned law, in fact most consumers are unlikely to realize the huge impact it has had on their travel plans already. Truth is, this is news that most travel brands do not want you to know, as it essentially means they can no longer offer the lowest price.

Although there is one exception to the laws of rate parity which come in the shape of travel membership clubs.
Hotel discounts

Travel clubs and hotel discounts

Travel clubs are now the missing link when it comes to finding the best hotel rates or the biggest hotel discounts. Famous in the 1970’s but deemed obsolete with the arrival of the internet, these clubs have returned to the travel industry with vigor since the arrival of the rate parity law, with the main reason that they are exempt from such restrictions.

Hotels Etc is the leading travel club in the US who negotiates huge discounts with suppliers and passes them on to members who pay a small membership fee for the privilege. Not only is it a simple process in getting signed up, but Hotels Etc also makes it extremely easy for members to simply log on, search for the hotel, vacation or discount needed, and avail of it right away.

With a reputation spanning more than 20 years, a membership base of 4 million and the largest selection of discounts online, Hotels Etc is a the first and only place you should ever need to help make your next trip a most affordable one.

Although the major travel brands are unlikely to disappear any time soon, it is only a matter of time until the consumer will learn of this new law and the huge effect it has with regard to online purchases. From this point the options are clear; you can continue to spend more money on hotel rooms at full price, or you can avail of genuine hotel discounts and pay less for the very same products or service.

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