Things to do in caribbean

5 Alternative things to do on a Caribbean vacation

We all know about the sunbathing, swimming and spa treatment rooms but what about the more alternative things to do in the Caribbean?

Here’s five alternative things to do in the Caribbean

1.Become a pirate for the day

Believe it or not, the movie was based on true story and you now have an opportunity to re-enact the adventures of Pirates of the Caribbean in real time. Located in St Lucia, the Big Unicorn tall ship is home to an unforgettable experience and one of the best thing to do in the Caribbean.

Passing through a tropical paradise, you can sit back and relax on this ship as it continues to evoke images of pirates scrambling across deck. It is also the ship which was used in the movie itself so you can expect what is possibly the most authentic way to see the surroundings.

Submarine tour

2.Ride in a submarine

Maybe you have never gone scuba diving before and would like to see how it feels to be submerged in these tropical waters? Or maybe it just sounds like one of the fun things to do in the Caribbean? Either way, you can take a ride in a submarine on your Aruba vacation and participate in the Atlantis Submarine Expedition.

Safe in the knowledge or experienced crew and perfectly dry in the confines of the submarine, this truly is a special way to see the marine life off the coast of Aruba and experience one of the most alternative things to do in the Caribbean.

3.Hiking in Dominica

When you finish soaking up the rays next to the pool an enjoying the spa, hiking is a great way to spend spare time on a Caribbean vacation to Dominica.

Largely due to past volcanic activity, the region is littered with mountains and beautiful surrounding in which to hike. Sitting high in the mountains, there is also the mysterious “Boiling Lake” which is reminiscent of the hot springs you might find in Iceland and they make a perfect way to end a day of rigorous hiking.

4.Take a Camel Ride

While you may be right in thinking this is truly a bizarre place to find camel never mind ride one, you should absolutely still do this on your next Caribbean vacation. In fact, what better place can there be to ride a camel than along the sands, next to the ocean and accompanied by a gentle breeze?

That said, Jamaica has long been known as a country which adopted camels during trading in the 1700’s and their presence here really is no surprise. Starting out in the beautiful plantations, you can take a camel trek here through luscious rain-forest and some of the most impressive scenery while having this unique close encounter with a camel. It may not have been on your list for a Caribbean vacation but it most certainly should if you see a little bit more adventure.

Camel ride on Caribbean vacation

5.Visit the Soggy Dollar Bar

Imagine stepping onto the most incredible white sands next to Turquoise Ocean only to find your own private bar on a private island. Many resorts will make promises for your Caribbean vacation but when it comes to private bars on private islands, they are mostly an imitation of the Soggy Dollar Bar.

Located in the British Virgin Islands, this Tiki bar is a hidden gem with infamous cocktail and ample space for relaxation. Friendly, hospitable and always open, the reputation of the Soggy Dollar Bar precedes itself but it truly lives up to it in every way.

Have you been to any of the above places or can you recommend any more alternative things to do in the Caribbean?

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5 reasons to take a Caribbean vacation in 2016

At this time of year many people are still putting together their last minute plans for vacation, or planning ahead for later in the year, but the obvious, and difficult decision, is always in terms of where to go. While the US is full of great places to get away for the weekend or take an adventure, let’s face it; nothing beats the excitement of boarding a plane and taking off for some place tropical.


Here are 5 reasons to take a Caribbean vacation in 2016:

Variety and quality of resorts

Few places in the world can rival the Caribbean when it comes to the variety of resorts; from the budget vacation packages on Aruba, to the high end luxury hotels in Punta Cana, there are options to suit all styles of travel, all budgets and standards.

In fact, it is not just the variety of resorts which is so appealing, but rather the quality. Whether you decide to go all out and book Live Aqua in Cancun, the more modest Barcelo in Punta Cana, or something even half the cost, you can usually expect a high standard in the Caribbean, with spacious rooms and friendly staff.

Affordable Caribbean vacations

As mentioned above, there are many affordable options in the Caribbean and some islands are less popular, and cheaper than others. However, the real advantage when you book a Caribbean vacation online is not just the selection or the number of providers offering to help you out; but rather the re-emergence of travel membership clubs.

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Things to do in the Caribbean

Another highlight of a vacation to the Caribbean is the wide variety of things to see and do. White sandy beaches are synonymous with every destination, but there are also many options to take adventure tours and participate in local activities.

Volleyball, golf, tennis, scuba diving, snorkeling, and boating are just a few of the activities available from most resorts, while there are usually some excursions to parks, reserves or natural attractions in the nearby area.

The beaches and relaxation

Maybe this should go without saying, but it certainly should not be ignored; the Caribbean is home to many of the finest beaches in the world, where white powdered sands stretch on a far as the eye can see, next to an alluring ocean, with several shades of blue.

The beaches in the Caribbean are the ultimate place to unwind, relax and forget about the stress of modern day living. With no distractions and the soothing sound of the ocean, this truly is the highlight of any Caribbean vacation.

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All Inclusive savings

Hotel discounts and package offers are the best way to get your vacation off to the right start, but all inclusive resorts can also play a big part in the success of a vacation. With so much included in the cost of an all inclusive vacation, planning a trip could not be more convenient; food, drinks, spa treatment, laundry, even tours; an all inclusive vacation in the Caribbean is hands down, the easiest way to save on costs, and the best value for money vacation.

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