Why you should go to Varadero for Spring Break

Varadero has some of the most affordable hotel deals, the most popular day excursions and some of the best beaches in Cuba. Why would anyone not want to go there?
Every year, North American’s travel south with the sun for their Spring break vacation and 2016 will be no different.
It has everything a tourist could want for their vacation with a large number of quality resorts, each of them offering something different but what else makes Varadero so great?

The Beach
Naturally, most resorts in the Caribbean, or around that area, are suitable for swimming and leisurely strolls along the sand, but Varadero is right up there with the best of them. The waters are warm but it’s the crystallized blue color of the ocean which is most striking and the moment you see this beach, is the last time you will fantasize about any beach, anywhere else.
Most people enjoy relaxing for the entirety of their vacation, but not everyone. Luckily for such people, there are a number of great day tours from Varadero and the best of these is arguably, Ambrosio Cave where there are many ancient paintings inside the cave. As mentioned above, you can take a day trip to Havana and possible spend the rest of that da admiring the immense character of this most interesting town which is full of 1970’s American cars and then full to the brim with Character.
The Cost
It is affordable and you can find some great hotel or vacation package discounts for Varadero on Hotels Etc. Remember, these are high quality resorts with all the top amenities you will find elsewhere, not to mention the fact that it also has the sun, sand and beaches we talked about before. If you take a little time choosing the right resort, finding it at the best price on Hotels Etc is a simple process after the two minutes it takes to sign up.
The Resorts
The Ibersotar Varadero has a more traditional interior and very much a Caribbean feel about the place. It is ideal for kids due to the great childrens club and also has many watersports on the beach for adults. Meanwhile, the sister hotel Iberostar Laguna Azul is an ideal place for anyone looking for a bit more entertainment and nightlife; there are many restaurant or bars on location and the nightclub also means there is always something lively going on at the resort.
Regardless as to where you stay or what you see, Varadero is an excellent choice for a Spring break vacation, be it with the family, a partner or even if you are just looking for something in between relaxing, and lively. The beaches are sensational, the resorts of the highest standard and some really enjoyable options for day excursions. There is really every reason to go to Varadero on vacation this year and if you avail of the best hotel discounts, it won’t break the bank either.