5 Best cruise destinations in the Caribbean

Cruise vacations to the Craibbean have taken on a whole new meaning in recent years with a large number of new suppliers entering the market with some of the best cruise vacation packages, and some equally amazing cruise ships. However, even with so many cheap cruise packages in the market, it can still be difficult choosing which one is most suitable for your trip.

With this in mind, sometimes it can be easier to choose a vacation package based on the best cruise destinations in the Caribbean and here our recommendations:

Cozumel, Mexico

This popular cruise destination off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula is the perfect blend of culture, crafts and ancient civilization.

The centre of town may be highly populated with other tourists, but Cozumel still provides some of the best souvenirs and shopping options in all of Mexico. There are many small crafts such as china sets or quaint handmade board games but arguably the most popular items in town, are the wide selection of rare diamonds on offer.

Once you have finished acquainting yourself with the main town, there is a plethora of historical attractions scattered around the island which are waiting to be explored. Cozumel is infamous for the Mayans of course, and it is here, where you can travel deep into the rainforest to visit the San Gervasio ruins or Tulum, the most popular and spectacular of all the Mayan remnants on the island.

Old San Juan
San Juan offers an excellent variety of food, attractions and as with Cozumel above, great shopping.

The city in general has a spectacular and cosmopolitan appearance with a huge number of modern café’s, restaurants and a very lively nightlife but the old town is entirely the opposite and a great showcase of the 16th century origins of San Juan. Walking is the best way to see the old town and the many historic buildings create the illusion of  stepping back in time to an old city somewhere in Europe.
In terms of excursions, there are several day trip in San Juan but the most fascinating of these is El Morro, a Spanish fortress on the very edge of the peninsula. The fortress is a photographer’s dream and the perfect place to visit for an afternoon stroll amidst ancient civilization and pleasant surroundings.

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau is one of the most alluring ports in which to arrive on a cruise, with the appearance of a very quaint town on a particularly small island.

There are many historic buildings to explore in the town such as Christ Church Cathedral or Parliament Square, but the highlight of the town itself most visitors, is usually the myriad of alleyways and backstreets which hide beyond the face of the waterfront.

Again, Nassau is a popular cruise stop but it is easy to see why as all the main attractions on the island are a short distance away, which is vitally important when limited for time. You can easily find affordable transport to any location and with interesting attractions such as Fort Fincastle or Queen’s Staircase.

Grenada is one of the less visited parts of the Caribbean for cruise itineraries but for anyone who prefers to see culture or more traditional experiences but still enjoy the beach at the same time, this is most certainly the place to do it.
Waterfalls, lush mountains and stunning landscapes await in Grand Etang National Park those adventurous enough to take a hike and with Grenada being a Spice island, it also offers a nice opportunity to mingle with the locals in the town markets, where they sell ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, along with many different fresh produce such as coconuts or other fruits.
However, a trip to Grenada is still about the sun, sea and relaxation and the white sands of Grand Anse Beach are amongst the finest in the Caribbean. Taking into account that the island is less crowded than most destinations, Grenada is a very peaceful destination which offers a little bit of everything, just off the beaten track.

Falmouth, Jamaica

Falmouth is the youngest of all the ports on this list with it being built only a few years ago for the sole purpose of restoring a forgotten part of Jamaica. As a result, Falmouth is an extremely unique city full of Georgian architecture with a rich history to explore.

You can take a shore excursion to Ochos Rious or Montego Bay upon arrival to visit the beach, go snorkeling or even to swim with dolphins, but the most popular activity in Falmouth is actually to visit the nearby sugar plantations, for which the area is renowned.

Provided you stay in the same area for the day, Falmouth also makes for a very quaint and charming town to walk around. There are many boutique stores, markets and craft offerings while the famous Jerky Chicken is a must try, along with the incredibly fresh fruit which are grown local to the port.

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