Camping – The Ultimate Budget Vacation

When it comes to enjoying a vacation on a limited budget, it is difficult to beat the appeal of the good old camping trip. After all, it costs next to nothing to pitch your tent in the backcountry wilderness of your favorite state or national park. A week-long camping trip can often cost less than a day or two in a big city or tourist hot spot while giving the entire family time to bond and enjoy being together.

As a matter of fact, camping is one of the most popular family activities, and many families enjoy camping together, sharing stories around a roaring fire, roasting marshmallows, swimming, fishing, and all the other great things that come with a camping trip.

For many, camping brings back memories from childhood, and many parents want to give their children a taste of what their own childhood was like, back when things were so much simpler.

Another great thing about camping is that once the initial expenses are paid, there is little in the way of ongoing expenses. Unlike a traditional vacation, in which the money you spend on that great hotel is gone for good, with camping you buy your hotel room (also known as your tent) outright, and you own it forever.

After you have bought all the essential items, like the tent, a couple of good camping lanterns, a good camp stove, sleeping bags, and the like, your only expenses may be the food for the trip and the gas it takes to get there.

And camping provides plenty for all members of the family to do. Dad may enjoy fishing in his favorite spot, or boating around the lake, while mom and the kids may enjoy a beautiful hike and bird watching trip. There are even campgrounds that feature movies, swimming pools, and other amenities for those who prefer a level of comfort to their journey.

As a matter of fact, there are many ways to camp, from rough camping in the backcountry to cabins at campgrounds to even RV camping. The level is entirely up to you, and that is one thing that makes camping so attractive to budget travelers and families alike.

There is nothing quite like vacationing in the great outdoors to get back in touch with nature. From watching the wildlife to watching the stars, there is plenty to do on the average camping trip. Stargazing is particularly popular with city dwellers, who may never have seen the Milky Way in all its glory before. Getting away from the glare of city lights and see nature as it truly is.

We know that camping is one of the least expensive of all vacations, but lets take a quick look at the expenses associated with this type of budget travel. The centerpiece of the camping trip, of course, is the tent. Unless you plan to camp in an RV or rent a cabin, which is more expensive, you will need a sturdy, high-quality tent. It is important that the tent be waterproof and that it closes easily. Be sure the tent features a high-quality zipper or other closure that is easy for every member of the family to operate. Test the zipper several times, and be sure you know how to set up the tent before you get to the woods.

Most campers will also want to invest in a few high-quality sleeping bags. It is a good idea to choose a sleeping bag that is insulated and to pick one that will be good for several seasons. Many sleeping bags are designed with removable liners and insulation. These are a good choice since they can be used in cold weather and warm.

It is also a good idea to buy a couple of camp lanterns. These portable lights are great for lighting your way around in the dark. A cooler for drinks and food is a good idea as well, as is a portable charcoal grill or a camp stove. If you are camping at a campground, however, you may be able to leave the camp stove and grill at home, since many campgrounds provide grills for their guests to use free of charge. It is important to find out what amenities each campground offers before you head out.

Is Punta Cana worthy of the award for Top Caribbean Destination?

Punta Cana was recently named the top Caribbean destination in Trip Advisor’s “Travelers choice awards”. This award was based on a number of factors but ultimately, it relied on visitor reviews of the period of one year. But how did this happen and why is Punta Cana supposedly the best destination in the Caribbean for a vacation?

Is Punta Cana worthy of the award for Top Caribbean Destination?


Located in the very east of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana finds itself on white powder sands right next to a pristine ocean. Stretching for more than a hundred miles along the coast, the resort is hugely popular and has enough options to cater toward every budget, big and small. Whether you want a luxury hotel, a quiet guesthouse or a villa complete with infinity pool, you can find it here next to a plethora of attractions.

I guess there must also be a reason why so many people decide to get married here or choose it as a honeymoon destination? And yes there is, for it is here you will find many spa treatment center, enjoyable adventure activities, incredible restaurants and lively nightlife to top it all off. Indeed, Punta Cana is a Caribbean destination which does not seem to be lacking in any area and even the convenience of taking a trip here is inviting.

Situated a short twenty minute from the airport, the resorts require minimal travel time and with more than thirty countries flying to the region, it is always easy to get there in the first place. As mentioned above, another highlight of the resort is the food and it is common for each hotel to have its very own world class restaurant. If you decide to go all inclusive, this will obviously mean there are no excuses for sampling everything on offer but if you wish for a little more variety, it also means you can stop into any of the other resorts for something different.


Options in Punta Cana

And then there are the resorts themselves; Dreams, Barcelo, Now, Iberostar, Excellence and more, there are so many accommodation choices and when you take advantage of hotel discounts, there is always amazing value to coincide. In fact, where else can you find rates this affordable in the Caribbean for luxury hotels? No wonder it was voted the best Caribbean destination in the awards for Trip Advisor.

That said, the decision is yours but as always we highly recommend checking out our hotel discounts to make sure you are getting the best price and to save you from needlessly spending more than you should be on your up coming vacation.

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