Disney or Non-Disney World Hotels: Pros and Cons

Deciding on whether to stay on Disney or Non-Disney World hotels is sometimes challenging. To better come up with the best choice for hotel accommodation, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of staying on or off-site.

Advantages of Staying Off-Site

• When staying off-site, the hotels usually offer more variety of amenities to compensate with its location and they also offer lower prices since staying at hotels situated near Disney World are quite costly

• Normally, hotels located outside Disney World are larger, one huge advantage for those who are traveling in large groups since these hotel rooms are good for 5 to 6 people while Disney hotel rooms are only good for four people regardless of the age of the guest.

• Most offsite hotels offer free transportation to Disney World as well as to other attractions such as Universal and Seaworld while hotels onsite only offer free transportation to Disney parks and they will not take you to the other area attractions in the city.

• Apart from Disney World, Orlando has many other tourist attractions worth exploring and by staying in an offsite hotel, there is easier access to these smaller-scale tourist spots all over the place such as shopping venues, great restaurants and golf courses too.

• A lot of these hotels also offer discounts for Disney World tickets as well as with SeaWorld or Universal if you choose to have your accommodation with them.

• As for the food, breakfast is free and last minute specials even on peak season while Disney properties have no freebies to offer and dining on these onsite hotels can be very costly for what you will get

• A lot of the Disney hotels are already a little old compared to a lot of new hotels being continually established offsite.

Disadvantages of Staying Off-Site

• In terms of quality, there is a great difference between onsite and offsite hotels.

• Free transportation to and from the International Airport will be provided by these onsite hotels.

• Free shuttle service to all of the four parks in Disney World will also be provided. Unlike those in offsite hotels where some share the same shuttle services resulting in a crowded ride, there will be no difficulty finding these free shuttle services even during the busy seasons since they run for every thirty minutes.

• Disney World offers one Magical Hour as they call it to those who choose to have their stay in these Disney properties. The guests will be allowed to enter the park an hour before the guests who are not staying at the Disney World Resort gets to enter.

• Most of the employees working in offsite hotels are not very familiar with the Disney World or perhaps, Orlando in general unlike those who are staffed in these onsite hotels who are trained well to attend to your needs.

• Of course, if you will have your accommodation in these Disney hotels, you will be able to charge stuff to your room giving you a less hassle tour to the park.

• Disney guests also have the chance to have a character tuck the kids to bed before they have that wonderful slumber.

How to Dine With Disneyland Characters

If you really want to delight your child – or yourself –
you should arrange to have a Disneyland Character
meal. This will allow you and your whole family to
have quality time with one or more of the
Disneyland characters. In fact, this is the best
way to really get to interact with them for any
length of time.

Start by making a reservation. This can be done
through the Disneyland Vacation Planning Services
Department. Reservations can be made up to sixty
days in advance, so don’t leave this to the last
minute. Make these reservations while your
Disneyland vacation is being planned.

Character breakfasts take place each morning at the
park. You do not need a reservation for these meals.
These breakfasts take place in many of the parks
restaurants, but Goofy’s Kitchen is a great place to
start. It is located in the Disneyland Hotel, and there
are dishes to please everyone. Children under three
years of age get to eat free, which should be
considered when you are planning the budget for
your trip. Goofy is always there, with Pluto, but
other characters come and go all throughout the
day. You should definitely make reservations for
Goofy’s kitchen, as it is quite popular, and the wait
can be very long.

If dining with Princesses is important, than Ariel’s
Grotto is the place to be. Serving three course meals,
this is elegant dining that both kids and adults can
enjoy. Each princess will come spend a little time at
your table during your meal – one at a time.
Reservations for Ariel’s Grotto are also recommended.
This is one place in the park where both alcoholic and
non-alcoholic drinks are served.

The Storyteller’s Café is another place that is highly
recommended for Character Meals. Characters are
only here during breakfast, however. While time is
not spent at each individual table, the Characters do
interact with the children as a group. Both buffet and
menu dining are available, and again, reservations
are recommended. Lilo and Stitch also have a
Character Breakfast, as does Minnie Mouse.
Breakfast with Minnie and Friends is extremely
popular, so make reservations.

You should definitely include a Character Meal or
two in your Disneyland Vacation plans. This is
something that your child will remember forever and
interacting with the famous Disney characters that
we all know and love is part of what Disneyland is
all about! Be sure to make reservations as far in
advance as possible.

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