What is the best value vacation in 2017?

Stunning in every possible way, the Caribbean is always going to be a hot-spot for tourism and an automatic choice for many tourists. You can find incredible hotel discounts and vacation offers for this region through our search portal, but cruise ships over the past few years in particular are the stand out performers and with the incredible value that they offer, it’s not difficult to see why this is the case:

Here are 5 reasons cruises are thought to be the best value vacation in 2017:

1.Cruise ships now rival all-inclusive resorts

When you book a cruise you are not only guaranteed a lineup of exotic ports and entertainment but also a wide range of inclusions. Naturally your accommodation is part of the package but when you factor in the food (and sometimes drinks), nightly entertainment, sublime swimming pools and free activities during the day, the return on investment for a cruise is undeniable.


2.It’s not just a cruise, there are also incredible destination

This one speaks for itself. You are promised some relaxing times on calm seas for most cruises and much of the attraction will in fact be in terms of spending on the sea. However, when you book a cruise you are also promised a number of incredible destinations to explore in between and while there is no obligation to jump off at any time, the fact that these can be part of the overall experience is priceless.

3.Cruise discounts and more

And just when you thought the price of a cruise couldn’t’t get any lower, you find a travel club such as ourselves to help you find the best cruise discounts. Don’t be fooled by the name, Hotels Etc offer a full range of travel service which extends from hotels and vacation packages to the above mentioned cruise discounts. You can sign up for a free trial but ultimately, this is the only place you will find legitimate cruise discounts online.

4.Day tours and shore excursions

As previously stated, you can jump off in every destination in which the cruise will stop and this allows you to take shore excursions. When you visit a city anywhere in the world, you want to see the sights, learn something about the destination or just have a day of exploring and these day tours are specially designed to help you see as much as possible while also getting you back to the ship in time. With prices starting from $25 per person, these day tours are incredible value.

Restaurant discounts

5.You pay for what you want and you go where you please

When you take a day tour the itinerary is sometimes set out in a particular way but otherwise, life on board a cruise is a very liberating experience. There are so many restaurants, bars, clubs and activities you can partake in and almost as many areas on the ship to relax. You don’t need to worry about over-spending on a cruise for the fact that you choose where to eat and then the freedom of organizing your own itinerary will leave you in no doubt that this was exactly how a vacation should be.

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