Where To Party: Spring Break For Students 2016

Taking a Spring break vacation is almost part of going to college. Every year thousands of students leave home in search of sun, sand and an endless amount of fun times but it’s not always easy to know where to go for the best Spring break party resorts or where the most happening hotels in the Caribbean are located.

Here are four of the most popular resorts for partying and best places to be for students in Spring break 2016:

Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

Not everyone enjoys spending every day sleeping off the hangover or resting by the pool. In Puerta Vallarta you can expect a busy day and lots of activities to while away the afternoon. If it’s the tiring heat that concerns you, don’t worry, most of these activities are water based with windsurfing, parasailing, snorkeling and scuba diving on offer.

There are also many day trips which can be taken in the local area so there really is no reason to feel bored at any point. That being said, the all inclusive resorts provide every opportunity to recharge the batteries and if lying by the pool really is what you like to do best, then the resorts are well equipped to cater for these needs too.

After dark the party begins and the town in Puerta Vallarta has long being known as a party lover’s late night paradise. There are many salsa clubs, noisy bars and beer vending places at which to dance the night away.

All the late night action in Puerta Vallarta is downtown but the only options for all inclusive hotels in this area are the Buenaventura and Villa Premiere but fear not, these are both nice places to stay. The Villa Premiere is the most suitable option for anyone looking to be close to the party and it’s also a nice place to escape when you want some peace and quiet.
Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is one of the most popular resorts in Cancun with more than 3 million visitors arriving for some sun and relaxation every year. However, not everyone goes there to relax and when it comes to Spring Break, there are few places as notorious as Cancun for having a party.

Most of the resorts offer the great value of all inclusive and there are just as many whom offer 5 star amenities on site but the best part of visiting Cancun for Spring break is undoubtedly the huge numbers of party’s which happen around the resorts and the countless bars, nightclubs and entertainment on the nearby strips.

Most students have heard of Oasis Cancun and this tends to be the first resort to sell out over Spring break but there are many more hotels who know how to party when the carnival hits town. The Hard Rock Hotel and Krystal Cancun are both as wild as each other when it comes to partying while the Hotel Riu Cancun also attracts a fun lively crowd, albeit in a slightly more chilled setting.

Regardless as to where exactly you end up sleeping, the question in this part of the world is rarely about where to stay in Cancun for Spring break but rather about where to party, and luckily the resorts are close enough together that you will never have an issue finding somewhere to go wild.

Punta Cana, Dominican Replublic

The popularity of vacations to the Dominican Republic seems to be growing by the minute. While there are quieter part to the Dominican such as Bavaro or the Samana Province and while there are also many quieter hotels in the Punta Cana, the latter is still a great choice for Spring break, especially for those who have already visited Mexico and feel like something different.

The weather is sensational in Punta Cana at Spring break, the food is particularly good and again, there is no end to the large all inclusive resorts similar to those found in Cancun. However, as mentioned there are many quieter resorts on the peninsula and so you need to be careful when choosing where to party.

The ClubHotel Riu Bambu is one of the better known places to party in Punta Cana and the onsite entertainment only adds to the atmosphere. The crowd is young, the bartenders are impressive, the hotel may not be the highest quality in all of the Dominicnan but you can expect a good time and plenty of late nights during Spring break.

Overall this is a great chance to travel somewhere different for Spring break which really does have a great party scene if you look in the right place.

Las Vegas

For those looking to stay a little closer to home and take partying to the extreme levels of excess, there was never going to be another award winner in this respect other than Vegas. Whatever you want, whenever you want it: the party never stops in Las Vegas, literally.

Not only is it one of the best places to party but it is also one of the easiest places to find the best hotel deals for Spring break and with hotel discounts from Hotels Etc, you could end up paying next to nothing for your spring break vacation package.

The Hardrock Hotel complete with Vanity nightclub is the epicenter for parties and even for those not staying in the hotel, it’s not unusual to end up there night after night. They often have well known bands come to play, the interior is of the highest quality and the pool parties are notorious even by Las Vegas standards.

Another resort famed for their wild pool parties is The Palms and this is so much the case that just as often you can find yourself mixing by the pool with famous celebrities. Other honorable mentions to party are Hooters Hotel and Caesar Palace Resort but really, you could stay almost anywhere on the strip at this time of year and find a party without a problem.

As mentioned above it doesn’t stop and if you grow restless of partying for the whole week, in Vegas, everyone knows the city has so much more to offer to keep you entertained on a “night off”. Live shows, roulette tables, rollercoaster’s and fine dining – the choice is yours.

Aside from the above places, some other great places to party in Spring Break 2016 are Miami, South Padre Island, San Diego and Montego Bay in Jamaica. You can find hotel discounts for all of the above and even more of the best Spring break vacation offers for this year on Hotels etc.

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