Finding cheap hotels, and the best hotel discounts


With Spring break on the horizon, and most people searching for an easy escape to the warm weather of the South, finding cheap hotels, and the best hotel discounts is an idea worth prioritizing.

Anyone with a huge amount of disposable income may not be interested in learning about the new “Rate parity laws” which were introduced to the travel market, but for the average person on the street, knowing how this new law affects the online travel industry can save you a lot of money.

Rate parity and the increase of hotel rates online

It is not simply a case of the major booking engines increasing their rates, but rather that this new law has enforced a regulation which disallows a fluctuation of pricing across different distribution channels. Essentially the big brands, Expedia for example, are unable to offer lesser rates through their smaller, “sister companies” such as Orbitz or

Most often this will mean higher hotel rates when you check through the different options available because the booking engines/businesses are now required to offer a standard rate but more importantly, for you the consumer, it means the best hotel rates are to be found away from these particular websites.


Reintroduction of Travel club memberships and finding cheap hotels

For some readers, it may sound strange to “introduce” a travel membership club as during the 1970’s these were a powerful source for vacation deals and the only genuine way of finding cheap hotels or the best hotel discounts.

However, it would seem that history is now repeating itself with the Travel club membership now being back at the very top of the list in terms of “the best hotel discount providers”. Travel clubs are exempt to the new rate parity law and this has allowed them to take one step ahead of the major travel brands by offering their customers the one thing, they cannot – genuine hotel discounts.

Membership clubs, such as Hotels Etc, have a long standing history in the travel industry for finding the best hotel discounts and negotiating the best vacation packages for their members. Hotels Etc also have an impeccable trust rating and with more than 4 million members, are arguably the largest travel membership club in the market at this moment. It really is simple, by signing up to such a club, you will have access to the biggest online travel discounts and an opportunity to pay less, and receive more.

Considering you are already reading this article, chances are you wish to find the best hotel discounts, the best vacation packages or travel membership club and in Hotels Etc you already have the best way to find all the most affordable offers in the online travel industry.

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7 ways to save money when you travel

Affordable vacation packages, cheap flights, amazing hotel discounts, free activities – everybody wants to find as much value as possible on vacation, and to help you do that, here are 7 ways to save money when you travel:

Consider an “open jaw” flight itinerary

“Open Jaw” is a term given to a flight schedule which arrives in a particular city, but then departs from an airport in another location. For anyone traveling to Cancun for a one week each vacation this will not be as relevant, but for anyone planning to see Europe, South America, Asia etc and hoping to do some overland travel, flying back from an alternative city is a great option.

Not only is the airfare less expensive, but an open jaw ticket also saves you the extra cost of returning to your trip starting point, never mind the inconvenience it causes to get back there.

Avoid traveling during peak season

Spring break, Christmas and school holidays are always more expensive and in order to ensure the lowest possible cost of a vacation, it is always a good idea to avoid travel at peak season.

Many of the best vacation packages to the Caribbean, or anywhere for that matter, will have more availability outside of this time meaning the rates for hotels, flights and anything tourism related, will be much more affordable. When you consider some of the best hotel discounts which can be found during these times, it is quite often the case that a vacation at this time will provide much more value, with less crowds, cheap hotel rooms and low airfare.

Best Hotel discounts

Save money when you travel by turning off your cellphone data

Have you ever arrived home from vacation to an insanely big phone bill? It happens. Availing of international roaming, checking your emails and even sending a few text messages can prove to be a large unnecessary cost on your vacation.

With every resort and hotel being fully equipped with free Wi-Fi, there is really no reason to be wasting money on expensive tariffs while on vacation. Skype, Facebook, and email are all capable of calling and sending instant messages from the local Wi-Fi which is entirely free.

Avoid renting a car when staying in the city

Renting a car can be a wonderful idea which can make travel outside of a destination convenient and highly enjoyable. However, if you are visiting a destination with plans of exploring the city, there really is no need for the added expense of having a car at your disposal, .

Even a train or bus ride around the city can make a family trip seem like more of an adventure, not to mention the fact that not having to worry about a car parked out on the street can reduce stress. Leave the car at home, discover the city on foot, and live adventurously on your next vacation.

Be careful with tipping

It’s good to tip, it’s only right, and everybody appreciates it. However, North Americans are the only people’s around the world who are generally known to tip more than 10 – 15 %.

Tipping extravagant amounts every time on vacation can be an enormous cost in itself. For example, if you have 3 meals a day and tip 25% each time, you are not far off paying for a fourth, non existent meal on every day of the vacation.

By all means tip, but within reason, you need to have some money left when the vacation is over.

Use Hotel discounts

In this modern age of technology, there s no excuse for not knowing about the huge hotel discounts being offered by travel membership clubs. Recent laws may have prevented Expedia, Orbitz and other travel brands from providing discounted cruises, packages or hotel rooms, but where they have lost their value, Travel clubs have taken their place.

Stop wasting time, and money by getting signed up for a travel membership with Hotels Etc and start saving up to 60-80% on hotels rooms, packages and much more.

Research free things to do at your destination

Not everything costs money once on location, in fact many of the best activities are free. A quick search online for travel blogs, reviews or trip reports will often result in a number of fun and completely free activities to help you save money on vacation.

A secret beach, a nearby mountain hike, a free walking tour or visit to some local landmarks. Even a trip around a lesser known part of town can result in cheap eateries, hidden attractions, and the free excitement that comes with not knowing where you are going.

All of the above are simple ways to ensure your vacation provides enough value, without leaving you in debt on the return back home and a great way to get started with saving money for future travels, is by signing up for Hotels Etc here.

Free attractions and affordable things to do in New York

They call it the ““City that never sleeps”” and it truly does live up to this reputation with an endless number of activities, attractions and affordable things to do in New York. A trip to the Big apple is possibly a once in a lifetime trip for some people, but most certainly it’s a trip that everyone should take at some point in their lives, and despite what you might have heard, it is actually possible to visit New York on a budget, provided you avail of hotel discounts and spend some time planning an itinerary.

Truthfully, the best way to keep costs down on a trip to New York is to check out the free attractions in the city and the more affordable things to do, from a visit to the Freedom Tower at Ground Zero, to the dazzling lights of Times Square, the iconic Statue of Liberty and an afternoon in sunny Central Park – there are so many ways to spend your time without spending a great deal, and the following is a list to help you plan an affordable trip to New York.

Central Park & Times Square

When most people arrive in New York, they wish to be staying in a centrally located accommodation which is within easy walking distance of the main parts of the city. This is usually more expensive but if you use some of the best hotel discounts on Hotels Etc, you could easily find yourself in the middle of downtown for  a very minimal cost.

Central Park is a beautiful place to spend the day, especially in the Summer, and it can feel like a million miles from the city with all the green open spaces, cycle paths and lush surroundings. Visiting Central Park is obviously a free activity and likewise just a short walk from here, standing beneath the blinding lights of Times Square is a fascinating place to be and an unforgettable sight.

Tip: A visit to the zoo in Central park is relatively cheap at $16.20 for adults, and $11.70 for children.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is so big that you spend weeks inside the building and still not make your way around the entire 2 million pieces of art that are on display. It is also here, where you can witness the spectacular Temple of Dendur which is an ancient temple which was once on the banks of the River Nile in Egypt, before being transported to the US as a gift from the Egyptian government.

The best way to see the museum is by taking a guided tour with a curator, as often there are many parts and secrets of the museum which would otherwise go unnoticed.

Tickets for the Metropolitan Museum of Art are $25 for adults and $12 for students, while children under the age of 12 go free.

Concerts in Prospect Park

Every weekend there are big concerts at Prospect Park over the bridge in Brooklyn and amazingly, these are entirely free of charge. Despite there being no charge, it is not unusual for even the most popular acts to show up in the park with the Barenaked Ladies being a regular on stage.

These concerts are ideal for families and as with Central Park, there is so much space in Prospect that it makes for the perfect escape from the busy city without having to travel too far.

Grand Central Station

Just short of one million people hurry through the hallways of Grand Central Terminal in New York every day, and despite it sounding like a strange thing to do, visiting the station is a fascinating activity. There are free walking tours which take in a trip to the station but if you visit during the mid afternoon, it should be quiet enough to take a self guided tour and not get lost along the way.

The interior is beautiful with enormous stain glass windows reaching for the tall ceilings and mosaic tunnels leading their way between the different terminals which offer surprising delights on every turn.

There are some cheap eateries spread out around the station, and if you don’t want to miss out on any of the history, there is a self guided tour app you can download for just $5.

Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

Many people travel to Ellis island to see the iconic statue without being aware of the great significant importance of the island itself. It is here, where you will find the enormous halls which were responsible for separating, detaining and processing the millions of immigrants who had traveled to the US many years ago in search of a new life. This brings a truly fascinating element to the journey and you are free to walk around the inside of the buildings.

However, that is not to take away from the awesome sight of the great Statue of Liberty which dominates the New York skyline and makes for the most awe inspiring sight to marvel upon, and capture through photography. Although you can take a trip to the top of the statue, it is just as nice to stay below and maybe have a picnic, while all the madness and chaos of Manhattan begins to disappear.

The cost of the Staten island ferry is $18 for adults and $9 for children.

The American Museum of Natural History

If the Metropolitan Museum of Art was big, then the Natural History Museum is completely off the charts. There are more than 30 million varieties of fossils, animals, plants, rocks and artifacts in the building which is spread out over 45 different exhibition halls.

When you think “there is something for everyone”, there has never been a place more true to those words. It is one of the most popular attractions in New York and widely known for having an incredible array of dinosaur replications. The hall of African animals is also a favorite while the Rose Center houses a very educational attraction in the Earth and Space exhibition.

Once more, this is another of the affordable attractions in New York which provides outstanding value given you will easily spend the entire day, engrossed on the inside of these walls.

Tickets for the American Museum of Natural History are $22 for adults and $12.50 for children.

There is no end in terms of things to do in New York and affordable attractions are everywhere so long as you spend time searching them out. The cost of your accommodation in New York is always going to be the biggest part of a budget for such a trip but as mentioned at the beginning of the article, Hotels Etc have the best hotel discounts which can provide anywhere between 50 – 80% off the regular price. Regardless of which free attractions you choose or the affordable things to in New York, on thing is for sure, the city provides great value for money.

11 Reasons to visit San Francisco in 2016

Whether you are taking a weekend break from work, an extended vacation in the summer or just wanting an alternative option for a Spring break vacation, San Francisco is a dream destination and a city which has the perfect mix of ideal weather, engrossing culture, fascinating scenery and interesting attractions.

Here are 11 reasons to visit San Francisco in 2016:


  1. San Francisco has the perfect weather all year round

San Francisco he kind of weather which makes it the perfect city to live for the entire year round. Don’t be fooled by photograph’s of the Golden Gate bridge covered in fog, this city has just the right amount of cool, and the perfect dose of warm weather to make it idyllic for exploring in the outdoors.


  1. The city is built for walking

Everywhere in San Francisco is within walking distance, from Fisherman’s Wharf, to Chinatown and back, the famous hills are hugely enjoyable to walk around with scenic views of the city and if you get tired of walking, an absolute “must”, is to take a ride in a traditional cable car which climb the extremely steep hills near Powell street.


  1. You can taste the Sonoma Valley

The Sonoma Valley may not be the most famous wine region in the US, but it is still one of the most varied and stunning collection of wineries. Both the Buena Vista and Lynmar Estate are particularly nice but with more than 30 different establishments in the area, there is simply no end to great wine tasting options, along with spectacular rolling hills, gardens and spectacular landscapes.


  1. Watch Giants playing on the waterfront


In the East you have the New York and on the West coast you have the San Francisco Giants. Take in a riveting game of baseball next to the waterfront in the awe inspiring At&T Park. The Giants have been around since the year 2000 and have an ever growing reputation with a loud fan base in their 45,000 capacity stadium.


  1. Enjoy unrivalled scenery

The scenery in San Francisco is breathtaking, from the world famous Golden Gate bridge, the green and beautiful Dolores Park, the unrivalled views of ships cruising the ocean horizon, to the iconic sight of the enchanting Alactraz prison.


  1. Experience local culture in the Farmers markets

San Francisco is certainly a city which knows how to please a “foodie”. There are a number of annual food events throughout the year but there are also regular markets around the city with the biggest being Alemany farmers, markets  which is the oldest market in town and a fine display of local produce.


  1. Witness the many districts which make this city a melting pot

San Francisco has long being known as a melting pot of traditions and different cultures. For example, the infamous Chinatown is a fantastic place to sample some Asian cuisine while the Mission district is known for hipsters, cheap drinks and a predominantly Latin population. A visit to Alcatraz is every bit as fascinating as the story behind the name.


  1. Marvel at the Golden Gate Bridge

The bridge is 65 stories high which certainly adds to the impressive nature of the bridge, but the specific design of the Golden Gate Bridge has made it into the world famous landmark it is today. The perfect photograph opportunity, and ideal for a walk on a sunny day, the Golden Gate bridge is not to be missed on a trip to San Francisco.


  1. Be a tourist on Fisherman’s Wharf

Arguably one of the most popular places to visit in San Francisco is Fisherman’s Wharf, the historic waterfront transformed over the years into a major tourist attraction. The pier has an endless amount of activities and points of interest, including shops, amusements, food stalls and unrivalled views of the an Francisco Bay.


  1. Endless shopping options on Union Square

Union Square is the epicenter for retail in San Francisco which is a shopper’s paradise. Huge department stores line up next to boutiques and high end fashion. It’s gets busy on the weekends but if you are traveling midweek or during the day while the locals are at work, shopping in San Francisco can be a very enjoyable experience.


  1. The best Hotels in San Francisco

Luxury hotels, mid range hotels, boutique hotels, cheap hotels, affordable hotels – whatever type of accommodation you are looking for, you can easily find it in San Francisco. Unfortunately the cost of hotels in San Francisco can be quite high, but if you avail of the best hotel discounts for San Francisco with Hotels Etc, a trip to this beautiful city can be easily afforded.

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10 Things everyone should do on vacation in Cancun

Experience adventure on a Cancun vacation, one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Caribbean. Many people travel south to Mexico with no intention of leaving the sunbed, not realizing just how much they are missing out on.

The following are the 10 things everyone should do on vacation in Cancun.

1. Meet the Party Rockers

How does having your own personal host in Cancun sound? If you are traveling to Mexico with friends, or on a bachelor party or even as a couple – Party Rocker Cancun are a small agency who organize all of your excursions or activities during the day, before escorting everyone with VIP access to all the best restaurants, bars and nightclubs in Cancun.

2. Witness the Mayan clifftop

Tulum is Centuries old and is a spectacular archeological site sitting up high on the cliffs looking out over the ocean. This Mayan city has many ancient runs scattered around and you can either visit it on tour, or by renting a car. There is a stunning beach at the foot of the cliffs which is usually a every quiet and relaxing spot to hang out.

3. MUSA by Jason de Caires (Underwater Museum)

Take a 90 minute snorkeling tour of the Musa Underwater Museum located next to Isla Mujeres which features the artwork and sculptures of Jason deCaires Taylor.

This incredibly unique museum is filled with incredible statues and remnants, such as an old Volkwagon beetle car and a thought provoking statues with a group of men burying their heads in the sand.

4. Visit Isla Mujeres

This beautiful museum, near the underwater museum, is a very short boat ride from Cancun where you can rent a golf cart and travel all around the island for the day. As with anywhere in this part of the world, there are stunning beaches with beautiful scenery around the coastline, and when you are finished riding the golf cart around, there are some really excellent places to eat in the main town.

5. Go adventure in Riviera Maya

Just down the road from Cancun, in the heart of the Riviera Maya, is this wonderful attraction suitable for adults and families alike. Xcaret is a waterpark with a huge range of adventure activities and animals to explore. There are stunning beaches, food courts and some excellent shows in the evening which showcase the very best of Mexican history and culture.

6. Take a day trip to Coba

Coba is another Mayan city and has the largest remains of stone relics in Mayan history. Incredibly the site dates back as far as 50 BC and it for most of the history of this city, due to large scale war over the Centuries.

The temples are magnificent and  you can rent a bike to get around all the different temples and it is also possible to visit Coba in the evening.

7. Swim with sea turtles

Akumal is a small beach front with incredible seafood, cocktails, pristine waters and a very unique attraction. Before you start rushing for the tasty calamari or refreshments in town, you will want to take a visit to see the turtles.

Akumal is the best place to see and snorkel with beautiful sea turtles in what is not only a great photograph opportunity, but also a very personal experience with nature.

8. Go on a party cruise in Cancun

It’s no secret that many people travel to Cancun on vacation to party at some point, not everyone, but most. This enormous boat has two levels and plenty of space, for guests to dance and party their way between some of the major local attractions.

There is a full bar on board of course, with live bands, fresh Mexican foods and even a huge water slide on the back of the ship. However, the cruise is not just about partying: it also visits the ruins at Maya Meco, and there are plenty opportunities during the day for swimming, diving and snorkeling.

9. Hang out at a trendy beach club

The ME in Cancun is arguably the most trendy of all the beach clubs to hang out during the day Many top DJ’s come to plat at the club while there is also an alluring swimming pool, great food and a decent party to be had on Saturday’s in particular.

It is not uncommon to meet celebrities here but regardless, it is always the place to be on an afternoon in Cancun.

10. Enjoy the taste of Cancun’s most famous restaurant

Perched up on the pier overlooking Nichupte Lagoon, Lorenzillo’s is the number one place to eat in Cancun. There is an amazing outdoor dining area to compliment the beautiful interior and while the prices are not on the low side, the view while your tasting fresh lobster, is simply unbeatable.

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13 Things you need to know before you go to Punta Cana

Traveling to a new destination is always new, and there is a lot to be said about the element for surprise. However, have you ever visited somewhere but then found out afterward about something really amazing you missed out on? How about some important travel advice that your agent neglected to pass on? Some tips that would have made your trip easier? Or maybe some insider information on the best hotel discounts which would have made your vacation less expensive?

Luckily, if you are taking a vacation to Dominican Republic this year, or planning on doing so sometime in the future, the following list should help inform you about all the advice and tips for visiting Punta Cana 2016:

1. How safe is Punta Cana?

The tourist police do an excellent job at keeping crime to a minimum in Punta Cana. It is perfectly safe during the day, but it is strongly advised not to walk along the beach in the evening and to use common sense in the busier parts of town.

2. Where is the best place to stay in Punta Cana?

There are many all inclusive resorts in Punta Cana which are of the highest quality in the Caribbean, but some of the most popular hotels are the Excellence Punta Cana, the Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro and of course, the Hardrock.

3. Where can I find the best deal for a vacation to Punta Cana?

You can find prices anywhere online today, but if you want to find genuine discounts (sometimes up to 60 – 80%!), it’s highly recommended to sign up for a membership at Hotels Etc who have the biggest hotel discounts in the travel industry.

4. Bring US dollars

It’s not a good idea to take a wallet full of one hundred dollar bills, but ignore the advice given to you before you left: you do not need to convert your US dollars to peso for your vacation. Everywhere in the Dominican accepts the dollar and as long as you take notes of small denominations with you, there will be no issues.

5. Be prepared

The airport in Punta Cana can seem hectic when you arrive, people searching for baggage, locals searching for family, and taxi drivers competing for your custom. This can be overwhelming, so the best advice is if you do not have any pre booked transfer to the accommodation, make sure you know how much it will cost to the hotel, and agree the price before leaving. (Return approximately $60)

6. Are there secluded beaches?

You can certainly request that the hotel organize a private tour to a secluded beach but unfortunately, there are none within walking distance. The beaches in Punta Cana are stunning, but it is difficult to find a stretch without tourists, locals, hotels, bars or restaurants.

7. Can you drink the tap water?

In general, it is not advised to drink the tap water in Punta Cana, although it is fine for taking a wash or brushing your teeth. That being said, make sure you take bottled water everywhere you go, the main reason tourists fall ill on vacation in the Dominican is not food poisoning or any sort of disease, it’s dehydration.

8. Meal reservations

Keep in mind that many of the hotels require a reservation to be made for evening meals. Don’t take a chance on this, as it could mean a very long and unhappy wait until you find somewhere with availability. Try to book your meals a day or two in advance when you get there, and remove the risk of disappointment altogether.

9. Excursions

Of course the number one thing to do in Punta Cana is relax by the pool or take a dip in the ocean, but when you grow tired of lazing about all day, there are many excursions in the area.

The most popular adventure tours are zip lining, kayaking and snorkeling all of which can be booked in your hotel upon arrival.

10. Is there a tipping culture in Punta Cana?

While nobody is there to tell you what to do, it’s important to remember the Dominican Republic has an extremely low minimum wage and they work very hard to keep their jobs. It is recommended to always tip, and anywhere between 15% and 25% is suitable.

11. On that note, is it safe to swim?

Yes, it is safe to swim on most beaches in Punta Cana but always check the weather before going out and ensure there is a lifeguard on duty.

12. Is it possible to visit Santo Domingo from Punta Cana ?

Yes, but it is not advised. If you really must go to see the Capital for a specific reason, then fine, but please know that the Capital city of the Dominican Republic is almost 3 hours drive from Punta Cana.

13. Are there secluded beaches?

You can certainly request that the hotel organize a private tour to a secluded beach but unfortunately, there are none within walking distance. The beaches in Punta Cana are stunning, but it is difficult to find a stretch without tourists, locals, hotels, bars or restaurants.

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Why you should go to Varadero for Spring Break

Varadero has some of the most affordable hotel deals, the most popular day excursions and some of the best beaches in Cuba. Why would anyone not want to go there?
Every year, North American’s travel south with the sun for their Spring break vacation and 2016 will be no different.
It has everything a tourist could want for their vacation with a large number of quality resorts, each of them offering something different but what else makes Varadero so great?

The Beach
Naturally, most resorts in the Caribbean, or around that area, are suitable for swimming and leisurely strolls along the sand, but Varadero is right up there with the best of them. The waters are warm but it’s the crystallized blue color of the ocean which is most striking and the moment you see this beach, is the last time you will fantasize about any beach, anywhere else.
Most people enjoy relaxing for the entirety of their vacation, but not everyone. Luckily for such people, there are a number of great day tours from Varadero and the best of these is arguably, Ambrosio Cave where there are many ancient paintings inside the cave. As mentioned above, you can take a day trip to Havana and possible spend the rest of that da admiring the immense character of this most interesting town which is full of 1970’s American cars and then full to the brim with Character.
The Cost
It is affordable and you can find some great hotel or vacation package discounts for Varadero on Hotels Etc. Remember, these are high quality resorts with all the top amenities you will find elsewhere, not to mention the fact that it also has the sun, sand and beaches we talked about before. If you take a little time choosing the right resort, finding it at the best price on Hotels Etc is a simple process after the two minutes it takes to sign up.
The Resorts
The Ibersotar Varadero has a more traditional interior and very much a Caribbean feel about the place. It is ideal for kids due to the great childrens club and also has many watersports on the beach for adults. Meanwhile, the sister hotel Iberostar Laguna Azul is an ideal place for anyone looking for a bit more entertainment and nightlife; there are many restaurant or bars on location and the nightclub also means there is always something lively going on at the resort.
Regardless as to where you stay or what you see, Varadero is an excellent choice for a Spring break vacation, be it with the family, a partner or even if you are just looking for something in between relaxing, and lively. The beaches are sensational, the resorts of the highest standard and some really enjoyable options for day excursions. There is really every reason to go to Varadero on vacation this year and if you avail of the best hotel discounts, it won’t break the bank either.

Don’t lie to yourself, you can afford a vacation

Spring break is just around the corner, the best hotel deals are selling out fast and you still haven’t booked your own vacation, why?

For a select few, there’s already a home for those vacation days from work but for almost everyone else who thinks they can’t go on vacation this year, it comes down to the same factor of cost. Yes, it would appear that most people feel they cannot go on vacation this year or in the foreseeable future because they are either too expensive or because they simply have too many bills to pay.

Paying Bills vs.. Luxury Items

There’s no question that bills need to be paid. Rent, electricity, bank charges, phone bill, debt; the cost of these all need to be met on a regular basis, nobody denies that. But lets be honest, having covered the cost of these expenses most people will then continue to waste their disposable income on needless possessions, services or product.

In fact research has proven this too often before. Recent studies by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) have shown that less than 50% of most individuals and families weekly pay check can be attributed to the necessity bills above whereas a much smaller percentage then goes toward the likes of transport and miscellaneous or unexpected costs.

These studies are not much more than speculation of course but it doesn’t take much to realize that most people are wasteful when it comes to disposable income and have a tendency to put it toward “luxury” items as opposed to savings.

The point of the matter being that most people are in a position to save money on a regular basis, they just choose not to.

Vacations are too expensive

It might seem that way on the face of it. Hotel discounts do crop up online from time to time but not often enough and then how often does a person check a particular hotel website directly to see such offers?

Truth is, prices in the online world have leveled out recently and it’s all thanks to a new law called rate parity. This new law states that travel companies must display the same price across all distribution channels and this drastically affects their pricing strategy as it effectively means there are no longer any amazing discounts to be had through the booking engines.

This is one of the main reasons in today’s market as to why vacations, hotels and other travel products seem so expensive all of a sudden. Unfortunately for those large travel brands, the “good old days” have passed and the prices being advertised on such sites is no different to what you will find direct with the hotel or service provider.

So what does one do? How is it possible to find a cheap package deals or hotel discounts?

Join a travel club. Hotels Etc is a travel membership club who are taking the current market by storm in light of the damage being inflicted on the major travel brands. Essentially, they negotiate the best hotel discounts, vacation package offers etc for their clients in return for a small membership fee.

It couldn’t be more simple.

The website has a booking and search engine similar to what you will find elsewhere online but the obvious value being provided here are the big discounts and best vacation packages on the market. It may seem too good to be true but really, there is no catch and Hotels Etc now offer the best possible way to go on that vacation that you didn’t think you could afford.

It’s important to take a break from work, to find some quiet time and relax in the sunshine. So the next time you ask yourself as to why you haven’t booked that vacation yet, don’t lie to yourself. With the above strategy there is a perfect way to find the vacation you want for less and when you consider this with a little bit of careful spending this year, it’s likely you’ll find that you really can afford that vacation after all.

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The best resort in Cancun for Spring break

Have you been looking around for the best hotel discounts or possibly the best resort in Cancun for Spring break?

Each year we see all the major resorts sell out for this most popular time of year and for this reason it can often be a very expensive time of year to travel to Mexico. However there are still some of the best hotel offers available right now and if you take advantage of some really amazing hotel discounts or packages, you could be traveling down there very soon on a genuinely affordable vacation.

Why stay in Cancun for Spring break?

There are an endless number of options when booking a trip to the sun destinations down South such as Riviera Maya or Playa del Carmen but the one destination which guarantees the most fun place at this time of year is Cancun.

Yes there are great day tours in the region to Chichen Itza or the Coba ruins but really, if you are looking for the best place to party at Spring break with all the right facilities in the area to relax in between then one of the many Cancun resorts have everything you could want to make this the trip of a lifetime.

The best resort in Cancun for Spring break

There are an endless number of resort options but the most popular hotels in Cancun for Spring break are usually the Oasis Cancun or Krystal Grand Punta. Except these are usually the first options to sell out and not only that, the constant “noise” can be a little too much for some with the fact that there are day/pool parties every other day.

An excellent alternative option for Cancun is the Riu Caribe which is a nicely decorated hotel with a quality interior design. It is situated right on the beachfront and boasts a great selection of amenities including 3 separate restaurants and 4 bars. As mentioned above, this is an all inclusive hotel so you can expect the usual complimentary snack, meals, drinks and even scuba diving classes.

The Grand Riu Caribe has at least a 4 star review rating on most websites and is a short distance from all the other resorts meaning you have immediate access to all the parties in the area whenever you want and then the perfect opportunity to go back to your own hotel for a little quiet time.

Finding the best hotel discounts for Spring break

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So whether you are planning on traveling to Mexico for Spring break, there should still be some availability online but Cancun and the above resorts are probably the better of these options.

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Best hotel discounts for Spring break

Wondering how to find the best hotel discounts for spring break? Thinking about going on vacation soon but can’t seem to find the best vacation deals?

As the rush gets underway to find great travel offers for Spring Break, it seems like as good a time as any to inform any bargain hunters about some big news coming out of the travel industry.

The reason you may be struggling to find a great deal or something more affordable has little to do with availability and more to do with a new law called “Rate parity”.

Not too long ago, the easiest way to find the best hotel offers or spring break vacation packages was a very simple process which involved a quick search on a booking engine but those days have passed and the biggest travel brands are no longer able to offer the best rates.

The new law mentioned above is a straight forward restriction which outlines that a product or service must maintain the same price across a company’s distribution channels. Therefore, most of the major travel brands such as Expedia, Orbitz or, who are all part of the same company, are no longer able to advertise a variety of prices across their distribution network.

The law has naturally hurt the businesses in question as these websites have always prided themselves on having the lowest prices nevermind the fact that shopping online with regard to travel has always been about finding the best hotel discounts or cheap package deals.

This is why you may or may not have noticed how certain websites are now using “extra towels” or some other service of little value as a selling point as opposed to focusing on the cost. The obvious solution here might be to boycott such booking engines and booking direct but really, you still save no money by paying the full price to the supplier.

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People are not so familiar today with travel club membership as they were back in the 1970’s but make no mistake about it, the new rate parity law has seen them come back with great force in the last few months. The reason for this being that travel clubs are actually exempt from the rate parity law which leaving them in the very attractive position of being able to offer customers the best hotel discounts and other great travel offers.

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